What Is The Best Iron Supplement For Anemia Without Constipation?

January 31, 2018

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What Is The Best Iron Supplement For Anemia Without Constipation?

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Nowadays, iron deficiency is a worrying matter for tons of people. Due to a lack of iron, we often experience anemia. But, using the iron supplement to treat anemia may make you get constipation. So, how to find out the best iron supplement for anemia without constipation is always a hot topic of health debates.

When it comes to using the iron supplement to combat anemia, it exists one drawback which involves constipation. Iron is considered hard stuff which is hard to digest. So many people take in iron to fight against anemia; unfortunately, they get constipation. We understand your concern; hence, we are a making great attempt to come up with a list of the best iron supplement for anemia without constipation.

Let’s get straight to the point and explore our below list to avoid anemia without getting constipation.

What is the best iron supplement for anemia without constipation?

When there is not enough blood to provide the whole body, it means that your blood cells require iron. Without it, you might suffer from some unexpected diseases, including anemia. Therefore, an iron supplement is always the best treatment for anemia.

The condition of lacking iron can result in undesirable outcomes. The most obvious one is that it prevents our body from producing hemoglobin, while hemoglobin is vital to help our red blood cells deliver oxygen from lung to every organism and tissue.

The iron is a necessary part of our body. We need oxygen to function our lives, and iron will do that for us. It carries oxygen to every cell and helps us with the metabolism of other nutrients. So, when people have less time to prepare meals with enough iron from food, they can vote for an alternative called the iron supplement.

For different purposes and interests, they can choose LIQUID IRON SUPPLEMENT or other types. Regardless of what kind they select, the ones with little side effects are always prioritized.

[1] Recent statistic has revealed that people in developing and developed countries are facing severe iron deficiency. And, most anemia treatments come with some side effects, mostly with constipation. This is the reason why some other iron forms have been investigated to minimize the constipation rates. To speak frankly, these iron supplement can only reduce, NOT treat constipation entirely.

It is a fact that most iron supplements for anemia lead to constipation, so finding a good one that can both address anemia and constipation is never easy. There are specific elements that will help you decide on the best supplement for anemia without constipation.

If you are aware of your body’s iron deficiency, among several TYPES OF IRON SUPPLEMENTS, we’re here to help you find BEST IRON SUPPLEMENT to create a balanced and healthy body.

Don’t just find an iron supplement that only deals with anemia because you will face constipation. And, the truth is that constipation is worrisome too. Then, you have to find another supplement to solve your constipation. It’s time-consuming and irritating.

After thorough research, we’ve listed out needed criteria to assist you in looking for what the best iron supplement for anemia without constipation is.

The elements to be considered when picking the iron supplement are as below:

  • The product should be efficient. After a short time of using the iron supplement, you should change to another one if you get no improvement.
  • Choose iron tablets which contain vitamin C. Thanks to the unique function of boosting the iron absorption; vitamin C is highly appreciated. We recommended that you should take your iron tablets by prioritizing a vitamin C supplement or orange juices.
  • Iron supplement with ferrous gluconate instead of ferrous sulfate is a good choice. While ferrous sulfate seems hard to be absorbed, gluconate tends to be much gentle. It is easily recognized by our body; thereby, minimizing the digestive complaints, especially constipation.
  • You should stick to a gentle iron supplement
    That iron supplement should avoid side effects which might cause several stomach issues, including constipation.

You might not be interested in going out to buy some iron supplement. Plus, you’re confused because there are too many products on the market or even you find it difficult to find the best iron supplement for anemia without constipation.

Don’t worry! We’re willing to provide our top iron supplements.

First, have a look at the comparable table below to have a brief understanding of our five products!

Best iron supplement for anemia without constipation reviews

Have you chosen the best iron supplement for anemia without constipation for your interest? Still, we think you should have a look at our reviews. There are so much to know about these products. Maybe, you will then find a better one for you and choose the one which fit your current health condition. Don’t ignore!

We are sure to supply most detailed product information after our meticulous research. Then, you can learn a lot from them. Each will include details, accompanied by pros and cons. These best iron supplement for anemia without constipation are top-rated and most-chosen products by customers in the market.

By understanding and weighing its pros and cons, you may change your mind and shift to the better one. Hence, you can be a wise customer to choose by yourself. Now, take your time to look at our review and pick out your favorite one.


21st Century Slow Release Iron Tablets – Best iron supplement for anemia without constipation

21st Century Slow Release Iron Tablets – Best iron supplement for anemia without constipation

To say a few things about this well-known and prestigious brand, 21st Century takes pride in itself for manufacturing best products for the worldwide market with a vast consumption annually. When mentioning about this brand, we cannot forget the name 21st Century Slow Release Iron which is cited as the best iron supplement anemia without constipation.

With a reputation for an fantastic product at the best value, 21st Century Slow Release Iron had been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Thanks to millions of benefits it brings to our health, there is no more hesitate to add it to your supplement list.

21st Century Slow Release Iron Tablets does an excellent job in treating anemia and provides enough iron for blood cells. Moreover, you’ll never need to worry that you’re going to get constipated because this iron supplement is specifically designed to be gentle to your system.

Formulated with no added yeast, sugar, salts, colors, preservatives as well as artificial flavors, it works very safely for those with anemia to use. It is simple to identify great ingredients: iron in the formulation of dried ferrous sulfate, stearic acid, cellulose, and so on. Consequently, the product brings about quickest results for users.

Whenever anemia attacks you, regardless of when you’re in pregnant period or other health conditions, this iron supplement, with no doubt, will be your life saver. It functions perfectly to boost you up when you’re running out of energy.

