What Are The Best Laxatives For Weight Loss You Can Buy Online?

March 28, 2018

Jelly Bell

What Are The Best Laxatives For Weight Loss You Can Buy Online?

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One of the best ways to start getting healthy is losing weight. Now there are plenty of things you can try, like cycling, going to the gym, practicing martial arts, or any sort of physical activity that can cause you to burn fat. But what if you’re not just cut out for the grind? If you prefer a plan that’s more laid back, then you’re doing yourself right by looking for the best laxatives for weight loss!

Though laxatives aren’t really made for weight loss, they’re great for attaining a healthier body. Contrary to popular belief, the best laxatives for weight loss are actually for detoxification. Surprised to find out about this? Well, just take a look at what we have prepared for you below! You’ll surely learn lots of new and useful stuff about using laxatives to get in better shape.

What Are The Best Laxatives For Weight Loss?

Laxatives are no new thing, and almost all kinds of laxatives can cause some form of weight loss. So to find the best laxatives for weight loss, we looked for the most positively reviewed products on the market today. But that’s not all we did. Since there could only be one “the best,” we sifted through the top 5 products we found and we tested them for ourselves.

Sure lots of people already said that the products they deem to be the best laxatives for weight loss worked great, but we want to see things for ourselves. How else could we give you real and honest reviews?

Before anything else though, allow us to familiarize you with the top 5 best laxatives for weight loss that we’ve found. Take a look at this short table and learn all kinds of basic information about these products including their features, amount, and brands. Knowing about these pieces of information will let you remember the highlights of each product faster and more accurately. 

Best Laxatives For Weight Loss Reviews

Alright! Now that you’re all familiar with the products we are considering to be the best laxatives for weight loss, it’s now time to get to the nitty-gritty details. In this section of the article, we will discuss everything about each product including their pros and cons, what you could expect from them, and why people bought them.

Try not to skip out on this section because it can truly help you find the best laxatives for weight loss. Don’t be like those people who don’t bother finding out more about the products they’re about to buy. It is those kinds of people who usually end up being unhappy customers. So if you want to save yourself the hassles of asking for returns or refunds, just stick to the program. Don’t worry, we try to make our reviews as entertaining and informative as possible.

So before we get moving, here’s a little backstory about our testing. We looked for several testers who are currently experiencing irregular bowel movements and we asked each of them to choose one product to test. For accurate results, we had every tester start using the products at the same time. Here are the results we have found about the best laxatives for weight loss!


Dr. Tobias Colon: 14 Day Quick Cleanse

Dr. Tobias Colon: 14 Day Quick Cleanse

The Dr. Tobias Colon 14 day quick cleanse is one of those best laxatives for weight loss that may seem too good to be true. The product description says it works really fast and that you can see great results within only two weeks. Plenty of people who used it also said the same thing, but we just had to try it ourselves to find out if everything we heard about this product is actually true.

The first thing we liked about this product is how it came in the mail looking exactly like it did online. Once we got the product on our hands we took to the label to find out what’s in it. The label itself was like something out of a health and wellness magazine. It was very legible and it clearly stated what kind of ingredients this product was made of.

According to its label, this product was made from all natural ingredients and it features aloe vera, senna leaves, flax seed powder, psyllium husk, and cascara sagrada. We’re just starting with this product and we already love what we saw. In case you’re not aware, the ingredients we just mentioned are popular for maintaining a healthy colon and liver. They’re basically what you’d want to find in your laxative supplement.

Now comes the actual testing. We had two testers start taking this product at the same time. One tester took 1 capsule per day and the other took 2. During the first day of testing, both testers said they immediately felt its effects as their need to go to the restroom dramatically increased. One tester even said she always carried a roll of tissue paper with her during the whole testing period. A wise decision, after all, you wouldn’t want to be asking a stranger for a tissue when you’re going number two right?

To our surprise, one of the testers already experienced noticeable weight loss effects within six days. The second tester was sort of a late bloomer since she didn’t experience weight loss until the 12th day. After two weeks of testing, we were very impressed with the results. Both testers we less bloated and started having regular bowel movements for the following week.

When asked about what’s the worst thing they experience about the product, one of the testers said she made the mistake of not drinking enough water throughout the day during testing, which lead to a somewhat painful bowel movement. It felt like she was giving birth jokes. The second tester on the other hand only reported having minor stomach cramps just before she needed to go to the bathroom.

