When Is The Best Time To Take CLA?

March 12, 2018

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When Is The Best Time To Take CLA?

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Staying in shape is a desire of not only most women but also many individuals in the world. Thus a shortcut to keep fit like a weight loss product is being looked for. CLA is the supplement that not only helps muscle building and weight loss but also brings many potential health benefits. That’s why CLA is increasingly chosen by many people.

However, when is the best time to take CLA to get the most efficient effects? Keep following to explore.

What is CLA?

CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is crucial for human well-being and also considered as an Omega-6 fatty acid which is one of the two essential fatty acids for decreasing body fat and promoting a rise in lean muscle mass. CLA can play a significant role in reducing fatty mass efficiently in the following ways:

  • Prevent our adipose tissues from absorbing fatty substances
  • Stimulate the body function of transporting excess fat out of the body. This process leads to the atrophy of adipose tissues.
  • Raise the basic metabolic rates to help your body convert foods into energy more efficient and faster.

CLA can easily be found much in animal foods from ruminants like sheep, goats, buffalo, cattle; rather than grain-fed animals. The content of what animals eat will significantly influence how much amount of CLA in these foods. Besides, the dairy products are also excellent sources of CLA.

dairy products
Dairy products are also excellent sources of CLA

What are the health benefits of taking CLA supplements?

Taking CLA is considered as a useful, easy and safe method to lose the body fat mass. The BEST CLA SUPPLEMENT not only helps you lose weight but also is helpful for human health like preventing cancer, heart diseases or boost your immune system function [1]. Let’s find out!

CLA for losing weight and building the lean muscle mass

The main purpose of taking CLA is to avoid obesity and keep fit. To achieve this purpose, the best time to take CLA need to be concerned. Besides, how DOES CLA HELP WITH WEIGHT LOSS should be considered as well. Some studies revealed that the mechanism of CLA to burn body fat and regulate the body weight is to impact on the metabolism of energy, lipid, apoptosis and inhibiting adipogenesis [2].

  • CLA regulates the metabolism of energy: The experiments on mice showed that supplementing CLA can help reduce the intake of energy and raise energy expenditure through increased metabolic rate, physical activities and the heat production [3].
  • CLA controls the lipid metabolism: CLA lead to repressing lipogenesis via lower the level of some proteins participating in the production of lipid. Besides the insulin signaling might be prohibited from consuming CLA and cause the resistance of insulin in fat tissues.
  • CLA adjusts apoptosis: Supplementing CLA can cause the increase of deaths of fat cells, and from that, it could be able to decrease the body fat mass and lose weight gradually.
  • CLA suppresses the production of fat: CLA was proved that it could prohibit this process and invert adipogenesis. Therefore, fat mass in your body is reduced significantly.

The University of Wisconsin has recently conducted a study to assess the impact of CLA on fatty people, including 80 either fat men or women consumed the dietary for weight loss for several months and then restored the ordinary diet.

The finding showed that the weight of CLA-fed group has slightly increased, but in which the proportion of the adipose tissue and lean meat is equal. This result demonstrated that CLA could strengthen and build the body muscle.

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CLA lowers blood glucose level and manages diabetes

Apart from burning body fat, CLA also contains anti-obese and anti-diabetes properties [4]. It was proved that it was able to control and prevent diabetes by acting as some insulin sensitizers [5]. Purdue University conducted a study about the relation between CLA and diabetes and was found that taking CLA led to an increase of insulin level in diabetes patient and a decline of blood glucose.

CLA decreases cholesterol level and combats the heart diseases

Taking CLA leads to a reduction in levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. From that, it lessens the risk of atherosclerosis of CLA-fed group compared to the other group.

According to Christrevsky et el (1994), based on the experiments in rabbits, the CLA-fed rabbit’s group which consumed 0.5-gram CLA per day for 12 weeks have smaller LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and less risk of atherosclerosis than the group that does not receive CLA [6].

The potential anti-cancer ability of CLA

CLA includes anticarcinogenic in its content so they can assist in preventing some kinds of cancer like breast, colon or prostate cancers [8]. In an experiment of animals, the CLA-rich dietary could prohibit the development and spread of breast tumors. Also, a biomarker of colon cancer, named ACF, also was decreased by consuming CLA in the study of rats.

CLA cures asthma

When the body of asthma patients releases the much higher level of leukotrienes and lead to airway hyperreactivity, asthma attack occurs. CLA consists of the potent anti-inflammation properties to help your body fight the attack.

