Best Lotion For Tattoos: Here’s The Best Choice!

February 28, 2018

Jelly Bell

Best Lotion For Tattoos: Here’s The Best Choice!

You’ve got a new tattoo, and you still feel yours with fresh ink. Now it’s time for you to look for the best lotion for tattoos to keep your tattoo fresh forever.
Besides lotions, tattoos lovers are also interested in soap for the cleansing process. If you’re keen on knowing what they are, click BEST SOAP FOR TATTOO.

How long the tattoo can be maintained mostly depends on the quality of the ink and the artist. But, a not-to-be-missed factor that can help your tattoo last forever with you is the caring process. It means that you have to spend time finding the best product to take care of your tattoo so that it can last much longer than you expect. Hence, one of the most valuable recipes for your tattoo is the use of an appropriate lotion.

Among myriads products on the worldwide market, it has become a difficulty to consider which the best lotion for tattoos is. Don’t worry! We’re here to help you narrow down your choices. Then, it would be easier for you to pick out your favorite and suitable tattoo lotion.

Comparison table

We are going to show you our top five lotions for tattoos. Below are detailed reviews of each product so that you can know more and understand what the best lotion for tattoos is and which one is suitable for you. 

Five best lotion for tattoos

You have done with having a look at the comparison table, right? Do you have enough trust and belief to pick your product? You might be still confused, right? Now, it is time to read the analysis of the best lotion for tattoos right now, and you will be more aware of which one is for you.

In this part, we will help you have an in-depth on each product by pointing out important information as well as its pros and cons. Then, it will be a straightforward thing for you to make up your mind on the best lotion for tattoos.
Let’s go!


Hustle Butter Deluxe – Best lotion for tattoos to get moisturized and lubricated condition

Hustle Butter Deluxe – Best lotion for tattoos to get moisturized and lubricated condition

Hustle Butter Deluxe is one of the most-chosen and top-rated product of all time. Hence, it deserves its number one position to be the best lotion for tattoos. With its reputation over decades, Hustle Butter is suitable for before, during and even tattoo healing process.

Why’s it enjoyed by customers? First and foremost, you can use Hustle Butter Deluxe in every process of the tattoo caring. Whether it is before, during or after the process, this product stands out of the crowd because it can create a flexible and soft skin surface for your tattoos to be easily done. Plus, Hustle Butter is also beneficial in which it provides enough moisture to heal and nourish the skin afterward.

This best lotion for tattoos undoubtedly brings about tons of benefits. While other products tend to result in a buildup of petroleum and cause clogged tubes, Hustle Butter Deluxe never does that. Also, it doesn’t trigger any stencil removal.

If you want to find a product to nourish your tattoo skin area and causes no infection or irritation, this is one of the best selection. We have to admit that we find no better product than Hustle Butter Deluxe to maintain your skin in a workable and safe condition without bleeding, redness, and swelling. As a result, it will boost the healing process as fast as possible.

Besides the benefit of keeping the tattoos stay away from irritations or complications, Hustle Butter Deluxe plays an indispensable role in preserving the color and appearance in shape as the original.

Your tattoos will always be bright and colorful like you got it for the very first moments. Without using lotion, the color might fade away quickly for no reasons. But, thanks to Hustle Butter Deluxe, there is no need to worry about the color flaking or over-worked highlights.

To achieve the above benefits, we think that you should know about its guaranteed ingredients. Then, you will understand more about the product and have more trust to choose this as your best lotion for tattoos. Formulated with no paraben and petroleum, Hustle Butter Deluxe has its origin from nature with 100% vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.

Manufacturers have carefully selected the finest ingredients to invent such a cutting-edge lotion which is exclusively for tattoo lovers. The valuable materials are Mint Arvenis essential oil, coconut, shea, mango, sunflower, rosemary oleoresin, aloe butter, vitamin E complex, and the papaya essence.