After two weeks of testing, we were really happy to find such a product that actually holds up to its promise. If you’re looking to get less bloated within two weeks or if you want a quick colon to cleanse, this product will certainly give you your money’s worth. Just be sure to drink a lot of water and to keep toilet paper with you at all times to avoid painful bowel movements and embarrassing situations at the restroom!


Works really fast (you can see results within 1 week)

Can cause minor stomach cramps

Promotes regular bowel movements

Can cause painful bowel movements if you don’t drink enough water

Is made from natural ingredients

Only comes with 28 capsules per bottle

Detoxifies body

Can work great for weight loss

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Take a look at this video if you want to learn more about why Dr. Tobias Colon 14-day Quick Cleanse is one of the best laxatives for weight loss: 


EnClare 15-Day Colon Cleansing Detox

EnClare 15-Day Colon Cleansing Detox

Another laxative that we have stumbled upon during our search for the best laxatives for weight loss is EnClare’s 15-day colon cleansing detox. We chose to review this product because aside from the fact that it garnered lots of positive reviews, it’s also another product that promises results for approximately two weeks.

Just like the Dr. Tobias laxative, it also came with a nice label that’s very easy to understand and read, it’s very unlike those labels that are filled with medical terms that you wouldn’t understand unless you had a doctor’s degree. According to the label, this laxative is made in the USA, is FDA approved, and is made with Cascara Sagrada & Psyllium Husk.

At the beginning of the test, one of our testers wanted to take in two capsules per day because he really wanted to lose weight, but according to the label, you should only take 1 capsule per day for 15 days. Just to be safe, we had our testers follow the instructions during testing.

During the first three days, both our testers said they experience minor and severe stomach cramps. One of the testers even said he wasn’t able to get out of bed for a while because of the pain. We suspect it could be because of his unhealthy diet. After all, he’s been eating fast food burgers for lunch every day before testing. Days went on and both testers only found the need to go to the restroom once a day. But during the second week, the laxative may have worked in full effect for both of them took more restrooms trips per day.

After the 15 days have passed, we didn’t really notice any massive weight loss. But both testers did look less bloated. One tester lost approximately 2 pounds within 15 days. On the upside, they did experience regular bowel movements after the testing period.

So what’s our verdict? Well, since it didn’t really cause any weight loss for one of our testers, we couldn’t really say if this product is the best laxative for weight loss. It also took longer than the Dr. Tobias laxative to work. We were also unhappy with the severe stomach cramps that took part in the first few days.

Nonetheless, this product did make one of our testers shed a few pounds. This could mean that it may work the same for you. One thing you could count on is less bloating. It also comes with enough capsules to have you going on a detox for two months. Just remember to only take one capsule a day for 15 days, and take the rest of the capsules after a month.


Can make you lose a few pounds

Doesn’t cause significant weight loss

Can reduce bloating

Can cause continuous stomach cramps

Comes with a money back guarantee

Can cause diarrhea for some people

You don’t have to take multiple capsules a day

Can regulate bowel movements

Is good for constipation

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Health Plus Super Colon Cleanse

Health Plus Super Colon Cleanse

Health Plus Super Colon Cleanse may not have the most appealing name in the market, but it sure did gather lots of positive reviews from its users to be considered as one of the best laxatives for weight loss. We only say that it doesn't have the most appealing name since it’s kind of scary to hear the words Super and Colon together. Sounds like you may have to drop major bombs in the restroom if you know what we mean.

Apparently, Health Plus didn’t hold back when it came to healthy ingredients as this laxative was made with good bacteria, papaya leaves, celery seeds, senna leaves, barberry root, fennel seeds, and peppermint leaves. All of which is said to benefit colon and digestive health.

To start of testing this product, we had our testers take in a total of 12 capsules every day. 4 capsules in the day, another 4 midday, and 4 more during night time. They did this for 10 days straight. We know what you’re thinking, 12 capsules a day? That’s way too much! We thought so too. It can be quite of a hassle to take in 4 capsules at a time especially for some people who experience difficulty when swallowing capsules.

Though the dosage is a huge downside from our perspective, it’s good to know that you can take this product in powder form. We highly suggest you do as it will be less of a hassle to do. In powder form, you can simply mix it in with a beverage and just drink up.