CLA improves your immune function

Provided that you consider the best time to take CLA, one of its significant benefits that you might get is to boost your immune response. The study has already revealed that CLA can bring the positive impact on the immune system and help to prevent various illnesses.

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CLA improves your immune function
CLA improves your immune function

When is the best time to take Cla?

The efficacy of supplements to your health varies and largely depends on the time of day you take them and how you consume them. For CLA, some study showed that its health benefits could be provided when you use it at any time of day. However, some suggested that using it at a specific time will enhance its effectiveness.

For the first opinion, it was revealed that people could take CLA at the various time depending on their preference. The question here is whether we should take it with or without food. In fact, the absorption of CLA into the bloodstream is not dependent on the movement of food so that you can consume it with or without the meal is still okay.

However, the majority of medications or supplements can cause the harmful effects on the gastrointestinal tract; some recommends that taking it with the meals is good for you.  

For the second idea, other studies recently indicated that the best way was to divide into 1 to 3 times per day to take CLA to get the optimal effect. As mentioned above, the weight loss mechanism of CLA is to prevent our cells from absorbing fat and promote the metabolic rate of fatty substances to remove them out of the body.

Therefore, using it either about 30 minutes prior the meals or during the meals is the best time recommended to help promote fat loss.

To avoid the interaction, you should not take CLA along with cellulose or cellulose-based diets because cellulose can absorb a part of the CLA. The best time to take CLA is about an hour after eating a high cellulose diet or a cellulose supplement.

Or if you are on the treatment therapy of schizophrenia or other mental problems, please be cautioned and tell your doctor to receive the best advice and appropriate administrative time before deciding to take CLA because it is not good if there is the interaction between them.

How much CLA should you take per day?

Besides the importance of understanding about the best time to take CLA, HOW TO TAKE CLA and the amount of it you should consume daily are the concerns as well. The available formulation of CLA supplement is typically solid capsule or liquid form. The dosage of CLA varies based on the age and health condition of patients.

You should consult your doctor before using this product to take the appropriate dose to get the best benefit. The usual advisable dose of CLA to have the weight loss effect is about 3 to 6 grams daily, so the best way is that you divide into three times to take CLA: in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner [7].

How long should you take CLA?

Aside from choosing the best time to take CLA, HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR CLA TO WORK and achieve its effects is also crucial issues we should care about. The process of losing weight is quite complicated.

As I mentioned above that you should take 3 to 6 grams of CLA a day, but how long do you need to take cla to see its benefits? The answer is that at least six next week from the day you decided to consume CLA, you have to take it every day and do not skip.

CLA is not a miracle pill that ensures that taking it will lose weight entirely. Do not forget to combine with a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise program, CLA will bring you the excellent benefit you desire such as eliminate body fat and promote the lean body mass. You may search DOES CLA WORK WITH EXERCISE to understand the relationship between doing exercise and taking CLA.

Are there any health risks of taking this supplement?

In spite of the fact that CLA has a range of positive impact on human health, it still could bring some adverse effects regardless its natural feature. Be aware of these signs in advance to know how to prevent and deal with them. Here are several potential side effects:

Gastrointestinal disturbance

Too much of everything is as bad as too little. People sometimes hope to get the best weight loss benefit of CLA quickly, and in a short time, they decide to take an overdose of CLA per day. Consuming CLA in this manner might lead to nausea, stomach upset or diarrhea.


As the amount of fat is converted to the energy under the effect of CLA, your body may feel exhausted because of the gradual fat loss process.

Fatigue is a risk of taking CLA

Bleeding disorder

CLA can cause the longer time of clotting blood, so it is quite dangerous if individuals with blood problems consume it.

Fatty liver

The impact of CLA on your liver may be contrary to the effect to the fat tissues. If you take a large and continuous dose of CLA, you can have a fatty liver.

For children and women

Cla is not recommended for children, pregnancy and breastfeeding women because there is not adequate evidence that it is safe for them.

Be sure to consult your doctor before taking this supplement to consider between pros and cons, the best time and appropriate dose to take CLA.

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CLA is known as a very popular weight loss supplement and also brings many health benefits for your body. However, to achieve the best effectiveness, what you need is to care about choosing appropriate formula of CLA, when the best time to take CLA is and how much amount of it you should take daily.

The above-mentioned information about cla and the best time to take CLA may be useful for you. Do not be shy to ask us any question if you feel vague. We are always here to answer you.   

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