Both tattoos lovers and tattoos artists pick this as the best lotions for tattoos because of its multiple functions, myriad benefits, and trusted ingredients. One more thing that people love about it is that it is so easy to use. Before the tattooing process, just apply to the needed skin area. Also, apply it during the aftercare process to promote quicker healing. All you will get after using it is a moisturized skin, healthy and long-keeping tattoos as well as bright colors.


Easy to apply

A little greasy

Work well for your tattoo and make it look like the brand-new

A bit thicker texture than normal lotion

Cause no irritation, infection or complication

Enhance a faster healing process

Be excellent at soothing irritating and annoying itching

Provide enough moisture to keep your tattoo skin are well-hydrated

Keep the tattoo ink fresh as always and maintain the bright color

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After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer & Aftercare Lotion

After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer & Aftercare Lotion

The second best lotion for tattoos has its place for After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer & aftercare lotion.

Spend a few words for After Inked – one of the world’s most reliable and prestigious brand. This band has gained its popularity in the makeup industry with multiple high-quality products, including this best lotion for tattoos – After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer & Aftercare Lotion.

So, why is this lotion so popular and well-known? As a respected aftercare lotion for tattoos, After Inked is 100% vegan and gluten-free. Thanks to its guaranteed origin which is not derived from the animal, it is loved by both tattoo caretakers, tattoo artists and even studios in the world.

As regards the ingredients, this lotion is based on synthetic beeswax and purified water. It includes jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and shea butter. It is to say; the tattoo skin area will receive a rich source of vitamins such as E, C, and B; whereas it is also kept moisturized thanks to the aid of jojoba oil and shea butter.

The product has been tested by dermatologists as well as undergo clinical test so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will case allergies or irritations. Just feel free to use and get the best result.

We’re sure that you will get surprised just after applying this lotion. Even you have just got a new tattoo, or you already had your existing tattoo, After Inked is perfect in both cases. Whenever you feel dry in your skin area, a small amount of this lotion can work well. Use it daily to keep the tattoo skin area hydrated and moisturized all the time.

In short, After Inked Tattoo & Moisturizer Aftercare, as its name reveals, is the best lotion for tattoos. All you are going to be endorsed is a very speedy healing process without any infections, complications or scars. A beautiful as well as vivid tattoos are visible things you will get after using the product. Don’t forget to use it at a frequent rate to keep your skin hydrated.

To compliment on this product, it will take you day and night. Another bonus point for After Ink lies in its nice texture. A small amount of lotion could go a long way, and you’ll feel it 100% absorbed in your skin. Then, it leaves a smooth skin surface without residue or gunk which stick on your clothing and bedsheets.

Plus, when you feel your tattoo area itchy or irritated, apply immediately to get a quick result. A few days later, you will feel no more itching. And, the color of the tattoo itself will be brightened and look sharp as a brand new one.

Just go for it and enjoy the good results it brings out. You will be amazed than you used to expect.


Work well to make the tattoos look healthier and brighter

A little expensive compared to other lotions of the same kind

Maintain daily skin moisturizer for both new and old tattoos

Some people don't like its smell because it is much like bacon grease

Be enriched with both nutrients and vitamins thanks to the world’s most valuable and guaranteed ingredients

Be free from gluten, petroleum, cruelty, fragrance, and paraben

Boost the speed of healing process without leaving any scars and infections

Help you get rid of itching feeling and make the tattoo itself look more colorful

Don’t allow the texture to stick to clothes or garments

Don’t leave a greasy residue

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 H2Ocean Ocean Care Tattoo Aftercare

H2Ocean Ocean Care Tattoo Aftercare

On the worldwide market, there exist millions of tattoo lotions. We know that almost all of you might be confused to select the best lotion for tattoos, right? Here’s another suggestion that we recommend for you - H2Ocean Ocean Care Tattoo Aftercare.

Let’s go into details to see how perfect it is for your tattoos. First of all, H20cean is made from natural ingredients which are rich in such vitamins as E, C, B, and A. That’s why using this lotion helps your tattoos become more nourished and much healthier.

Could you imagine that how helpful it is to protect your tattoo art? Many artists recommend H20cean as one of the best lotions ever because they achieved amazing results in which both the new and existing tattoo never scab and itch at all.

