Best Probiotic for Men: Here are the Top 5 Contenders!

February 14, 2018

Jelly Jeff

Best Probiotic for Men: Here are the Top 5 Contenders!

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Do you know that a right balance of bacteria inside your gut is essential for the optimal functioning of your immune system? But with the use of the best probiotic for men, you can easily maintain the healthy balance of the bacteria inside the body.

Nowadays, the choices of the lifestyle which we are opting are negatively affecting our gut bacteria, for example, drinking too much alcohol, poor diet, taking antibiotics and taking caffeine. However, if you buy a high quality and best probiotic for men with immune system problems then, it will help you in resetting your bacterial balance.

You must be wondering that what probiotic supplement do?

Well! The bacteria in the probiotic supplement shield the gut lining in the body and allow your intestinal system to function smoothly. Besides this, there are some natural probiotics also like cheeses and yogurts which are an outstanding option for probiotics[1].

Are you also interested in buying the probiotic for yourself?

If yes then, you should read our reviews of the top 5 best probiotics for men that we have reviewed after doing lots of research and study. Besides the reviews, we will also provide you the buying guide information about the probiotics that will help you in making the sound buying decision.

So, let’s start our journey and hope that you will accompany us until the end!

What are the five best Probiotic for men?

Don’t have much time to go through the reviews?

Well! Sometimes, we do not have much time to go through the entire review of the products. So, in that case, you can read the comparison table of all the five best probiotic for men which we have chosen.

So, before entering the review section, please go through the comparison table of the products once. All the products have selected after keeping in mind lots of thing like buyer's reviews, ratings, etc.

In this table, we have also tried our best to provide you some key features and information about the products like features, price, efficacy, and benefits. It will give you a short glimpse of all the products. If you want to read the detailed information then, move on to next section.

So, let’s move on!

List of Five Best Probiotic for Men

Gone through the comparison table of the five best probiotic supplement for men? Still, have many doubts in your mind?

Well! If there you are in no hurry then, you should read the below reviews of all the five products.

We know that sometimes it is not easy to pick any product for buying after knowing its few details. There are lots of things which you want to know about the product so that your buying decision becomes more appropriate and perfect as per your needs and budget.

So, here in this review section, we will try to provide you the minute and essential information about all the products along with their pros and cons. It will help to make a clear picture of all the products individually.

So, let’s start reading the reviews now!


Nutrition Essentials Probiotic supplement - Best Probiotic for Constipation

Nutrition Essentials Probiotic supplement - Best Probiotic for Constipation

It is the best probiotic for constipation which comprises the highest number of CFUs (colony forming units) in one single serving. The amount of the CFUs two times more than any other type of the probiotic supplements. It mainly helps in the creating better immunity, digestive health, and regularity of the bowel. The manufacturer provides 60 capsules in one single bottle so that you can consume it for the sixty days period without any worry.

What we like more about this product is that it has got the certification from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) lab and also manufactured under the strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines. It is the best quality probiotic that supports people in getting relief from the everyday issues of the digestive system. All the ingredients in the product are safe and natural that benefits in controlling the bowel movements and the appetite. There is no use of fillers, preservatives, chemicals or blenders while manufacturing the product.


It needs no preservation or refrigeration at all

At the beginning of the dosage, you might feel some bloating

All the ingredients in the probiotic supplement are natural

It can result in constipation and diarrhea if you consume more than the recommend dosage

It provides high amount of CFUs in one single pill in comparison to the other supplements

It helps in curing the Crohn’s disease

With this product, lots of people get relieved from the problems of bloating and gas

It heals the IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

Your immunity in the body also get enhanced with it

It reduces the health problems like asthma, allergies, UTI (urinary tract infections) and acne

The manufacturer offers 100% money back guarantee offer along with the product

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Learn more about this product in this short video review:


Garden of Life Raw Whole Food Vitamin Supplement with Probiotics - Best Rated Probiotic for Men

Garden of Life Raw Whole Food Vitamin Supplement with Probiotics - Best Rated Probiotic for Men

It is the best rated probiotic for men which manufacture from the raw and nutritious whole foods. It especially helps the people suffering from the problem of the prostate. For providing extraordinary vitality and health, the enzymes and live probiotics include the product. Besides these ingredients, selenium, Vitamin E, zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex also include for maintaining the health of the heart.

The best part about this multivitamin for men is that it not only provides the physical energy and mental energy to an individual but also supports the digestive system, prostate health, and eye health. It is a comprehensive multivitamin which is gluten-free, vegetarian and even dairy free without any fillers or binders.


