Read to Know Which is The Best Potassium Supplement For You

February 12, 2018

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Read to Know Which is The Best Potassium Supplement For You

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There are lots of people around the world who undervalue the potassium mineral. They do not know that it is one of the essential nutrients which our body requires. Several fruits and vegetables do provide us potassium. But, if you are not eating them on a regular basis then, buying the best potassium supplement is a better option.

You must be wondering that why you need to buy the best potassium supplement?

Well! These supplements help us in replenishing the lower levels of the potassium in our body. It benefits us in curing different problems in the body like high blood pressure, muscle spasm, ache, and stroke[1].

So, now if you have to make up your mind in buying the potassium supplement for yourself then, the next step is to pick the product which suits your need and pocket. Since there are many options available on the market; it is quite challenging to choose the best type of potassium supplements.

Then how will you buy the potassium supplement?

Well! Below you can have a look at the review of the five best potassium supplements that we have selected and shared. You will also get to know lots of useful and helpful information in this article which will surely help you in buying the right product.

So, carry on discovering out more!

What are the Best Potassium Supplements?

Searching for the potassium supplements and picking out the best one among them is a very hectic and tiring job to do. Thus, to assist you in this task we have pick and research about the best potassium supplement that you can buy. Isn’t it amazing?

After doing an in-depth study, we come across the five outstanding products which have got good reviews and rating from the buyers. Besides this, we have also considered the features, price, efficacy, and benefits that these products offer to you.

We think before getting into the reviews section, why don't you just read out the brief info about the entire products in the below comparison table?

We have tried our best to cover the entire essential aspects of all the products in the table. It will give you a glimpse of the products before reading the reviews.
So, here we go!

List of the Five Best Potassium Supplements

Have you finished reading the above comparison table of the five best potassium supplements? If yes, then we hope that till now you have visualized which product you should buy. But without reading the reviews how would you know the actual image of the product?

Thus, now you should move to our next section of product reviews. In this segment, we will introduce you to the product along with its pros and cons. It will provide you an accurate picture of all of them.

Our main aim is that whatever money you spend on buying the product should worth it in the end.

So, let’s continue reading the article!

The following is the list of the five best potassium supplements that you can buy from the market:


NOW Potassium Citrate – Best Natural Potassium Supplements

NOW Potassium Citrate – Best Natural Potassium Supplements

The first name on our list is NOW Potassium Citrate which is the best natural potassium supplements. It contains the potassium citrate which is the category of bioavailable potassium that originates in some foods naturally. Thus, it also gets easily absorbs in our body. This product not only fulfills the essential requirement of the mineral in our body but also supports the balance of electrolyte mineral.

What we like more about the product is that it considerably supports the nervous system. You can consume this supplement without any fear as it has got approval from the GMP (Good manufacturing practice) for its high quality. The best way to get the benefit of these potassium pills is to take one capsule around five times in one day along with the food.


It not only offers you the benefits of consuming potassium but also support the health of your kidney

The container in which product comes is not airtight, and this can reduce the potency of its contents

It is an exceptionally affordable over the counter potassium pills that you can buy

You might find it little harder to absorb in the beginning as compare to the other potassium supplements

It not only upsurges your energy levels but also helps your overall health

The muscle cramps also reduce by taking these tablets

If you take it along with the anti-inflammatory herbs, then the product functions quite well to lower your B.P (Blood Pressure)

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Nature Made Potassium Gluconate - Best Potassium Supplements For High Blood Pressure

Nature Made Potassium Gluconate - Best Potassium Supplements For High Blood Pressure

It is the best type of potassium supplements for the people who need to maintain their high blood pressure and the healthy heart. This product benefits in supporting the numerous different functions of our body like pH balance, water distribution balance, nerve cell and muscle function. It also provides you healthy kidney and heart along with the maintenance of the adrenal function inside the body.

The main highlight of this product is that it converts your blood sugar into the deposited form recognized as glycogen. All the ingredients (like Cellulose Gel, Potassium Gluconate, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid and Silicon Dioxide) and in this high-quality product are carefully chosen and added so that you can quickly absorb it. There is no use of artificial flavors, colors, gluten, starch, yeast or preservatives in manufacturing the product.


