Find Out The Best Tanning Oil For An Ultimate Glowing Tan

February 4, 2018

Hannah Hall

Find Out The Best Tanning Oil For An Ultimate Glowing Tan

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Do you also love to have a good tan on your body but without any burns?

Well! In summers when we go to the outdoors, we always look for a good tan. And trust us! It’s not possible without the best tanning oil. Tanning oils are the perfect solution for the people who want to have a healthy tan without harming their skin by lying outside in the sun [1].

You must be wondering that what else these tanning oils do?

Actually, besides providing you the glowing tan, it also protects your skin. Since there are so many best-tanning lotions on the market, we know that it becomes quite difficult for you to choose the right product among them. So, what is the solution to this problem?

Well! You do not have to worry at all as here in the below article we have explored and provided best tanning oil reviews so that you can quickly make a reliable and quick purchase. Besides this, we will also discuss with you some valuable info regarding the tanning oils in our buying guide which will fill your knowledge bag about the product entirely.

So, are you ready to be a part of our ride? Yes? Then let’s go!

What is the Best Tanning Oil for Buying?

Before moving into reviews section, we want you to read the below comparison chart of the best sun tanning oil. Sometimes we didn’t have much time to go through the full detailed review about the products and just want to have a brief introduction to them. So, the below comparison table will help you in such case. Isn’t it incredible?

We have made a very simple and easy to understand small table in which you will know some important and brief details about the product like features, quantity, weight, size, and ingredients. Our primary motive behind the making of this table is that you spend your precious time on using the tanning oil and not exploring on the computer!

After having a look at the table, we are sure that you will have some idea that which tanning oil will suit to you. In fact, you can compare it quickly with the other products on the table.

List of 5 Best Tanning Oil

Have you finished reading the comparison table? If yes then, now it’s the time for our best tanning oil reviews section.

In the above table, you have only got a preview of all the products. If you have to make up your mind regarding the product you wish to buy them, the better idea would be to read it's in-depth review.

All the reviews have written after keeping in mind the buyer's point of view. We have compiled the top five best tanning oil after doing an in-depth research and study. It will deliver you every single aspect of the product which you usually do not find on any other website.

We are sure that whatever product you pick for yourself, in the end, is entirely going to match your bronze glow requirement.

So, let’s start reading the reviews now!


Beauty by Earth Self-Tanner and bronzers Sunless Tanning Lotion - best natural tanning oil

Beauty by Earth Self-Tanner and bronzers Sunless Tanning Lotion - best natural tanning oil

It is the best natural tanning oil which comprises of the organic ingredients like Shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba oil, coconut oil, green tea, argan oil and witch hazel. All these natural ingredients work together for moisturizing your skin. The DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) in the product helps in proving you a magical tanning.

What we like most about the product is that you can get a good tan without any use of the harmful chemicals. In fact, you also get safe from the sun damage which usually occurs when you go outside in the sun. You will love the sun-kissed radiance of this product and forget about the early aging, sunburns, and skin cancer problems.

When we go to the market, we usually come across those tanning oils which have lots of chemicals in them like spray, foam or serum. But this tanning oil is the perfect alternative to those harmful products.

Any person who wants to do a beautiful favor to their skin should buy this product. It is entirely different from the conventional body tanners which comprise of the ingredients that are even difficult to pronounce for us. But this product has only natural and pure ingredients which you can quickly put on your body for feeling and amazing.

One more exciting thing about this tanning oil is that even if you have sensitive or pale color skin then also you can apply it to your body. It does not matter that whether you are a male, female or a teenager; every person can use this product without any fear.

Besides the right part, there are few flaws in the product. It does not come with the cosmetic bronzers which instantly provide a color change to your body. It does have some odor, but that is quite similar to the smell of the sunscreen lotion. But these flaws are decidedly less in comparison to the advantages of the product.