You get 60 day supply in this 240 capsules bottle

It comprises of soy which might result in constipation and bloating

It is a non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) product which does not have any health risks

The taste of the product is not delicious, and you have to drink lots of water along with it to overcome its flavor

It is one of the best vegan probiotics which is gluten-free

You can buy it easily at the reasonable price on the market

It provides healthy stress response and also aids in optimal digestion

It has synergistic combination of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants from twenty-three veggies and fruits

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You can learn more about this product in the below youtube video:


Dr. Tobias Optimum Probiotics -  Best Probiotic for Men over 50

Dr. Tobias Optimum Probiotics - Best Probiotic for Men over 50

It is the best probiotic for men over 50 which contain 4.4 Billion CFU (colony forming unit). It is a highly effective prebiotic which provides only good bacteria to our body. Children and women can also take these supplements. It comes in the advanced patented capsules that move deeply inside your intestines for the protection of the stomach acid. In comparison to the other pills, these vegetarian tablets do not have any after-taste.

The main USP (unique selling point) of the product is that it supports the regular production of useful bacteria as well as the proper immune reaction of bowel cells. There is no need to refrigerate it as these capsules have longer shelf life. Dissimilar to the other probiotics, this product not only supports the good bacteria but it also functions in contradiction of the bad bacteria. You get one month supply of 60 capsules in this product.


It is a safe product for the children and elder people above the age of 50

The low dosage of the product is not adequate for the severe gut problems

It is a highly resistant product which is developed by a medical doctor

You might feel some gas and bloat after consuming the capsules

It comprises of the well-investigated probiotic strains

There is no need of refrigeration for keeping these capsules

It gives you an immediate relief

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For more in-depth review, you should check the following youtube link:


Garden of Life Probiotics Supplement for Men - Best Probiotic Brand for Men

Garden of Life Probiotics Supplement for Men - Best Probiotic Brand for Men

It is the best probiotic brand for men which comprises of the Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus acidophilus that helps in providing good digestive health and also relief in constipation. It particularly formulates probiotic which manufacture after keeping in mind the particular health requirements as well as colon support in the men.

What we like more about the product is that it contains 15 probiotic strains and 50 billion CFU for keeping the immune system healthy. The bottle of the product has 30 capsules which you have to use one daily. There is no need to refrigerate these natural probiotics. It is a gluten free, dairy free, soy free and a completely vegetarian product which supports well your digestive and immune system.


It provides 50 billion CFU along with the 15 probiotic strains for the healthy immune system

The number of capsules in the bottle is less as compared to the other similar products

It is rich in molybdenum, chromium, iodine, and selenium

It has some metallic taste

The enzymes in this probiotic help in the digestion of your dairy products intake

It is gluten free, dairy free, soy free and a complete whole food based product

It creates resistant in your body to the stomach acid and bile

It easily supports the health of your colon health and also decreases the occurrence of your occasional gas

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You can check out the following YouTube video review of this product:


Vitamin Bounty - Pro 50 Probiotic – Best Probiotic for Young Men

Vitamin Bounty - Pro 50 Probiotic – Best Probiotic for Young Men

It is the best probiotic for young men that offer you 50 Billion robust organisms in one single serving. It is also one of the most effective products that you can buy from the market. In comparison to the other probiotics (which has one or two strains), this product comprises of the 13 strains of the probiotic along with the fermented greens. It means that you get an excellent support for the health of your digestive system with this product. In fact, people suffering from IBS, lactose intolerance and minor-upset stomach owing to the traveling also get benefit a lot.

The main highlight of the product is that it utilizes the patented delayed-release tablet (tested and developed by NSF qualified facility) which safeguards the live bacteria inside the capsule from the stomach flux.

It mainly benefits in supplying more cultures with the maximum amount of efficacy. With the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certifications, the purity and potency of the product also guarantee.


It comprises of the unique formula of patented delayed release which makes the best use of the bacteria without causing any upset stomach or bloating

It is little costly in comparison to the other probiotics

It consists of the 13 strains of the probiotic along with the fermented greens which you usually do not get in other probiotics

The size of the capsule is also big

All the ingredients of the product are non-GMO and organic

The ingredients are little harsh while consuming

It can use by men and women both

It is a vegan-friendly and gluten-free product which has 60 veggie capsules

It manufactures under the regulations of GMP (Good manufacturing practice) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

Check Current Price

Please check the below YouTube video link for more detail review:

Read Useful Information about the Best Probiotic for Men

Are you done with the review section? Is there any picture in your mind about the product which you prefer for buying? Not yet? Still, have few doubts?

Well! Then don't worry, just read the below value section as it will guide you in making a wise buying decision. There is lots of information which people usually do not know about the product before buying and then regret the buying decision later.

