Read Here To Know the Best Nitric Oxide Supplements

February 15, 2018

Jelly Bell

Read Here To Know the Best Nitric Oxide Supplements

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Do you also dream of becoming a good bodybuilder or weightlifter? Do you love to have a fit and lean muscle body?

 Well! Then you have landed on the right page as here we will tell you about the best nitric oxide supplements that you can include in your pre-workout routines.
From past so many years, the number of bodybuilders and athletes are using these nitric oxide supplements. It helps them in taking their workout routine to the next level.

The demand for the nitric oxide foods has raised a lot, and these days several different manufacturers are introducing new nitric oxide supplements. So, the problem is that how will you know that which is the best product for you to buy?

Well! Now, there is no need to worry as in the below article; we will provide you the best nitric oxide supplements reviews along with the buying guide info. We hope that it will help you in making your buying decision more comfortable and more correctly.

So, let’s continue our journey!

Comparison Chart of 5 Best Nitric Oxide Supplements

The below is the comparison chart of the 5 Best Nitric Oxide Supplements that will provide you a quick look of all the products:

List of 5 Best Nitric Oxide Supplements

The below are the best nitric oxide supplements reviews that we have selected after doing in-depth research and study:


Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength L Arginine - 1200mg

Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength L Arginine - 1200mg

It is one of the best rated nitric oxide supplements that have the additional power of L-Arginine. L-Arginine is an important amino acid which transforms into the Nitric Oxide to improve the blood circulation in your body. It gives a safe and secure support to you for maintaining lean muscle and a healthy lifestyle. It also uses as a sports nutrition supplement that enlarges the blood vessels so that more blood can reach your heart, brain, muslin and any other organ.

Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength L Arginine results in vascularity and gain of muscles to make you look stylish. The product mostly recommended for the athletes, weightlifters, runners or any active person. There are no chemicals, preservatives, sugars or artificial ingredients use in this natural product.


It comes in the capsule form and not in the powder form

It comprises of only sixty capsules which are not enough sometimes

You get 1200 mg in one single serving which is quite enough for daily activity

It is not appropriate for vegetarian people

It is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) resource that ensures that the product made after maintaining all quality standards

Not suitable for high blood pressure patients

It increases the levels of the oxides, so that blood vessels in the body also gets expand

It increases the blood flow in the body and provides lean body mass

It improves your performance during the workout

The manufacturer offers 100 percent money back guarantee with this product

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For more detailed info, check out the following video link of YouTube:


SHEER N.O. Nitric Oxide Supplement - Best Nitric Oxide Supplements For Heart Health

SHEER N.O. Nitric Oxide Supplement - Best Nitric Oxide Supplements For Heart Health

The second name on our list is SHEER Nitric Oxide Supplement which is one of the best supplements to increase nitric oxide. It provides your strength and builds muscles if you combine with the excellent workout strategy. You can feel the change after one week of taking the product.

The main ingredient in the product is L-Arginine that boosts the production of Nitric Oxide in the body so that your muscles can grow fast. It also gives you a healthy heart with a better performance. It contains L-Citrulline that delivers more power without any booster for the workout.


It is the best nitric oxide supplements for heart health that keeps it fit and healthy

There is no stimulant added in these best nitric oxide pill supplements

It upsurges the growth of muscles

You need four pills in one dose to see the results after four weeks

It comprises of L Citrulline without any booster

It is not a vegan product

It acts as a significant size pump at the time of doing workout

Weightlifters and athletes are always recommended to have this product

People who are affected by injuries get fast recovery

You can easily swallow it in the capsule form

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For more detailed info, check out the following video link of YouTube:


Prime Labs Muscle Xplode Nitric Oxide Booster - Best Natural Nitric Oxide Supplements

Prime Labs Muscle Xplode Nitric Oxide Booster - Best Natural Nitric Oxide Supplements

It is the best natural nitric oxide supplements that benefit you in increasing your physical performance. To build right muscles, you need nitric oxide formula that supports the vessels of your blood with the increase in the blood flow. The product contains ornithine along with the arginine that maintains the muscles development at the time of the physical workout.

Both of these components are also advantageous for the muscles mass. Arginine helps in the growth of the male fertility and endurance so that the sexual performance can get an increase. In one single bottle, you get 2400 mg capsules. It is a natural, gluten free and non-GMO product that improves the performance and support the development of the muscles.


