Best Tasting Protein Powder For Weight Loss: Best Experts Advice

November 2, 2017

Veronica Phan

Best Tasting Protein Powder For Weight Loss: Best Experts Advice

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The supplement of protein powder has been gained its popularity in enhancing people’s health condition because of its huge benefits. Nowadays, protein powder has been included in many diets and challenged your body after performing workout. Since protein powder plays a critical role in assuring muscle growth and recovery, it helps many people shedding their weight also. If you want to try a new method of reducing fat, don’t look way since this article will show you some best tasting protein powder for weight loss that is highly advised by many health experts.

Interestingly, protein powder works well for those who have a passion for building muscle and getting recovered from hard training workouts. Nowadays, it is regarded as potential supplement to aid for somebody’s weight loss.

In fact, protein can keep you feel full and provide with a metabolism boost; however, improper or excessive intake of protein powder cannot guarantee for helping people to slim down. You are highly suggested to use protein powder occasionally for each dietary supplement, not just the core of your weight loss plan. Do remember that taking more exercises combining with a balanced eating habit brings you a healthy weight [1] [2].

Why Does Protein Aid In Weight Loss?

Why Does Protein Aid In Weight Loss?

It seems that protein powder is a new thing to many people. When searching for products on the Internet, you might get noticed of protein powder but do not know exactly what it is. You can easily find protein powder that is sold in packets or tubs at some gyms, health food stores or big grocery chains. The powder comes from both plant and animal source and is commonly found in whey derived from milk. Others include soy, egg white, brown rice or casein.

Basically, consuming enough protein plays a critical role in shedding some weight. It helps you feel full and thereby preventing spikes in the blood sugar that often triggers craving [3]. When you cut down on calories as well as exercises, an adequate intake of protein will strongly support the lean muscle mass maintenance.

As you can create a deficiency of calories, in other words, when burning more calories than you are eating, weight loss occurs. In case you perform this without exercises, the body automatically uses your lean tissue for the fuel; hence, much weight you lose is muscle mass. Enough intake of protein as part of the daily diets assists in discouraging the effect.

Under an issue of the British Journal of Nutrition which was published in 2012 showed that eating a higher than recommended 0.55 grams each pound of protein daily is a possible treatment for metabolic syndrome and obesity, including excess belly fat, blood lipids and high blood pressure [4]. About 99 grams of protein per day is suitable for a 180-pound woman. Protein powder can let you reach this high level of protein intake if you cannot get it enough from the whole foods.

Benefits of Best Tasting Protein Powder In Weight Loss

Benefits of Best Tasting Protein Powder In Weight Loss

Basically, best tasting protein powder for weight loss is an excellent source of low calories and nutrients. The body highly requires protein to get recovered after doing workout. However, it does not need many calories since they can reserve your attempt in directing into the workout.

Therefore, to achieve positive and consistent outcomes, some best tasting protein powder can totally make a difference. Health experts strongly recommend a ratio of 4:1 protein per carb in just 30 minutes right after exercising to help stimulate greatly your strength.

Muscle Growth

Lots of protein powders floated on the market cover whey protein as their main ingredient. This is considered as one of the most major properties that can aid in facilitating your smooth digestion [5]. Whey protein is able to foster and enhance muscle growth as it is incorporated with frequent training exercise sessions as well as proper nutrition.

Weight Control

You should be aware of the fact that your meals high in protein are often suggested for controlling a healthy body weight. Currently, consuming whey protein is advantageous of reducing fat, thereby safeguarding the muscle tissue. 

Using Best Tasting Protein Powder For Weight Loss

Protein powder can replace whole foods as you choose a portable protein or as you are in a hurry, however, tempeh, fish, meat, eggs or beans are all the best to fulfil the calorie you need. Although whole protein sources are packed with nutrients, they are not as highly processed as protein powders.

Protein powder can be used before or after workout snack to help foster the muscle development and as a way of repairing. You can eat protein when it comes to the end of your exercises training session to maximize the benefits. A whole chicken breast in your gym bag is not always useful. Protein powder in fruit juice or smoothies with almond or berries milk is an ideal breakfast when you want to skip a meal or preparing for a doughnut or white bagel that can help spike the blood sugar and keep you stay hungry soon.

Best Time To Take Protein Powder

Best Time To Take Protein Powder

Take a note that the time of consuming protein powder is important to help you lose weight. Best time to take protein powder is shown as follows:

  • Breakfast – the most effective time. You have not been eating for about 8 hours, then a protein shake is perfect.
  • After work-out: This is one of the most vital times because after performing exercises, your body, especially the muscle need to be rebuilt as well as repaired. On the other hand, protein shakes at that time can have a great impact on recovery, achieving muscle growth or preserving muscle mass, typically in the combination with carbohydrate. Protein shakes are beneficial since solid foods or protein can take much time to be digested.
  • Before work-out. By reducing exercises which is induced catabolism (known as muscle breakdown), serving protein shake at this time can preserve muscle tissues. This also helps to provide a small amount of energy.
  • Before going to bed. Opting for a protein shake at that time can minimize the protein breakdown which happens naturally during your sleep. In fact, this is just a normal physiological process. But if you are building muscle mass, you might want to try to reduce any losses [6].