When it came down to testing, both our testers said they’ve experienced severe stomach cramps for the first six days. One even experiences a bit of diarrhea for a while. Another downside, from our perspective. On the upside, the results were very impressive as one of them lost 9 pounds within 10 days and the other lost about 5 pounds. This stuff really works, but you’d have to go through excruciating stomach pain to lose that amount of weight. We also can’t promise that the results would be the same if you took this in powder form since we tested the capsules.

So is this product worth the buy? Well, it would depend on your pain tolerance we suppose. If you can endure a 6-day stomach cramp session, 12 capsules a day, want to lose 5 up to 9 pounds within 10 days, we say go for it. This might be the best laxatives for weight loss for yourself.


Is great for losing weight

Causes really bad stomach cramps for almost 1 week straight

Is made with lots of essential nourishing herbs

You need to take a lot of capsules within the day

Comes with a money back guarantee

Can cause diarrhea for some

Comes in capsule and powder form

Can be mixed into beverages

Can rid your body of toxins

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Check out this quick video review to learn more about how this product became one of the best laxatives for weight loss today: 


Kirkland LaxaClear

Kirkland LaxaClear

Ah, Kirkland! If you’re not familiar with supplements, Kirkland is a pretty prominent name in the supplement industry. Maybe that’s the reason why a huge number of people say this is one of the best laxatives for weight loss? Kirkland LaxaClear’s laxative is a great product for people who aren’t a fan of capsules because it comes in a powdered form.

The testers for this product had the easiest time ingesting this product since it practically goes with any kind of beverage as it’s label says. We had two testers follow the instructions for this product when it came to the dosage. Something that makes this product stand out from the best laxatives for weight loss is its lid that comes with measuring lines that can help you get the perfect dosage for a glass of your preferred beverage.

Upon testing, one of our testers was disappointed because he wanted to stir it in his morning juice. Turns out, this product doesn’t mix well with cool beverages. As for our second tester, he found that this laxative stirs in very well to warm beverages. It also didn’t feel gritty after he mixed it in with his drink. As they drank in Kirkland LaxaClear, they both experienced an unpleasant taste in their mouths. The bad taste even lingered after they took the whole drink. This is an unfortunate downside says both our testers since it made them dislike drinking it, but it is still bearable at the least.

After two weeks of use, both our testers didn’t really experience any significant weight loss. Both of them, however, had reduced bloating. Perhaps the main effect of this product is how it made them have better regular bowel movements within only a couple days of use. They also noticed that it was easier for them to pass stool once they started taking this product in.

Now, this product may not be the best laxatives for weight loss, but it did still cause good results. It can reduce bloating and it effectively regulates a healthy colon. You may have to get used to its bad taste though.


Comes from a well-known brand

Has a bad taste

Can soften stool

The bad taste lingers in the mouth

Can be taken with any beverage

It’s not really the best choice for weight loss because it only gets rid of water weight

Is easy to ingest

Is affordable

Can reduce bloating

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Ultra Detox Tea

Ultra Detox Tea

If you thought the best laxatives for weight loss only come in the form of capsules and powders, then you’re badly mistaken. Laxatives can also come in the form of beverages and foods. This ultra detox tea for one is said to do wonders for the colon. It’s very easy to take in and it offers practically the same thing as laxative supplements do. Well, that’s what it labels says at least.

The fact that we are way beyond positive reviews from other people also means that we won’t take any label’s word for it either. That’s why we also had a pair of testers try this product out to prove whether this is truly deserving to be called best laxatives for weight loss. Just like all the products in this list, this ultra detox tea was also made with a number of healthy ingredients including green tea and senna leaves. Both of which happen to aid in weight loss.

As we began testing, we had our testers drink 2 cups of this tea for a total of 10 days. One tester drank during the day and the evening, the other took two cups at night. Both said that the tea had a great flavor and it doesn’t feel any different than any other kind of tea you get at supermarkets.

After 10 days of testing, both testers didn’t achieve any noticeable form of weight loss. They did, however, get less bloated. It was a very mild laxative with a strong taste according to them both. They also experienced better bowel movements even after the testing period. One thing we did notice all throughout the 10-day testing period is that taking it at night will help you gain faster results.

So is this the best laxatives for weight loss? We don’t really think so. You may lose some weight, but that’s only water weight. You’re not really losing weight because of fat loss. Nonetheless, it’s still a great laxative that can help you detoxify your body of nasty toxins. Another downside to this product is that it also causes stomach cramps for the first few days.