While some lotions cause a greasy condition, thereby clogging pores. But, it is not true for H20cean. So, you don’t have to worry about that. Just remember to apply a proper amount to avoid over moisture.

There is no better product this one because it could not only revitalize, and nourish but also protect your tattoos.

Aftercare without smudging or sticking to your garments and clothing. The quality of your tattoos will always be like brand new with hydrated, brilliant, and fabulous appearance because the existence of up to 82 essential vitamins and elements will function the task successfully.

Another not-to-be-missed benefit that H20cean exclusively produces involves the ability to sooth properties. When you’ve just done a new tattoo, it can be super sensitive to any ingredients as well as products. Hence, choosing a good one with safe ingredients is not a simple task to do. But, you’ve got to solve the math with this lotion. Apply the lotion on that skin area, and it will help to speed up the process of healing with no traces of rashes, intense itching, or even redness.

After a thin application, you can feel it glides so easily on your skin. What’s more, it is not messy or oily, and it goes well for all kinds of tattoos. Don’t hesitate anymore. Just go for it! And it will love your skin so much. Then, you will be the one who takes pride in this best lotion for tattoos.


Safe, natural ingredients which are rich in vitamins and minerals

Don’t smell good because it smells like an expired lotion

Keep your tattoos hydrated, vibrant, and moisturized

Formulated with rich soothing abilities

Be free from fragrance, petroleum, and vegan-friendly

Don’t stick to your clothing or cause greasy residue

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  Tattoos Salve Aftercare Moisturizer Ora’s Amazing Herbal

Tattoos Salve Aftercare Moisturizer Ora’s Amazing Herbal

If you are still looking for the best lotion for tattoos, our fourth recommendation will be Tattoo Salve, Ora’s Amazing Herbal. There are so many wonderful things you can find in this product.

The most interesting thing is that it is designed to function with healing tissues, infections or inflammations. So, one of the most apparent benefits lies in its ability to diminish the risks of infection, related complications, lessen the rates of inflammation as well as damaged tissues.

To do the above task, we need to express thanks to the precious ingredients that had been used to produce this Tattoo Salve. Most outstanding ingredients are grapeseed oil, organic plantain, tee tree, beeswax, organic coconut oil and organic thyme. With the existence of tee tree oil in the ingredient list, its scent is so good that you will feel refreshed when you smell.

If you are still confused in deciding on the best lotion for tattoos, don’t hesitate to put Tattoo Salve in your cart and you will see it is a correct option. We have to praise it for being the greatest tattoo aftercare product ever. As regards its function to heal the tissues, it could do better than other products of the same kind.

As the name Tattoos Salve Aftercare Moisturizer Ora’s Amazing Herbal shows, the product is slowly infused with best organic herbs; and thus, making your tattoos heal quicker. This product will astonish you because it will calm the itch beautifully. Then, the itching will be no longer a disturbing matter for you.

Furthermore, you can put more trust in Tattoo Salve for its ingredient list because this product comes from the world-known family business - Ora's Amazing Herbal which is famous for being socially, environmentally, as well as ethically responsible.

Besides the valuable ingredients which are mentioned above, Tattoos Salve Aftercare Moisturizer Ora’s Amazing Herbal also has gained its ever-increasing fame for not including food coloring, grain, mineral oil, parabens, lanolin, gluten, and synthetic fragrances. So, you can confide in its safety to not to cause any irritation or infection.

While it may take time for some lotions to work for your tattoos, this salve could bring out good result immediately. By applying just a little amount, you could have full coverage. Hence, it is saving and produces no greasy feelings.

Additionally, if the clogged pore is one of your primary concern when making up your mind on the best lotion for tattoos, there is no need to be nervous when using this Tattoo Salve. It never clogs your pores so that the acne problem in or around your tattoos will no longer be a worrying issue now.