Best Tasting Protein Powder For Weight Loss

Here come some of the best tasting protein powder for weight loss that you may want to bear in mind:

  • You can add more carbohydrate and calories content by combining protein powder with some milk or juice rather than with water and mixing it with other various ingredients.
  • You can make your protein shake in blender at home by inserting some ingredients, including fruit juices, fruits, skim milk, nuts, yogurt as well as low-fat ice-cream to protein powder to make it more delicious. If you feel hungry, you can take it for your breakfast.
  • Mix protein powder with psyllium husks to increase the amount of fiber content in the shake.
  • Choosing a banana as a good base for your protein shakes. The reason is calories and fat content in bananas are extremely low. It is also an excellent source of protein.
  • Increase the amount of protein content by insert some egg whites. You can enhance the taste of protein shake by mixing it with some ingredients.
  • In case you have flavor or calories increased, do not hesitate to use more honey, maple syrup, caramel, cocoa powder, cinnamon, chocolate syrup or peanut butter in a moderation.
  • In order to keep the calories low, you had better mix more egg whites with some ice cubes and water with protein powder to create a low calorie protein shake. To enhance the taste, you can add low-fat yogurt and fruits for sugar flavor.
  • To help boost the nutritional content, you should add some essential fats that are used for improving the protein shake because it can provide you with a sustained release of the protein, hence, keeping nitrogen balance positive for longer. Also, you can give yourself a try by adding chlorella, lecithin or spirulina.

Pre-mixing Protein Shakes

Pre-mixing Protein Shakes

Another best tasting protein powder for weight loss is using protein powder to make protein shakes. However, it is not always feasible to create a protein shake as you need, making you spend more time preparing the protein shake long before you consume it. For instance, you can opt for mixing a protein shake every morning to consume it at work or even post work-out at your gym. Ideally, protein shakes need to be taken in as soon as possible right after they are prepared.

You should remember that the longer your protein shakes are well-mixed, the more possible they are invaded by bacteria and contaminants. Hence, when you are running, let’s use a shake bottle and then add protein powder in it. As you get ready for the protein shake, you just need to add water, then shake and consume.

There are two things that you need to make sure if you still choose pre-mix protein shakes:

  • The container you use for processing needs to be airtight and of course clean
  • When being mixed, you should store the shake in fridge

Protein Shake Recipes

When it comes to best tasting protein powder for weight loss, don’t forget to equip yourself with some protein shake recipes. The reason is this is one of the best ways to satisfy you with a food craving without transferring the blood sugar through your ceiling while still nourishing your body with lots of healthy unsaturated fat and protein at the same time. You just simply add all of the following ingredients, then blending, whipping and serving.

  • 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter (chunky or smooth)
  • 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar-free instant butterscotch pudding mix
  • 4-7 ice cubes
  • 8 oz. water (or you can opt for low-fat milk)

Another best protein shake recipe:

  • 1 cup of crushed ice
  • 1 cup of frozen berries
  • 1 scoop of whey protein powder
  • 2 cups of water

Combine all of them in a blender until you have smoothies to drink.

Top Best Tasting Protein Powder For Weight Loss Products

If you do not have time to prepare for yourself a homemade serving of protein shake or protein powder for weight loss, don’t hesitate to give yourself a try by clicking right away BEST TASTING PROTEIN POWDER that fully mentions some of the best tasting protein powder for weight loss products.   

Besides, here are other must-have items that you can spend time looking at:

Vega Protein & Greens, Chocolate Flavored

This is one of the most highly recommendations from health experts because it is mainly targeted for vegans. If you really want to opt for best tasting protein powder for weight loss, then, this is for you. The consistency of the protein shake is quite thick. In case you love a smoother texture, add plenty of water. Also, you can mix this protein powder into milk or other liquids. It turns smooth and does not encompass a chalky texture.

Serving this for your breakfast is a great choice to start your new day or even after your workout. This plant based protein does not include any of dairy, gluten, soy, manufactured flavors or any sweeteners.vega protein and greens

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Body Fortress Super Advanced Protein Powder

Body fortress super advanced protein powder is another top choice for best tasting protein powder for weight loss. This product can guarantee that your body can receive a good blend of proteins and amino acids. The action, then, accelerates the muscle growth and helps you get recovered after performing workout. In addition, this encloses more than 18 non-essential and essential amino acids. It is prettily easy to get protein powder mixed. Regarding its taste, this product is quite good, however, it is up to each user. Take this consider before purchasing it.

The effectiveness, along with the mixture of component and its affordability of this product is well-improved by a great number of people. Nevertheless, the sweetener might become a problem to some. This is known as the best tasting whey protein powder which generates good outcomes. 

whey protein

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In brief, protein powder confers lots of health benefits, including helping to boost your protein intake in order to serve your purpose of losing weight. You can refer to some of the best products mentioned above or make it by yourself at home. There are, also, a few of high quality protein powders contributing all of the nutrients to your body as well as aiding your muscle recovery from performing exercises, meanwhile some are lack of purity, quality or even taste. If you are truly looking for best tasting protein powder for weight loss, do not pass this article for further informative suggestions and reviews.

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