It provides an instant color to your body

It does not possess any cosmetic bronzers

It works perfectly for the people who have pale skin

It has a smell which is quite similar to the sunscreen

The thick consistency of this best tanning oil for soft skin let you check the area where you are required to level out the streaks

The suggested tanning mitt exclude from the purchase

All the ingredients in the product are natural and does not contain any harsh chemicals

It starts working in few hours

The tanning done by the product lasts for a long time

It provides you a light color bronze glow without any orange tint

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To know more about the product, you should watch the following YouTube video link:


Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Sun Care Moisturizing Oil - Best Tanning Oil for Fair Skin

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Sun Care Moisturizing Oil - Best Tanning Oil for Fair Skin

It is the best tanning oil for fair skin which comprises of the exceptional blend of the natural oils which offers you a lovely bronze glow. It made from the mixture of the nut extracts, fruit extracts and the natural flora of the Hawaiian.

What we like the most about the product is that it enriches with the ingredients like aloe vera and cocoa butter which soothe as well as protect your skin perfectly. Besides the tanning, this tanning oil also softens and moisturizes your skin in very less time.

Many people around the world find this tanning oil quite easy for applying on the body. In fact, at the time of using you do not have to worry about your skin at all as this product will look after your skin very well.

Hawaiian Tropic provides you a golden tan which you do not quickly get from the other products during your vacation on the exotic beaches. You can enjoy the tanning even at your home without going out in the beaches. With this tanning oil, you add a trace of extravagance to your life. It makes you feel beautiful not only from outside but also from within.

The best part about the product is that it has all the tropical and natural ingredients which make your skin look moisturized and healthy. These ingredients well-soothe your skin so that you feel cool whether you are on the beach or not. You will love this product for not making your skin look dull and dry.

Nothing in this world comes without a flaw, and the same thing happens with this product. It does not come with the sunscreen so you cannot keep yourself safe from the sunburn. It does come with the low amount of SPF, but that is not enough to keep you protected from the harmful sun rays. You might have to buy the sunscreen additionally to overcome this issue.


This product comes at the reasonable price on the market for tanning purposes

It comes with the scented ingredients which you might not like

It does not comprise of the harmful ingredients

It has very low SPF which does not keep your skin safe from the sun exposure

It is quite easy to use and apply to your skin and body

It has the moisturizing and soothing properties of your skin which do not make it dull and dry

It gets quickly absorbs into your skin as soon as you apply

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If you want to know the more detailed review of the product then, check out the following YouTube link:


ArtNaturals Tanning Oil and Accelerator Spray – best tanning oil for outside

ArtNaturals Tanning Oil and Accelerator Spray – best tanning oil for outside

It is the best tanning oil for outside which not only provides your body a golden glow but also protects and keeps your skin healthy. You can easily apply it on your body while sitting on the beach or in the sun.

Earlier the company introduces this product for the rich and dark tan, but soon the buyers of the product realize that it works like a miracle for maintaining the health and youthfulness of their skin. It comprises of the 13 active ingredients, and some of them are coconut oil, safflower oil, avocado oil, walnut seed oil, jojoba seed oil, rice bran oil, hazel seed oil, etc. Isn’t it amazing? All the oils in the product allow your skin to look smoother just like a baby skin.

The main highlight of the product is that it not only protects your skin from the harmful rays but also generate a bright glow on your body even if you do not go outside. You can use it in so many ways besides the bronzing accelerator.

You will love to know that this tanning oil acts as an ultimate skin hydration when you use it after the shower. It allows your skin to seal the effects of the oil while delivering a bright finish.

The best part about the product is that it contains the sea algae and extract of the green tea which safeguards your body against the free radicals by offering a clear skin. With the accumulation of the coconut oil in the ingredients, your skin becomes moisturized and firm

There are few downsides to this vegan tanning oil, but this does not mean these drawbacks will overshadow its advantages. We just want you to know every aspect of this product.

After using the product for some time, its spray-top does not work correctly. It might happen due to the thicker oil. You might have to reapply the oil for getting a deeper tan.