But we value our readers a lot. Alone reading the review section, sometimes you did not get a clear picture that which product you should buy. But trust us! After reading this below article, you will come to know lots of important things about the probiotics which you will not find easily on any other website.

So, let’s continue reading!

What are Probiotics?

Nowadays so many people talk about the probiotics, and they refer them to the supplements which comprise of the good and live bacteria (microorganisms) that benefits us in improving our health. These bacteria also found in several natural foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, and other fermented foods. You must be thinking that why would any person consume the bacteria?

Well! Most of us believe that bacteria are the bad germs only, but few bacteria are quite vital for the proper functioning of our body. We call such bacteria "the good bacteria" that quickly found in the probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial for the health of our skin, digestive system, mouth, etc. [2]

What are the Probiotic Supplements?

There are two ways to consume the probiotics, i.e., either in natural form or the supplement form. The probiotic supplements are also beneficial and found in the capsule form. It provides you an ample dosage of the bacteria and lives cultures that helps in regulating the health of our digestive system and also benefits in our wellbeing.

There are so many probiotic supplements that you can find on the market. But always choose those supplements only which has the outstanding amount of CFU and also belongs to the renowned brand.

What are the Most Common Types of Probiotics?

The following are the most common types of probiotics:


It is a type of bacteria which usually use in supplements as well as foods. They will support our immune system and also limit the development of dangerous bacteria in our intestine. They also have the capability of breaking down the lactose into the nutrients which our body might use.


It is one more type of bacteria that creates the lactase (an enzyme which breaks down the milk sugar or lactose). It also yields lactic acid that helps in controlling the growth of the bacteria which are bad. It also found in our small intestine, mouth, and vagina.

Are there any Probiotic Side Effects?

Even if you are taking the probiotics for digestive problems or constipation, you should know that there are specific probiotic side effects also. We are not saying the probiotics are unsafe to consume. But if you do not take them according to the instructions then, you might have to face few probable side effects like:

Stomach discomfort

Some of you might experience the slight bloating, gas, and pain in your stomach after taking the probiotics. These results are scarce, but they might happen. So, sometimes you can take these supplements when the stomach is full. But if you are suffering from the weak immune system then, you have high chances of experiencing the gas problem [3].

Allergic reactions

It is also a rare side effect, but it can also occur. Some people might have allergic reactions to the ingredients that are present in the probiotics.

How to Choose a Probiotic?

There are so many different types of probiotic supplements which manufactures different companies. Thus, it becomes challenging for us to choose the right product. Do you also feel the same?

Well! There is no need to worry now as here we will provide you some important things which you should consider before buying the best probiotic for men.
Let’s have a look at them!

Content of the Probiotic

The first important thing which you should keep in mind while buying the probiotic is to check the real count of its cultures. The cultures measured regarding the CFUs in (colony forming units) in every single capsule. The CFU will range from 10 billion to 50 billion. It will help you in comparing the two different products easily.

Categories of probiotics

As we have told you earlier in the article, there are primarily two types of useful bacteria: bifidobacterium and lactobacillus. Both of them consist of the diverse strains. Thus, if your health professional has suggested you a particular culture then, you should check the ingredient tags accurately before buying.

Brand excellence

In the market, there are so many companies who are manufacturing the probiotic supplements with different qualities. The probiotic brands which belong to the high-quality category will use the high-quality ingredients along with the combination of better quality control and analysis. You should avoid buying the low-quality name that does not deliver good products.

Value of the product

We are not saying that you should take price as the primary conclusive factor, but you should keep in mind while picking any product. You should compare the per day price and per day serving of your product with the other options available. The primary focus of you should be on buying the right quality product at reasonable cost [4].

What do Probiotics do?

Probiotics are helpful bacteria which live in our bodies. It is also found naturally in specific foods and drinks. They mainly help in maintaining our overall health along with the care of the digestive health.

The probiotics supplements help in the bacterial normalization in our body. It helps in reducing the inflammation inside the intestinal tract. Probiotics mainly colonize the intestinal tract with the healthy bacteria so that it can work properly.
The digestive problems like ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, lactose intolerance, diarrhea, and constipation also get improved with the probiotics. With the daily intake of the probiotic supplements for 1 or 2 weeks, infectious diarrhea gets the cure [5].

The probiotics also have the power of strengthening the immune system. When it moves inside the body, the constituents in the immune system like T and B lymphocytes gets activated. All this benefit in the prevention of the infection, cold-flu and specific types of cancers also.

How do Probiotics work?

As you know, there are lots of bacteria in our intestinal tract, and some of them are either good or bad. These bacteria help in keeping the health of our gut good also. The good bacteria found in our lower intestine. They fetch energy from the foodstuffs which we eat and deliver several health benefits to our body in the end. Probiotics help us a lot in maintaining these good bacteria. Now you must be thinking that how do the probiotics work in this?