It has natural ingredients like ginseng, pumpkin seeds, and boron

The core nutrients in the product are missing

All the ingredients are natural and safe to consume

Some of the ingredients like Gymnema Sylvestre and Gelatin are ineffective

It strengthens the stamina and strength of the person

The servings in the bottle should be more

The blood circulation and the physical performance of the person also get improves

It does not blend into digestive system easily

It is an effective pre-workout and intra-workout product

It is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for safety, effectiveness, and security

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Zhou Nutrition Nitric Oxide Supplement with L Arginine - Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Men

Zhou Nutrition Nitric Oxide Supplement with L Arginine - Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Men

Zhou Nutrition Nitric Oxide Supplement is the best nitric oxide supplements for men. It scientifically formulated for increasing the strength, energy, and stamina in the user at the time of the workout.

After consuming this product regularly, you can efficiently perform the intense physical exercises. It does not matter that whether you are an athlete or a fitness freak person, this product will surely help you in achieving your fitness goals successfully. You can carry it in your gym bag and consume it when needed. It has the powerful ingredients like Citrulline Malate, L-Arginine and Beet Root that gives synergetic effect for the flow of the blood into the muscles.


It keeps the heart healthy with the natural nitric oxide.

It is one of the expensive best nitric oxide boosters in comparison to the other products

The formula used in manufacturing the product has the natural ingredients

It might result in some side effects like dizziness, tiredness, and weakness

The manufacturers of the product offers 60-day money back guarantee to the buyers

Your stomach can become upset

It delivers stronger pumps and greater endurance that let you do best-performing workouts

It formulated with the ingredients that grow the nitric oxide production for the increase blood flow at the time of requirement

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2Healthy Extra-Strength L-Arginine - 1300mg- Best Nitric Oxide Supplements For Blood Pressure

2Healthy Extra-Strength L-Arginine - 1300mg- Best Nitric Oxide Supplements For Blood Pressure

It is the best nitric oxide supplements for blood pressure that has three main Nitric Oxide ingredients, i.e., Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, Arginine HCI and Citrulline. It gives you excellent support for living a healthy lifestyle with the lean muscles body. Lots of sports professionals use this product. It relaxes the blood vessels in the body with the improvement in the blood circulation.

Ultimately, all this results in more oxygen to your heart, brain, lungs, muscles and other organs for vascularity. It is a perfect product for the athletes, weightlifters, runners and active individuals who need more energy production. There is no use of chemicals, preservatives, sugars or artificial ingredients for manufacturing the product.


It is a complete nitric oxide for bodybuilders

The manufacturer has provided very less info about the product

It increases the energy level in the body to perform a high-intensity workout

It is not an effective product to buy in comparison to other l-arginine-nitric oxide products

It provides a better flow of blood so that all your body parts work perfectly during exercise

It is a safe product to use that has no chemicals or fillers

It is a useful nitric oxide supplement that manufactures after getting approval from GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

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How to Purchase the Best Nitric Oxide Supplements?

While buying the best nitric oxide supplements, there are few essential things which you should keep in mind. These necessary things can stimulate the production of nitric oxide in your body through its different ingredients.
Please have a look!

Arginine and Citrulline 

Arginine and citrulline are the essential ingredients that we find in the nitric oxide supplements. Both of them have lots of nitric oxide benefits that increase the production of the molecule inside the body.

User reviews

You should check the reviews and experiences that are shared by different users. It will provide you an idea about the product and how effective is the supplement for different people.

Reliability and status of manufacturer

You must buy that nitric oxide powder which manufactures by the reliable and trustworthy brands. Most of the manufacturers do not follow the high-quality standards for making the product. Thus, brand names with the excellent image and credibility should be preferred.

Quality of the product

The best nitric oxide supplements should have right ingredients in it. It influences the overall effects of the product. There are lots of products which are free of chemicals, fillers, and gluten. So, you can prefer buying those products which will not have any side effects later.

Quantity in the product

The amounts of the supplements (i.e., number of pills in the product bottle) matter a lot. It let you decide that in which ratio you can consume the capsules in the fixed period. Sometimes, some manufacturer offers fewer pills in a bottle which does not suffice your buying purpose. Thus, you should check the quantity of the product before purchasing it from the market that whether it suits your needs or not.

User-friendly product

The product should be easy to consume. It means that if the products come in the pills-form in comparison to the powder-form then, it will be easier to use. The pills are always stress-free to consume, and you do not have to taste the product also which cause repulsion.