All the ingredients in the product are vegan-friendly

he thick texture of the oil clogs the spray top of the bottle

The ingredients like sea algae and green tea gives you a clear skin

You need to reapply the oil for getting a dark tan

The coconut oil in the product helps in tightening your loose skin

It does not have any SPF (sunscreen protection from) in the formulation

The different oils altogether hydrate your skin

It is perfect for the sensitive skin for the glow

You can use it indoor and outdoor both

It offers a pleasant and profound tan on your skin that remains for a long time.

It has a nice smell

It does not make your skin dry even after exposing in the sun

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You can see the detailed video review of the product in the below link:


Banana Boat Protective Tanning Oil Spray SPF 8 - best tanning oil with SPF

Banana Boat Protective Tanning Oil Spray SPF 8 - best tanning oil with SPF

It is the best tanning oil with SPF which infuses with the extracts of the banana and carrot. What we love more about this product is that you get a moisturizing Aole after-sun lotion along with this product as a bonus.

This tanning oil comprises of the combination of the rare oils along with the extracts of the carrot, banana, and coconut which altogether delivers an excellent moisturizing blend to your skin. It results in the more silky, dark and smooth skin.

The best part of the product is that you can use it efficiently around the beach and under the sun for tanning purposes. You will surely get mesmerized with the scent of the exceptional oils and vegetable extracts.

Some of you might look for a water-resistant product, and Banana Boat Protective Tanning Oil Spray will surely fulfill your this requirement. It gives you a complete moisturizing effect along with the high tan on the skin. You will be happy to know that this product also comes with the SPF 4 and SPF 15 in the market.

It is quite easy to apply this tanning oil on your skin. You need to use it evenly and generously on all the regions 15 minutes before going out in the sun. You can reapply it at regular intervals, i.e., after bath towel drying or swimming. It is quite a safe product to use in the summer.

Besides the advantages, there are few flaws in this product also which are entirely negligible to consider. You will find the product little expensive to buy.


The scent of the oil is quite pleasant, and it is not like the sunscreen's odor

It is an expensive tanning oil to buy

It has an adequate longevity, and you need to reapply it after the gap of two hours

It is not appropriate for a pale person due to the low SPF content for pale people

It is effortless to apply this product evenly on your skin

It gives you a good tan along with the safety against the sunburn

It tan your body correctly and quite fast in 5 to 10 minutes

It is a water-resistant banana boat tanning oil

It is available in the convenient bottle along with a dispenser

It comprises of the ultra-acclimatizing formula consist of extracts of the carrot and banana which keep your skin shining, radiant and smooth

It dries pretty quickly in only 5 to 10 minutes

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Sun Bum Moisturizing Tanning Oil - best tanning oil to get dark fast

Sun Bum Moisturizing Tanning Oil - best tanning oil to get dark fast

It is the best tanning oil to get dull fast. The SPF 15 in the product keeps you safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is mainly developed to protect, tan and moisturize your skin without getting affected by the sun exposure. It gives you complete protection against the UVB (short wave ultraviolet B) and UVA (long wave ultraviolet A) rays.

The main highlight of the product is that it has the feature of water resistance. It means that it does not wipe off for eighty minutes due to sweat or water. Isn't it great?

You might be interested in knowing the ingredients of the product. Well! This tanning oil has all the natural and organic ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil, marula oil, Kukui nut oil, aloe vera, avocado oil, Kona coffee plant extract and green tea.

The best part about this deep tan oil is that it is hypoallergenic which means it does not cause any allergic reaction. Besides this, it is cruelty-free, paraben free, gluten free and a completely vegan product. In fact, it also tests by the dermatologists for its effectiveness.

The primary purpose of the manufacturing of this product is to moisturize, protect as well as deep tan the skin of the people under the sun exposure. With its natural ingredients, you get golden brown and fast tan without spending too much time under the sun. To protect the skin of the user, SPF 15 is also present in the oil.

Besides the above-said benefits of the product, there are few downsides to it as well. You need to apply it several times in a day. In fact, it is not recommended for the whole-day sun exposure. Even the term for water resistance, i.e., 80 minutes is also quite less.