There is no use of artificial preservatives, flavors or yeast while manufacturing this best form of potassium supplements

The tablets are in granular form which is difficult to swallow

The pricing of the product is quite cost-effective

The labeling of the bottle is quite confusing

It comes in the tablet form which is convenient to consume

It has the USP (U.S. Pharmacopeia) verification which proves the potency of all the ingredients in the product

It offers 90 mg potassium in one single serving which gets easily absorbed in the body

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Thorne Research - Potassium Citrate - Highly-Absorbable Potassium Supplement - Best Potassium Supplements to take for Leg Cramps

Thorne Research - Potassium Citrate - Highly-Absorbable Potassium Supplement - Best Potassium Supplements to take for Leg Cramps

It is the best potassium supplements for the leg cramps which you can choose. It alkalinizes your urine to stimulate the excellent health of kidney. It works amazingly for the skeletal muscle function and cardiovascular health. All the product of the Thorne comprises of the ingredients that come from the purest sources. In fact, the colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives which use while manufacturing the product also derive from the natural sources.

What we like most about the product is that do not contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), gluten, artificial preservatives, wheat, barley, rye, nuts, eggs or stearates. In fact, food products like soy, dairy, sugar, yeast, and corn also use while making these pills. It is one of the extremely absorbable formulas of the potassium that you can purchase nowadays.


The size of the pills is quite small which makes it perfect for swallowing

You might find it little expensive to buy in comparison to the other potassium pills

You can feel a drastic rise in the level of energy in few weeks after consuming these tablets

It comprises of only 3 percent potassium in 99gm bottle and the size of one pill is only 1.80 cm only which makes it insufficient for our body

It does not result in the aftertaste or nausea

The works wonderfully for the muscle pain

With this product, you can alkalize in the most efficient way

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BulkSupplements Pure Potassium Citrate Powder- Best Potassium Supplements for Athletes

BulkSupplements Pure Potassium Citrate Powder- Best Potassium Supplements for Athletes

It is the best potassium supplements for athletes that come in the pure and clean powder form. There is no use of fillers in it. The product is packed in the sealed and zip pouch for more convenience to the buyer. The purity of the pills is also guaranteed and verified by the laboratories. The citric acid present in the potassium citrate also reduces the chances of urinary infections and kidney stones in our body.

The things which we like about this product are that it benefits in regulating our blood pressure. It also boosts the health of our bones and thus results in stronger bones. The pill’s potassium benefits in retaining the calcium in our body so that we do not have to face any deteriorating bone disease in the future. Calcium is not only essential for the bones but also vital for the proper functioning of the nerves, muscle, and heart.


The potassium citrate helps in maintaining the healthy level of the blood pressure by regulating the quantity of salt in our body.

The taste of the powder is acidic

The shelf life of the product is also long

There is no detail about all the ingredients given on the packaging along with the quantity

There is no use of fillers, soy, additives, preservatives or gluten in making the product

You might have laxative effects on the consumption

It comes in the powder form which is quite beneficial for the people who can’t swallow the tablets

It is available in the sealed zip pouch in the market for more convenience to the buyer

It is a non-GMO and dairy-free product

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You can check out the YouTube video review of this product here:


Solaray Potassium Supplement- Best Potassium Magnesium Supplements

Solaray Potassium Supplement- Best Potassium Magnesium Supplements

The last and final name on our list is of Solaray Potassium Supplement which is one of the best potassium magnesium supplements. It helps in protecting the health of your muscles a lot. Besides this, it not only safeguards the central nervous system of our body but also keeps the electrolyte levels balanced. It comprises of the amino acid complex in the form of the pill.

The best part about the product is that it does not react with the soy like other supplements of the potassium. In fact, it provides our body the extra amino acids which act as the building blocks of the protein that is important for our health. You can easily buy this affordable potassium pills from the market.


It gives your body the additional amino acids

There is no info given regarding the category of the amino acids present in the product

It is a healthy dosage of potassium that adheres to the USP (U.S. Pharmacopeia) and NFP (National Formulary protocols) for the safety

It comprises of more fillers than any other potassium supplements

The small size capsules of gelatin are quite stressed-free to swallow

It might react with the concentrate of the whole rice

It helps you in getting rid of muscle cramping

You cannot break the gelatin capsule of the supplement

It keeps the level of electrolyte balanced in your body

The manufacturer does not disclose that it is a gluten-free product or not

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Read Some More Information About the Best Potassium Supplement!

Some of you might know now that which product you should buy. But few of you might still be thinking about it. Don't worry we have lots of things about the product which will surely guide you in buying the right and useful product for you.

There are many important things which you should know about the potassium supplement.

We are not saying that it will change your mind about the product, but once you know these useful pieces of information then, you might find it easy to pick the right potassium supplement for you.

So, are you ready for the ride?