Tattoos Salve Aftercare Moisturizer Ora’s Amazing Herbal not only helps to moisturize the skin, speed up the healing process, and alleviate the itching but also maintain the color as when you just got it. When your tattoo skin area have enough essential moisture, vitamins, and nutrients, it will automatically become bright and vibrant. That’s the reason why your tattoo soon gets the original color and shape with cautious care.


Help the tattoo become healthier and brighter

Be not suitable for opened wound

Solve the issue with itching, bruises or even burns of getting a tattoo

Promote the speed of healing processes

Trigger no irritations and complications

Relieve the itching well

Easy to apply

Provide enough moisture with a list of precious and safe ingredients

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Tattoo Goo

Tattoo Goo "The Lotion" with Healix Gold Formula Special

When it comes to picking out the best lotion for tattoos, you often end up feeling confused because it is a difficult situation to choose the one that could solve all the problems. Our five products here are among the best lotion for tattoos as we are supposed to do thorough research to come up with this list. In fact, no product could satisfy all the aspects. It has its pros and cons. But, trust us because we are making our great effort to reach for a product with as fewer drawbacks as possible.

Our final suggestion for you in the way to seeking for the best lotion for tattoos is Tattoo Goo "The Lotion" with Healix Gold Formula Special. This tattoo lotion works both for the new and old tattoo.

It can be said that it is value for money. This stuff does not cost you much, but it still yields stunning results. There is an incredible lotion which will protect your ink from fading or flaking.

Another exciting thing is when you apply the lotion. The texture is so nice that it will penetrate into the skin evenly to provide moisture and vitamins for that tattoo skin area. Therefore, the whole part of skin become as beautiful as when you got it for the first time.

Thanks to numerous nutrients, minerals, and herbs, the longevity and health of your tattoo will be maintained. You will be no longer worry about how faded, and flaked that tattoo is.

As we talked above, the texture of Tattoo Goo "The Lotion" with Healix Gold Formula Special is so light that it does not cause your pores to be clogged. It is also approved by dermatologists for its ability to advance the healing time. So, why don’t go for it immediately to take care your tattoos?


Comprise vitamins to supply moisture for your skin

Some find it uncomfortable to smell the lotion due to its herbal scent

Work well to keep the original shape and color

Keep the tattoo look vibrant and like brand new

Have the ability to repair flakiness

Don’t cause clogged pores

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Best lotion for tattoos: Why is lotion necessary?

Getting a tattoo may be a long process which include the healing process. You should be more aware about this stage because you might suffer from some unexpected risks.

Fore sure, you will want to know HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET A TATTOO. Then, you have to be careful about your tattoo aftercare. If you wonder the length of time for a tattoo to heal, don’t hesitate to click HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR A TATTOO TO HEAL?

Before coming to details what the best lotion for tattoos is, we think that you should understand the importance of lotion in taking care of tattoos, especially the new ones.

Regardless of you are a tattoo veteran or just a tattoo refresher, you need to know how vital lotion is for the healing process of getting a tattoo. Putting lotion on your tattoo not only helps moisturize that skin area but also enables it to heal quicker than using nothing.

Avoid infections and complications

The infection of a tattoo will be not a thing that you could think about. However, it is the truth that it becomes infected easily without proper tattoo aftercare. That’s why it is highly likely to suffer from an infection or even unexpected complications.

Regarding new tattoos, the skin area that you get a tattoo becomes much more sensitive than before. You huge task is to heal it from being affected by outer factors such as bacteria and germs. If you don’t attempt to keep it hygiene, germs will attack the wounds and then cause the severe damage. The key point is that the lotion will protect it from laceration and be irritated by germs and bacteria.

If that tattoo infection is left untreated, the undesirable outcomes will be shocked, organ failure as well as blood poisoning. Hence, keep yourself be committed to the right tattoo aftercare instructions to avoid bad consequences.

For all the above reasons, finding the best lotion for tattoos to become more and more urgent than ever.