This tanning oil has got skin cancer foundation approval for its efficacy against the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays

You need to apply it many times in one day

It works amazingly for the people with the pale or sensitive skin

It does not recommend for the whole day exposure to the sun

It is a complete skin package which comes with the SPF and tanning oil

The spraying nozzle of the bottle allows the easy application

It does not cause any allergy

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If you want to see the review of this product in detail then, check out the below YouTube video link:

After reading our review section, now you have become familiar with the top five best tanning oil which you can buy from the market. Are you sure that which product you want to buy for yourself or still in any doubt?

Well! Many of you must be in the state of confusion that which product they should use. There are many things which you still want to clear about the tanning oils. In fact, we also don't want you to make any decision in a hurry.
Thus, to help you out more, we are sharing some questions and valuable info regarding the tanning oils which will undoubtedly assist you in making an easy and quick buying design.

What is Tanning Oil?

Tanning oils mainly use for intensifying the UV (ultraviolet) ray's effects. It has melanin as one of the leading ingredients which help in bringing the deep tan on your skin. It is quite common product among the sunbathers, beachgoers, and people who go to the salon for tanning [2].

There are different types of tanning oils like indoor tanning oils, dry tanning, spray on, scented, etc., which comes in the market with different ratings of SPF. All of them offer you the different level of protection from the harmful UV rays. Once you become familiar with the type of tanning oil you need, it becomes effortless to pick the right tanning oil for your skin.

​​​​What are the Different Types of Tanning Oil?

There are mainly five different types of tanning oil which you can buy, namely:

Indoor Tanning Oil

This tanning oil is used indoors in salons or tanning beds without getting exposed to the sun. It does not give you protection against the harmful UV rays outside [3].

Original tanning Oil

It is liquid tanning oil which spills out on your skin for massage. It impressively nourishes the skin but might be irritatingly greasy.

Spray-on Type tanning oil

It is available in the spray-can. You have to spray it to the area which needs to get the tan before rubbing.

Dry Tanning Oil

It is similar to the spray on oil, but it is less greasy on your skin.

Scented tanning oil

This tanning oil comes with the different scents of coconut, banana, chocolate, and ocean.

What is the Tanning Lotion?

Tanning lotion is a wide-ranging term which comprises of all the products that use for enhancing the tanning procedure along with the production of melanin in our skin. The consistency of the tanning lotion is different from the tanning oil. If you want to have a darkest, most in-depth and long-lasting tan on your body then, using a tanning lotion is a good idea.

The tanning lotions have all the essential ingredients which help in keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. Before buying any tanning lotion, you should know your skin type and also the purpose for which you are purchasing the product.

What is the difference between Tanning Oil, Tanning Lotion and Tanning Cream?

The main difference between the tanning oil, tanning lotion and tanning cream is their consistencies. In fact, the texture of all these products also varies. They will make you feel different when you apply them to your body.

The tanning oils are quite greasy than the tanning lotion and tanning creams. It makes you look shinier and supple with some creamy look. They usually have natural ingredients like sunflower and coconut. They may or may not have SPF in them. This product is not suitable for the people with the fair skin [4].

Tanning lotion and tanning creams get easily soak inside your skin without giving you a greasy look. They comprise of higher SPF and are suitable for all skin types.

How does Tanning Oil work?

The maximum number of tanning oils has DHA (dihydroxyacetone) as the main ingredient in them. DHA is a colorless sugar which functions on our dead skin for tanning. The dead skin is the uppermost layer of our skin which get darkens with the tanning oil. The effect of the tanning oil continues up to the period of the seven days [5].

Some of the tanning oils come in spray form or the lotion form. For example: If you are spraying the tanning oil on your body then, you have to rub it all over your body for the tan. The different types of tanning oil work differently on our body, and their effects also vary.

How to make Tanning Oil at home?

It is quite easy to make tanning oil at home. You just need to have the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup of Aloe Vera Gel
  • 1/2 cup of Wheatgerm Oil
  • Four tablespoons of the Instant Coffee

Steps of preparation

Step 1

Mix the instant coffee and wheat germ oil and stir them until the coffee ground gets liquefy.