Well! Probiotics supplements helps in balancing the right bacteria inside our gut so that our overall health gets to improve. As a result, it offers us a stronger immune system and better digestion.

When is the Best Time to take a Probiotic?

The best time to take a probiotic is empty stomach when there is the low content of the acid in your stomach. It allows the bacteria to have a good chance of living at that time. However, the best time to consume the probiotics is at the bedtime or in the early morning. You should not take them around your meal time.

Advantages of Taking Probiotics At the bedtime

When you consume the probiotics before going to bed then, common side effects of the probiotics can be avoided like bloating or gas. At this time, it also becomes easy for you to have a stress free sleep if any uncomfortable health issue happen. For the better results, take these supplements few hours after the dinner and before going to bed.

Advantages of Taking Probiotics after Waking

Consuming the probiotics when you wake up in the morning is also a good option. At this time, the acid levels of your stomach are quite low and thus the bacteria of the supplement safely reach the digestive tract.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Done in the value section? Still, have some queries in mind?

Then, you should read our below FAQ section. We didn't get right answers to our questions. But here we have tried to answer those queries which buyers have in their mind before buying the probiotics.
We hope that you also get the answer to your question which is arising in your mind!

Can Vegans take probiotics?

Yes, vegans can also take probiotics. There are few above reviewed probiotics supplements also which are for vegans like Garden of Life Raw Whole Food Vitamin Supplement with Probiotics, Garden of Life Probiotics Supplement for Men and Vitamin Bounty - Pro 50 Probiotic.

Besides the above, The following are specific natural probiotics which vegans can consume like:

  • Preserved or Fermented Vegetables
  • Vegans can take the traditional pickle which comprises of the vinegar fermented with the help of the bacterial cultures. For example, Kimchi is one of the best sources of probiotic.
  • Kombucha Tea
  • The Kombucha Tea is fermented form of the black tea that contains yeast, sugar, and probiotics. Before buying this tea from the market, you should check all its ingredients to know whether it has good bacteria in ample quantity or not.
  • Fermented Soyfoods
  • The soy foods like tempeh and miso are the excellent source of probiotics for vegans. They have enough vitamins like B12 also which benefit the vegans a lot.

How much probiotic should I take?

To know how much probiotic you should take, you should check the CFU first. The high amount of CFU indicates more useful bacteria in the probiotic. The CFU in one capsule is different from the CFU in one serving.

However, the amount of dosage should only be taken as per your physician recommendations and also after remembering the company’s suggested dosage. The higher CFU is a better option.

What do probiotics do for your stomach?

The probiotics found in the fermented foods such as sauerkraut, buttermilk, sourdough bread, kimchi, etc. Such food helps in restoring the bacterial equilibrium to the intestinal system in the stomach.

When you take antibiotics for kicking off your illness, the good, as well as bad bacteria, also get killed in your stomach. It results in the upset stomach and diarrhea also. But when probiotic enter in your gut, it takes lots of space there in the form of good bacteria and moves out the bad one from there.

Quiz Time - A Simple, Short and Fun Ride

We are almost about to reach the end of this article. Till now, we hope you have got quite much familiar with the probiotics for men. So, playing a small quiz at this stage is not a bad idea at all. What you all say?
Wait a minute! Don’t be afraid of this quiz!
This quiz is a straightforward, short and fun way to test your knowledge about the products. So, without wasting much time, let's continue and be a part of this pleasant journey!


Now, it’s our wrapping time guys!

In the end, we just want to say that every person can take advantage of these best probiotic for men and can have a good control over their health. But, remember that while picking the probiotic supplement, you should know what you want and which product can correctly solve your health problem.

In the above buying guide, we have reviewed the top 5 best probiotics for men. But if you ask us about the winner among all of them then, as per our experience and study the Nutrition Essentials Probiotic supplement is the clear winner here. This product comprises of the natural ingredients and also offers the high amount of CFU in one single pill in comparison to the other supplements.

Besides this, the Nutrition Essentials Probiotic supplement also benefits in curing lots of health problems like Crohn’s disease, gas, bloating, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), asthma, etc. The list here is just endless. The best part about this product that manufacturer of the product offers 100 % money back guarantee if you are satisfied with its results. Isn’t it amazing?

So, without wasting much time, go and grab yourself the best probiotic for men and enjoy its health benefits!

We hope that you like our below article. If you want to ask any question regarding the article then, you can write to us in the below comment box. We will reply back to you as soon as possible. Besides this, if you enjoy reading our article then, you can share it with all your near and dear ones who are looking to buy the probiotics.

Thanks for reading and keep tuning on our website for more informative and useful article!

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