Price of the product

The best nitric oxide supplements with all the above-said features should be available at the reasonable price on the market. You can compare the different product of different brands all together having same ingredients. It will provide you some clear picture about the products that you want to buy.

What is Nitric Oxide?

Well! Nitric oxide is a significant molecule which let the body cells to interconnect with each other through signals. This compound has a vital part in the blood circulation and the blood pressure status in the human body. 

It enters the core smooth muscles inside the blood vessel and results in the expanding and relaxing mode. If you increase the amount of nitric oxide content in your body then, it will improve your overall health in different manners. The common problems in humans like building up of cancer cells, dementia, and erectile dysfunction can get treated with this compound.

What Are the Nitric Oxide Supplements?

The nitric oxide supplements are also known as the N.O booster. It mainly consists of various compounds which boost the levels of nitric oxide naturally in the human blood for a short period. There are lots of benefits that you will fetch with this short-term boost. 

You will feel a kind of pump while doing your workout after consuming these supplements, for example, the blood in your muscles swells, and it ultimately increases the vascularity. There are some reports also which shows down that if you consume a good quality nitric oxide booster then, it will upsurge the oxygen delivery and blood flow to your skeletal muscle. It offers lots of strength to you during intra-workout and posts workout.

What are the Main Ingredients in the Best Nitric Oxide Supplements?

There are many active ingredients in the best nitric oxide supplements. Let’s discuss them below:


It is an amino acid that turns into the nitric oxide in our body. Afterwards, the nitric oxide makes the blood vessels to open broader for the improved blood flow. The main two categories of L-Arginine are l-arginine and A-AKG (l-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate).


The next ingredient is L-Citrulline which is also an amino acid that occurs naturally in some foods. On the other hand, it also made in small quantities in the body. It works like a supporter for nitric oxide so that better performance can come out. After the absorption process, the human body converts the l-citrulline into nitric oxide for the improvement in the blood circulation. This acid helps in the building up of the muscles and improving the overall performance of athletes. 


It is substituting the caffeine in numerous new supplements nowadays. It is a plant-based stimulant which is entirely natural. It cures various problems like erectile dysfunction, depression, weight loss and upsurge the athletic performance. It stimulates the nervous system of your body so that you can focus on the full power at the time of the workout.

What are the essential Health benefits of Nitric Oxide?

The following are the few health benefits of nitric oxide about which you should aware of:

Improve Flow of Blood

The best nitric oxide supplements for women are an excellent product for the high blood pressure patients. The people suffering from the problem of high blood pressure cannot produce nitric oxide. 

Thus, after consuming these supplements, the muscles inside the body get relaxed which lowers down the blood pressure also. All this results in the improved flow of blood so that more blood can pass for the good cardiovascular health.

Reduce Tiredness

At the time of weightlifting exercises, our body gets the shortage of oxygen. It leads to the building up of lactic acid which makes you feel tired and fatigue. 

When you consume nitric oxide supplements, the quantity of the oxygen moves into the muscles with the reduction of the accretion of lactic acid in the tissues. Therefore, you can quickly do more extended workout periods without getting exhausted soon.

Makes Heart Healthy

It is essential for the humans to have a healthy heart. The nitric oxide supplements help in enhancing the flow of blood throughout the body. It makes more blood to pump out by the heart to other different body parts. Consequently, this all save your body from fighting against any cardiovascular diseases. 

Increase Stamina

The increase in stamina is only possible if you have the excellent flow of oxygen in your body. When the amount of oxygen increases in the tissues of your muscles with the help of the nitric oxide supplements, it becomes easy for you to sustain more extended workout period. 

People who are marathon runners, sprinters or swimmers must have the nitric oxide supplements for increasing their stamina to cover up the long distance in fixed time.

Increase Strength

Your overall strength of the body also gets the increase when you take these supplements for few weeks. It produces lots of oxygen that flows into your body and makes you feel so energetic that you can pick heavy weights quickly. You can experience an increase in the power every week.

Quick recovery

With the help of the nitric oxide supplements, you can get quickly recover from the tiring session of your workout in the gym. It provides more blood and oxygen to your muscles so that you can improve fast from any injuries.

Develop Immunity System

It also benefits in protecting your body from the viruses or bacteria by increasing your immunity. It produces the lymphocyte known as T cell that improves the immunity strength in the body. 