Step 2

Now, add the aloe vera to the mixture and mix them.

Step 3

Now, your tanning oil is ready, and you can keep it in the container for the tanning purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We hope that some of your doubts regarding the tanning oil have become clear now. But, there are few common questions also which usually arise in the mind of the buyer while buying this product for themselves.

So, from the customer reviews and the buyer's perspective, we have prepared few questions along with their answers which will guide you correctly while making your purchasing decision.

We do not want any of our reader to regret about their buying decision anytime in the future.

So, let’s continue with our article!

Does coconut oil help you tan?

Yes! Coconut oil does help us in tanning. Everybody knows that the benefits of the coconut oil in the field of cooking or health care are unquestionable. But it is also true that coconut oil can also help you in tanning without getting affected by the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The coconut oil easily gets absorbed through our skin and rejuvenates the melanin-generating layer underneath the surface of the skin. Therefore, you do not have to spend much time in the sun for the tanning.

If you want to know the reasons for using the coconut oil for tanning and process of working, just click on the below video link. It will surely provide you the more clear picture.

How to use tanning lotion?

The following are the simple steps which will guide you to using the tanning lotion:

Exfoliate and dry your skin

With the help of the washcloth, you need to exfoliate your skin before applying the tanning lotion. It will remove the dead skin cells from your skin also. After this, dry your skin entirely so that the tanner is applied evenly on your body.

Start applying the lotion

Now, use the tanning lotion in areas like legs, arms, etc. step by step. Massage the cream in a circular motion. To have a natural look, you have to extend the lotion, for example, also apply it gently from your ankles to the feet.

Allow your skin to dry

Now after ten minutes your whole body will get dry, and you will get a good tan on your body.

How long should you tan outside?

It is essential to apply uniformly all over the skin to get an in-depth and dark tan outside on your whole body. The best time to get a good tan s between 10 is to 2 pm when the sun rays are intense.

To get an even tan on your front body, you need to lie on your back for around half an hour. After that, you can flip and lie on your stomach for more half an hour period. It will tan your back. You can increase the time if you are not satisfied with the tanning result and want the deeper tan.

Can you use sunscreen and tanning oil?

We will not recommend using the sunscreen with the tanning oil as one can weaken the efficacy of the other. If you apply the tanning oil after the sunscreen, it will undermine the capability of the sunscreen by protecting against UV rays. Instead, you can buy the tanning lotion with the excellent level of SPF.


So, till now you must have got familiar with all the essential aspects of the tanning oil. Hence, what do you think about participating in the quiz of the best tanning oil? Don’t get afraid! It’s just a fun short ride to check that how well you know about all the products.

We are not judging anybody here! It's just to brush up your knowledge which you gather from reading our above article.
So, here we go guys!

Final thought- Here is the winner!

So, now it’s the end of our article! We hope that now you know which the best tanning oil is for you and whether it is suitable for your skin type or not. Whatever oil you pick, it should match your needs, budget, and requirement perfectly.

In the above buying guide, we have thoroughly reviewed the five best tanning oil. But as per our experience and research, the Beauty by Earth Self-Tanner and bronzers Sunless Tanning Lotion is the clear winner here. It is one of the best natural tanning oil which gives an instant tan to your body. It is also suitable for the people with the pale skin.

What we like more about this product is that it gives you a light color bronze glow without any orange tint in a fraction of the time. The formulation of its ingredients delivers you a smooth and silky skin also.

However, if you choose any of the products from the above-reviewed list, it will surely go to deliver you excellent tanning results in the end. So, what are waiting for guys? Go and get yourself right tanning oil and start enjoying the beautiful bronze tan on your body.

In case of any query regarding the above article then, you can write to us in the below comment box, we will surely reply back to you soon. Besides this, if you like our article, then please share it with all your friends and relatives. We will be very thankful to you!

Thanks for being part of this journey!

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