Reduces bloating

Is not very easy to swallow

Is good for constipation

Can cause stomach cramps

Is a mild laxative

Doesn’t get rid of fats

Has good flavor

Is great for detoxification

Is made with green tea

Check Current Price

Read This Part To Learn More About Laxatives!

Already found have your pick of the bunch? If not, stay around for a little while and see which is truly the best laxatives for weight loss that you can buy online. But before we get to the end, allow us to give you some extra insight about laxatives.

This section will be filled with all sorts of useful information that can help you get the most out of the best laxatives for weight loss. You’ll even find out about other kinds of natural laxatives, how laxative work, what are their side effects, how long do they take to work, and so much more.

Try and take a look at these basic pieces of information below and see what else there is to learn about laxatives. 

What Are Laxatives?

So what exactly are laxatives? Are they for detoxification? Weight loss? Or constipation? Well, the true answer is laxatives are made entirely to aid in constipation. Other effects of laxatives including detoxification and weight loss are merely side effects of healthy regular bowel movements and cleaner colons.

Though laxatives only serve a single purpose, it doesn’t come in a single form. You can find the best laxatives for weight loss in the form of tablets, pills, capsules, liquids, foods, gums, suppositories, enemas, and even fresh foods. 

What Do Laxatives Do And How Do Laxatives Work?

Now not all laxatives are created the same. Though they were developed as a solution to constipation, laxatives don’t all work alike. For you to find out how laxatives work, you must first be familiar with the different kinds of laxatives [1] there are.

Right now, there are 5 kinds of laxatives including bulking agents, lubricant laxatives, emollient laxatives, stimulant laxatives, and osmotic and hyperosmolar laxatives. Each of these laxatives works in a different way, which means their effects are different from one another. 

Bulking agents

Bulking agents for one helps make it easier for your body to pass stool by increasing the bulk and the water content of the stool. Laxatives like these usually take 12 hours to 3 days to take effect.

Lubricant laxatives 

Lubricant laxatives, on the other hand, works within 6 up to 8 hours and helps make your stool become more slippery so that it came move more quickly through your intestinal tract. 

Emollient laxatives

Emollient laxatives, on the other hand, are for softening up the stool. It works by allowing water and fats to enter the stool. Just like bulking agents, emollient laxatives also take 12 up to 3 days to work.

Stimulant laxatives

Another kind of laxative that helps your body pass stool easier are stimulant laxatives. Unlike other laxatives, stimulant laxatives don’t actually affect the consistency of the stool. It does, however, trigger the intestinal tracts to push your stool further.

Osmotic and hyperosmolar laxatives

Last but not the least, is the osmotic and hyperosmolar laxatives. This laxative hits two birds with one stone. Within 30 minutes up to 6 hours, it can start to change the consistency of the stool and make the intestine more lubricated by drawing out fluids from tissues around your intestines to make the stool softer and much more easier to pass.

How To Use Laxatives To Lose Weight?

Though this article is a guide for finding the best laxatives for weight loss, we would like to remind you that laxatives are meant for constipation and digestive issues. Weight loss is just a side effect of the regular bowel movements caused by laxatives.

Another common misconception about best laxatives for weight loss is that they can help you lose weight for good. In reality, your body is only getting less bloated. You’re just losing the water weight, this means laxatives don’t actually cause weight loss due to fat loss.

If you truly want to lose weight, you may want to start out with detoxifying your body with the best laxatives for weight loss and pursue healthier diets to keep your body in perfect shape. Remember, using laxatives for weight loss [2] is not the best thing to do, especially since it can disrupt already healthy digestive systems. 

How Long Does It Take For Laxatives To Work?

As we’ve mentioned above, laxatives aren’t made the same. The amount of time it would take for the laxative to work would highly depend on what kind of laxative it is.

Bulking agents can take anywhere from 12 hours up to 3 days [3], just like any other fiber supplement. Stimulant laxatives, on the other hand, can take as quick as 6 up to 12 hours. As for emollient laxatives, they’re just like bulking agents that can take 12 hours up to 3 days.

Other things could also affect the amount of time it would take for laxatives to work. Your diet and digestive health can also significantly affect how and when the laxatives could affect your stool. 

When Is The Best Time To Take A Laxative?