Let’s start again!

What is Potassium?

Well! Potassium is one of the seven critical macro minerals (such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, sulfur, sodium and chloride) which our human body requires so that it can function appropriately over the cellular level. It also needed for the right functioning of the tissues and organs, and that is why it is also known as an electrolyte.

Potassium is also one of the essential nutrients that play vital role in the cardiovascular health, electrical activity and fluid balance of the muscles. The 70% of the potassium in our body found in the plasma, blood and sweat and the remaining is present in the bones. There are lots of fruits and vegetables enriched with the potassium vitamin like Banana, melon, avocado, papaya, baked potato, tomato, broccoli, okra, etc [2].

What are the Different Types of Potassium Supplements?

Three different main types of potassium supplements are obtainable on the market. For choosing the category of the potassium supplement, you have to check the kind of deficiency from which you are suffering.

Let’s tell you more about the different categories of the potassium supplement now!

Potassium Chloride Supplement

It is one of the best supplements for the hypokalemia that occurs due to vomiting or diuretics and also for the curing the lower levels of chloride in our body. It is also beneficial for the distribution and pumping of the oxygen and blood to different parts of the body.

Potassium Citrate Supplement

The next category is the potassium citrate supplement which used for curing the renal tubular acidosis (the problem of kidney stones). It also makes the urine of our body less acidic. Besides this feature, it a helps our kidneys in getting rid of uric acid so that chances of kidney stones and gout get reduce.

Potassium Gluconate Supplement

These supplements required for the healthy working of the cells, muscle contraction, nerve conduction, acid-base balance and kidney function. It also used for preventing and curing the lower levels of potassium in our body. But, if you are suffering from UTI (urinary tract infection), kidney failure, peptic ulcer and uncontrolled diabetes then, these potassium supplements are not recommended for you.

What is Potassium Used For?

Potassium is one of the vital minerals which our body needs at the electrical and cellular levels both. It is also recognized as the electrolyte as it carries the small electrical charge. Usually, the potassium found in muscles, red blood cells, and bones. The foods like spinach, broccoli, parsley, tomatoes, bananas, citrus fruits, raisins, and avocados have lots of potassium in them.

The following are the few best uses of the potassium:

Muscle Contraction

When we take sodium along with the potassium, it successfully regulates the balance of the acid in our tissues and blood. As a result, the muscle contractions happen in our body due to the activation of the nerve impulses[3].

Production of Enzymes

There are very less number of enzymes in our body which need potassium for activity and output. So, for the production of more energy, the existence of potassium along with the sodium is significant.

What are the Health Benefits of Potassium?

The potassium supplements benefit us in a lot of different ways. Read them below to know in detail:

Strengthening the cardiovascular health

The potassium has the electrolyte properties that help in promoting the healthy heart. It all results in the proper flow of blood in our body. It helps in maintaining the steady pace of the blood flow. If there are low levels of potassium in your body then, your heat will produce weaker contractions and the regular cadence of the blood flow also get disturbed.

Regulating blood pressure

When you increase the intake of sodium in your diet, your blood pressure get disturbs. But with the potassium, a reaction occurs in our blood cells which cause an increase in the flow of the blood. Due to the muscles-relaxation, our blood pressure gets lower. Besides this, it also reduces the intake of the anti-hypersensitive medicines.

Improves the performance of the Brain

When there is the right amount of potassium in your body, the brain is the very first thing which works at its best. Potassium is an essential electrolyte which required for the functioning of the neuron.

Maintain the bone density

With the presence of the metabolic acids, the structure of our bones get depletes with the time, and it results in the strength loss of the bones. But when you start consuming the potassium regularly, the effects of the acid counteracts and promotes the substantial bone density[4].

Care of the muscular system

Potassium is the main reason behind the contraction of muscles in our body. It stimulates better communication for transferring the nervous system indications which essentially convey the muscles to get contracted.

Which is the Best way to take Potassium Supplements?

The potassium supplements manufactured from the potassium chloride or potassium salt. Both of them are water soluble and quickly gets absorbed in the body when you take it with the water. It is not mandatory that you have to consume these supplements with the food always.

You can swallow it with the liquid also. According to our research, the best way to consume potassium supplements is to have it with the drink and especially with the water. Sometimes when you take the supplements in the dry form, there are chances of getting ill, but with the liquid, it washes down in your stomach fast.

The other important thing is that after taking pills; do not sleep for at least 10 to 30 minutes. The best time of day to take potassium supplements is when you are going out on the work. We are saying this because lying down immediately after taking the pills can increase the danger of the potassium moving up to the throat and it may make you ill also.