Help to nourish the skin

The healing process is always not a simple thing to do. You can take a notice that right after you got a new tattoo, the ink and tattoo shape are still fresh. A good lotion is very helpful in this case because it helps to nourish your skin by providing necessary vitamins and nutrients to promote the healing process

Keep the original tattoo appearance

If you don’t care about it with enough attention as well as caution, it might fade and fake just after you get it for only a short time. Besides the benefits of relieving irritations, infections and complications, lotion functions well to enhance the appearance of tattoos. The colors and shapes maintain as original thank to lotion. And, this aftercare tattoo also prevents it from flaking and fading.

Provide the hydration

When a new tattoo starts its process to heal, it is damaged at first with a quite large open wound. Before that sin area is completely overhauled, it will experience several healing process stages. If the skin is left repaired on its own, the condition of dryness will appear. After that, you could be exposed to itching, bleeding, cracking or even some severe infections.

In this case, lotions will be life-saving to cure your tattoos. The dried skin area becomes hydrated if you use a good lotion and use with meticulous instructions.

Tips to put lotions on tattoos

How much is enough?

After you can choose your best lotion for tattoos, how much you should apply the lotions is also important to keep it look bright. However, there are different types of tattoos, so the way and how often you apply are also different. Read the below to find the answer:

Scabbing tattoo

[1] Scabbing tattoo is one of the kinds of tattoos that many people love. If you do this type of tattoo, you should be careful on how much to apply the lotion even when you finish selecting the best lotion for tattoos.

Applying as much lotion as you can on the tattoo is not always a good thing to do. The amount will be different each time and each situation. When the tattoo starts scabbing, the dryness will appear. Some tattoos scab just slightly, while others could have dense or thick scabs.

With the thick scabs, you should put much lotion right after cleaning or showering because the wet scabs will absorb much moisture than the normal condition. Why are dense scabs so absorbent? It is because scabs absorb moisture easily and the moisture will be prevented from evaporating.

In case, your scabbing tattoos become dry and you can feel like it is going to crack, you should wait until it is entirely dry before putting a proper amount of lotion.

Peeling tattoo

A peeling tattoo needs a frequent lotion application to alleviate the itching. Like scabbing tattoos, you should only put the lotion when that tattoo skin area is completely dry. Then, you apply a thin layer first, and not too much at the same time [1].

When to apply the lotion [2]?

Do you know that you will get no positive result even when you elect the best lotion for tattoos, but you don’t know when to apply it? So, you at least should understand the time to put the lotion correctly to stay away from infections and irritations.

Sometimes, people with a tattoo prefer using aquaphor to applying lotions. But, they are still confused about how good or bad aquaphor is. Find your answers here IS AQUAPHOR GOOD FOR TATTOOS.

As suggested by the artist, you should wash the tattoos three times per day. After each washing or cleaning, that skin area will become dry. At that time, lotion will be a help. Hence, you should immediately provide moisture for tattoos when you feel any dryness.

In the morning

In the morning, it is also vital to moisturize the tattoos. The only reason is that your tattoo becomes dehydrated after a sleep. Then, you’ll feel uneasy when it lacks of hydration and moisture. Wash it in the morning and put the lotion after that.

In the evening

Like the application in the morning, you should also take care of your tattoo before you go to sleep. Clean the tattoo and apply a thin layer of lotion to keep it hydrated.

In the midday

How’s about midday? Is it necessary to maintain moisture during the midday? The answer is yes. After finding your best lotion for tattoos, besides applying in the morning and evening, remember to take an interest of it at the midday. Still, you need to have your tattoos washed before the application.

Frequently-asked questions

1. What is the aftercare instructions when you have just got a new tattoo?

The aftercare of tattoos is very important to keep them like brand new. Plus, a suitable care will protect your arts from infections and damages. Let’s see below what the aftercare instruction is:

  • Use mild soap and hot water to clean your tattoo (In this matter, you should also know how to shower after getting a tattoo. The article SHOWERING WITH NEW TATTOO is for you)
  • Allow it to be completely dry by using clean towel
  • Apply the lotion to provide moisture for your tattoos
  • During the first night, remember to wrap up your tattoo with a clean bandage or paper towels. Avoid doing too loose to keep the bandage in place
  • Wash the bandage first with warm water, then wash your tattoo directly
  • Continue the washing process three times per day. You should repeat this process for three days
  • For the next two weeks, you should use a lighter and milder lotion without scent for your tattoos
  • Protect your tattoos from the direct sunlight or drowning in the water

2. How long does it take to heal after getting a tattoo?

This is one of the most common questions for many people who have got a new tattoos. They often wonder about the length of time it might take for a tattoo to heal completely. The answer is within two to three weeks. But, this period does not work the same for everybody because each has different immune systems as well as distinct skin properties. So, different people will have different healing time.