During testing of the best laxatives for weight loss, we never really noticed any significant changes in results based on when our testers took their laxatives. However, the most convenient time to take laxatives would be in the evening, just before going to bed. Taking laxatives before bedtime usually gives the body enough time to digest the laxative.

Next thing you know, the effects will start kicking in just before you start your day. But this doesn’t mean taking laxatives during the night is the best for everyone. We still suggest you go and experiment on your own. See what kind of schedule fits your body and your lifestyle.

What Are The Side Effects Of Laxative Abuse?

Laxatives may do good for the body, but take too much and you’re bound to experience bad health issues. Laxative abuse occurs when you take huge doses of laxatives in a very frequent manner. You may think that taking laxatives every day for more than two weeks can help you lose a lot of weight quickly, but what you’re actually doing is opening up your body to dangerous risks.

If you take laxatives too much, you may experience dangerous health issues [4] like mineral and electrolyte imbalance, chronic constipation, colon cancer, internal organ damage, laxative dependence, and severe dehydration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have more questions boggling around your head? Don’t worry, we got you! Just to complete this whole guide to finding the best laxatives for weight loss, we decided to compile and answer all the frequently asked questions we found regarding laxatives.

Take a look at these questions below and learn more about the different effects of laxatives on your body.

Do Laxatives Make Your Stomach Hurt?

You may have noticed how most of our testers experience minor to severe stomach cramps when they started taking laxatives. Stomach cramps are relatively a normal side effect of laxatives, so yes, laxatives will make your stomach hurt.

Furthermore, abuse and overuse of laxatives can also lead to discomfort in the abdomen because of bloating, nausea, and diarrhea. Other more serious effects of laxatives that can lead to stomach pain are bowel obstructions and appendicitis [5].

How Long Does It Take For Magnesium Citrate To Work?

Magnesium citrate is often used for increasing fluid in the small intestine to make it easier for your body to pass the stool. It usually takes effect within 30 minutes up to 3 hours [6].

What Are Foods That Work As Laxatives?

There are lots of natural laxatives [7] that you can find in supermarkets today. Some of the most effective laxatives in food form are aloe vera, chia seeds, flax seeds, leafy vegetables, probiotic foods such as yogurts, berries, pears, prunes, apples, figs, and other high fiber fruits, and coconut water. Laxatives can also come in the form of coffees and teas. 

Is It Bad To Take Laxatives every day?

Laxatives can be safe to use every day if ingested in low dosages. However, as a good rule of thumb, don’t try to take in laxatives for more than 15 consecutive days. Taking in laxatives too frequently, especially strong ones, can make your bowels lose its capability to contract. This basically translates to diarrhea. 

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What Is The Best Laxative To Lose Weight?

Here we are! Already chose which one is the best laxative for weight loss? If not, allow us to show you the winner we picked for this roundup.

After weeks of testing, days of stomach cramps, and regular bowel movements, we are now able to determine which is truly the best laxatives for weight loss. We identified the winner based on what our testers experienced, how fast the laxatives took effect, their pros, cons, and price.

After careful deliberation, we have found that the product that offers the best laxatives for weight loss is no other than the DR.TOBIAS 14-DAY QUICK CLEANSE. The main thing that made us choose this product over the others is the fact that it didn’t cause severe stomach cramps. We figured that if you’re already having digestion problems, one thing you would want is less stomach pain right? That’s exactly what you would get from the DR.TOBIAS 14-DAY QUICK CLEANSE.

We also loved how it has enough capsules to make for 2 cleansing sessions spread over 3 or 4 months, assuming that you take the 14-day quick cleanse once every 1 to 2 months. Moreover, the capsules were very easy to swallow, had no funny tastes, and worked like a charm for debloating and weight loss.

Without a doubt, DR.TOBIAS 14-DAY QUICK CLEANSE will help you get one step closer to having regular bowel movements, a healthier digestive system, and a less bloated body without having you go through excruciating stomach pains. It truly is the best laxatives for weight loss. We haven’t even mentioned how much more affordable this product is as opposed to other products that are said to be the best laxatives for weight loss in the market.

Well there you go, a complete guide to finding the best laxatives for weight loss! We hope you learned a lot from this article and we surely wish you enjoyed reading it. For more reviews about other kinds of supplements, beauty products, and products for beauty and wellness, feel free to look around our blog. Oh! And don’t forget to show us your love by sharing this article with your friends and family! Thanks and see you around!

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