What are the Side effects of Potassium?

Most people have the tolerance in their body for the potassium supplements, but sometimes few side effects arise if you did not take it with enough water[5].

The below are some side effects of potassium which you should check out:

  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal discomfort

If the side effects persist for a long time then, contact your health professional immediately.

How Much Potassium Should I Take?

The quantity of the potassium which you should take depends on your gender and age. According to various studies and investigation, the minimum amount of potassium which an individual should take after the age of 14 years is around 4700 mg. But if you are a woman and breastfeeding your babies then, approximately 5100 mg potassium in one day is needed. In short, we can say that 3500 mg to 4700 mg is the range of requirement of the potassium.

However, the important thing is that children should get an adequate amount of potassium to avoid any severe health issues. There are many fruits and vegetables like apricots, kiwi, bananas, pineapples, oranges, carrots, leafy greens, potatoes, etc. which contain lots of potassium in them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While buying and searching for a particular product, there are so many questions which usually arise in our mind. In fact, we didn't find their answers easily.

But don't worry as in this section; we will lay down few frequently asked questions along with the answers that are quite common in the buyer's mind. We hope that you also find out your query and solution in the below part.

So, let's continue rereading the article!

What is the Difference Between Vitamin K and Potassium?

One of the main similarities between these two is their name as the potassium is also known as the abbreviation K while writing over the papers. Besides this, there is no similarity between the vitamin K and potassium. Potassium is a mineral and vitamin K is only a vitamin. When you take high dosages of vitamin K is not so much damaging to health whereas a high dose of potassium can be dangerous.

So, you should not take both of them lightly in any case and research about them before going for any treatment to avoid any confusion.

What is the Difference Between Potassium and Potassium Gluconate?

Potassium denoted by the letter ‘k.' It is a chemical component that isolated by the process of Potassium. It is a reactive element and might react with numerous non-metal particles to produce molecules. Now, the potassium gluconate is one of those molecules. The significant difference between the two is that potassium is a compound originates in an alkali metal while potassium gluconate is the salt in the potassium.

Which Food Offers the Most Potassium Per Serving?

We cannot say that there is only one food which provides you the maximum amount of potassium in one serving. You have to include lots of things in your diet to manage the level of potassium in your body, for example, you can consume the following foods:

  • Fruits: Banana, melon, avocado, papaya, dried fruits like raisins.
  • Vegetables: baked potato, tomato, broccoli, okra, beets, kale and spinach
  • Dairy and Protein: yogurt, Atlantic wild salmon, soybeans, lentils, kidney beans and numerous types of fish

Can you Overdose on Potassium Pills?

No, you cannot overdose potassium pills at all without monitoring. Taking too much potassium can result in the hyperkalemia. So, consuming balanced diet along with the right amount of potassium is essential. If you overdose on potassium pills then, you might face problems like an abnormal heartbeat. In fact, in some instances, a death can happen.

In fact, if you are undergoing any medical treatment for health problems like diabetes, chemotherapy, kidney disease, etc. then, always inform your doctor before beginning the supplements of potassium.

A Fun Quiz for you all!

As we are now proceeding towards the end of our article, we now want to test your mind with a small and fun quiz about the product. Don’t be serious! We just want to polish your brains more!
Therefore, get ready with your info bag about the best potassium supplement and be a part of our fun quiz ride.
So, here we go guys!

​Wrapping Time!! Want to know who is the Winner?

So, now it’s our wrapping time friends!

Let’s recall few things and find out the winner among all the above reviewed products!

Till now you have understood that the best potassium supplement is vital for us to increase the levels of potassium in our body. You may either consume it in the tablet's form or the powder form as per your convenience. The primary purpose of these supplements is to eradicate the potassium deficiency from our body.

In the above article, we have thoroughly reviewed the five best potassium supplements, but according to us the clear winner here is the NOW Potassium Citrate. It not only provides you the advantages of the potassium but also give proper support to your kidney. Lots of people get benefit from their muscle cramps after consuming these pills. Besides this, it comes at very reasonable price on the market. Isn't it incredible?

All things weighed, NOW Potassium Citrate is a good quality product for any person who wants to boost their levels of potassium efficiently. 

We hope that now you know which potassium supplement you should buy and why. But, if you still need any help from our side then, you may write to us. We will reply back to you at the earliest. On the other hand, if you find our above article useful, please share it with all your near and dear ones.

Keep searching for more health care articles here!

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