If you want your tattoos to heal quickly, there is no better than follow the artist’s strict guidance as well as go for the best lotion for tattoos to keep it healthy and vibrant.

Also, you should stay away from alcohols and unhealthy drinks. To know more about this issue, click CAN YOU DRINK AFTER GETTING A TATTOO?

3. Is a tattoo easily infected?

In fact, tattoos are becoming more and more popular. As reported, almost all of the Americans got one or even more than a tattoo. So, because of this popularity, most people are not well aware of the possible risks that you can take when getting a tattoo. One of the risk is to get infection if you don’t choose a good store to do your tattoo, and you have no meticulous plan for the tattoo aftercare.

The aftercare of getting a tattoo is not always easy. If you don’t pay more attention to it, infections are unavoidable. So, WORKING OUT AFTER TATTOO and HOW TO SLEEP WITH A NEW TATTOO are important things to know to protect your tattoo from damage and infection.

In short, you are easily get infected without a proper care. Because a new tattoo has an opened wound, it is vulnerable to any germs and bacteria. If you are going to have a tattoo, you should at least know some infection symptoms which can happen to you.


The skin area around the place you do your tattoo is often red. The most apparent sign to know it is an infection or not is that you will notice thin red lines which spread out from the tattoo. In this case, you should visit your doctor right away to avoid dangerous complications.


 Besides redness, an extended pain between three and five days is also a sign of an infection. If you feel a sharp pain within the tattoo itself, the high likelihood is that you are going to experience the infection.


 For any kind of infections, blistering is always an easily-noticed symptom and likewise for the tattoo infection. Blistering of a tattoo often appears on the tattoo top. When you find your tattoo bubbly with sudden redness, it must have been a blister.


 When your tattoo is infected, it will give off bad odor or smell. If you have this, then you possibly get an infection. 

Quiz Time!

Which is the best lotion for tattoos?

All in all, finding the best lotion for tattoos is not always a simple task to do. You should know your tattoo condition so well, then you need to equip yourself with necessary product information to opt for a suitable one.

With our list of five best lotion for tattoos and some extra information about tattoo aftercare, you can now broaden your knowledge and take care of your tattoos on your own. In case, you are still confused among these five products, and ask us which the best lotion for tattoos is, we will feel no hesitation to take the name of HUSTLE BUTTER DELUXE.

Why do we choose it? Because we discover so many benefits that it can bring about to both heal and take care of your tattoos. Also, the drawbacks of this lotion do not affect your tattoo seriously as other lotions do.

In short, HUSTLE BUTTER DELUXE is so friendly to our new or existing tattoos. Thanks to this lotion, the healing process will become faster than ever. Specifically, you will feel no irritation or itching at all. HUSTLE BUTTER DELUXE, with no doubt, will do it for you.

Moreover, it also supplies enough moisture to keep the as brilliant and healthy as the first time you got it. Sometimes you might be afraid of a sad fact that using a new lotion might cause allergies. However, HUSTLE BUTTER DELUXE won’t do this. You can feel safe to use it without worrying about getting redness, blistering, or extreme pain.

The other four lotions are also ranked best choices. One can be suitable for a person, but might not work at its best for others. So, you are still the person who should weigh the pros and cons of each product to find out the best lotion for tattoos.

We hope you could enjoy our piece of the article as much as possible. If you love it and find it helpful, you can spread the words to others by hitting LIKE and SHARE so that others could know. Furthermore, please feel free to leave any comments or questions. We will feel so happy to hear your opinions.

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