In fact, some studies also show that with the consumption of the nitric oxide supplements, you can efficiently fight against the infections.

Tips on when to take nitric oxide supplements

The nitric oxide works well if you use it as the pre-workout supplement. The following are the tips which tell you that how and when to take the nitric oxide supplements:

  • You should take the nitric oxide supplements around 30 minutes before the time of your workout.
  • To have easy absorption, you should drink lots of water at the time of taking the nitric oxide.
  • You should not give up quickly if you did not see changes as the results of the l-arginine-nitric oxide can take the time of four weeks to appear.
  • Try to avoid taking the other pre-workout pills or shakes with the nitric oxide supplements for the cautionary purpose.
  • You should have a start slow with the supplements as your body needs time for the adjustment.
  • Always read the manufacturers’ details about the product before consuming especially the amount of dose and the directions.

You can also get advice from some health professional regarding the dosage of the product for better results.

List of few nitric oxide side effects

You should always know about the possible side effects of the nitric oxide. It applies to every supplement that you take. We are not saying that it is a harmful product to consume, but in the beginning, you must take the recommended dosages only.

The following are the standard nitric oxide side effects:

1. Common effects

One of the most common side effects that you have to deal with the consumption of the nitric oxide supplements is the digestion. You might feel some discomfort in the gastrointestinal. That is why we always recommend having a lighter dose in the beginning. The other common side effects include Vomiting, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea, and Nausea.

2. Low B.P (Blood Pressure)

Another probable side effect can be low blood pressure. It is not compulsory that you face this side effect, but if you are the patient of the hypotension, then you might feel breath shortness and energy loss. In such case, you should decrease your dosage.

3. More Urge for Urinating

When you take lots of supplements, the vast amount of arginine also gets into your body. It results in the more frequent urination and even urges to urinate more. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does nitric oxide do for the body?

The nitric oxide plays a significant role in the circulatory system and the cardiovascular health of our body. There are lots of health professionals who use this acid for treating some health problems like primary pulmonary hypertension in newborn. Besides this, it also reduces the amount of pain that is related to angina by decreasing arterial pressure and widening blood vessels. Lots of heart-related problems also get solve with it.

However, nitric oxide supplements are also used for muscularity as well as bodybuilding by stimulating the flow of blood. It increases the amount of blood to the muscles for the duration of training.

How to increase nitric oxide naturally?

If you want to increase the nitric oxide naturally then, doing the daily workout will increase the level of the nitric acid naturally in your body. However, you can also consume the nitric oxide supplements, that will also help you in boosting the concentration of this compound in the body.

It proves that the supplements of the nitric oxide have beneficial ingredients which serve you lots of health benefits in return. You can enjoy the health-related benefits of these products for the long term without any significant side effects on the body.

Where does nitrous oxide come from?

Well! The nitric oxide produces in the body of our humans by NOS (Nitric Oxide Synthases). The Nitric Oxide Synthases categorize into three types which have diverse functions. The humans tend to their body to make nitric oxide through many ways. 

It can make nitric oxide from the amino acids like L-citrulline and L-arginine. In fact, sometimes some supplements and foods produce inorganic nitrates that also results in the formation of the nitric oxide later. There are lots of foods which do not contain the nitric oxide directly. Thus, you should always check their details before buying them.


The below is the short quiz that will help you in knowing the best nitric oxide supplements more correctly. It might help you in picking the right product according to your need. So, please try answering them once.


In the end, we just want to say that from the above list of the five best nitric oxide supplements, our clear winner is Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength L Arginine - 1200mg. We are saying this after reviewing all the products and also by our experiences. It has all the overpowering features which make it unbeatable in every aspect. There are very fewer drawbacks about the product which can overlook.

The Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength L Arginine - 1200mg has the extra power of L Arginine which is an important amino acid which transforms into the Nitric Oxide to improve the blood circulation in your body. There is no use of artificial colors or preservatives and chemicals while manufacturing the product.

Eventually, it is entirely your choice to pick the right and best nitric oxide supplements which suit your requirement and budget as well. We hope that the above guide will help you in making the right buying decision.

If you have any query in your mind regarding the above article then, you may write to us. We will answer your question at the earliest. You can also share this article with your all near and dear ones who are in search of buying the nitric oxide supplements.

Thanks for reading and keep reading our website newer informative articles!


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