Since it is slow release, it will never cause nausea. Therefore, if nausea is one of the things to consider, 21st Century Slow Release Iron would be a great selection.

A lot of surprising results to be recorded showed that those with anemia recover quicker when using the 21st Century than other iron tablets. It works so well that low iron level of the body and blood cells will return to normal range. As long as you have enough iron, you will be no longer anemic, and you have much energy for the whole day.

Additionally, this best iron supplement for anemia without constipation, as its name reveals, does not make you get constipated. You’ll feel better when taking these pills which do not lead to any stomach discomfort. Furthermore, compared to other tablets, you get fewer side effects.

You should know that this product is a bio-available form of iron. It comes with ferrous glycinate form which is considered to be a gentle iron form. [4] When you absorb the iron supplement in the ferrous glycinate form, you can take in more iron than traditional iron forms. Therefore, it is unlikely to disturb your digestion process. The result will be no constipation can be noticed.

Admittedly, a small pill generates giant effectiveness. With this Slow Release Iron, no constipation has been noticed, and normal range of iron has been achieved.


A good iron supplement at a reasonable price

Contain a quite high acid, still hurt too sensitive stomach

Support normal red blood cell production

Only minor side effects to be recorded, not including constipation

Provide abundant energy boost

Cause no stomach upset or irritation

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Feosol Iron Supplement

Feosol Iron Supplement

Our second rank belongs to the Feosol Iron Supplement. For a long time, Feosol has gained its ever-increasing credit to be the most-recommended iron supplement which is highly suggested by clinicians. What’s more, it has come to light to be a bonus point in which constipation is not caused by using the pill.

First and foremost, it worth mentioning to this number one brand – The Feosol. This brand has been believably used by millions of customers. Also, it has become a trusted brand recommended by doctors and pharmacists for years.

If your body doesn’t have enough iron, Feosol Original Iron Supplement is here to help you. Each tablet possesses up to 325 mg of ferrous sulfate which is approximately 65 mg of iron. As advertised, it works well for anemic people. With a considerable amount of iron included in each tablet, you can take in enough nutrients for the body to become more energetic.

When it comes to selecting an iron supplement that is easy to digest, there is nothing better than Feosol Original Iron Supplement. It is designed with an averagely sized tablet. You’ll find no difficulty to swallow each pill. Even when you use it with an empty stomach, the supplement does cause no gastrointestinal upset or reaction


Probably, Feosol Original Iron Supplement is born to be gentle to your stomach. Hence, there’s no need to worry that it’ll hurt yours or causes any nasty side effects.

While some other iron supplement can result in constipation as iron is often hard to digest, the one from Feosol is NOT on that list. Well, and no nausea at all. After several weeks of usage, you can take a blood test, and you’ll be taken aback by a boost in your iron range. That’s why it has become the best iron supplement for anemia without constipation.


Come with suitably sized tablet to swallow easily

Contain two ingredients, including lactose and sorbitol. These might upset sensitive gastrointestinal system

Come with no noticeable taste

Be more a little expensive than other iron supplements

Address anemia perfectly, but cause no constipation or nausea

Increase your appetite and boost the absorption capacity

Bring users fastest efficiency ever

Provide an adequate iron amount which is approved and preferred by doctors and pharmacists

· Designed with compact packages

Come with a suitable shelf-life, so you don’t have to worry much about its soon expiration

Not only works perfectly for those with anemia but also enable nails to become stronger and firmer

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Ferro-Sequels 65 Mg 100 Caplets

Ferro-Sequels 65 Mg 100 Caplets

Ferro-Sequels 65 Mg 100 Caplets is so far one of the best iron supplement for anemia without constipation. If you are chronic-lifelong anemic, don’t miss the chance to give this product a try. It’s so excellent that you’ll love it for a lifetime because its outstanding function to provide you with energy, help you get over from anemia without getting constipated r burped.

When your iron level is low, you will encounter fatigue, unusual heartbeat, pale skin, insomnia, dizziness and so on. This is the time you should take in iron supplement immediately to recover quickly and make your body return the original iron level. If nothing is done, there are possibly more dangerous health problems.

Keep aside a pill of Ferro-Sequels 65 Mg 100 Caplets, and it will be in need when you need. One of the most remarkable features of this product lies in its ability to distribute iron slowly and evenly; thereby, each organism and tissue could absorb maximum.

If constipation when using iron supplement is one of your concern, taking in pills of Ferro-Sequels 65 Mg 100 Caplets would be an exception. The producer claims that it possesses only a small amount of sodium. As a result, iron deficiency is treated efficiently and gently.

This brand will be your preference. You might have tried several slow release iron brands, but nothing satisfied you. Take no hesitation to take these useful pills to combat your persistent anemia. Formulated in a pretty size, Ferro-Sequels improve the iron level in your blood as soon as possible. You can attain astonishing results within a week.

As regards its direction, there is one thing to bear in mind that accidental overdose can be a cause of fatal poisoning in children who are under 6. So, be careful when you treat anemia for your children.

For adults, it is advised to take one or two tablets. If you are in the period of pregnancy, you should consult your healthcare provider or doctor before using them.


Contain vitamin C that helps to advance bioavailability

It is more expensive than other tablets of the same type

Be gentle to your stomach and cause no constipation or any other irritation

Provide great amount of energy

Treat anemia quickly

Swallow easily with the nice size

Do not make your teeth be colored, which is likely to happen when you depend on the liquid iron option.

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	Nature Made Iron 65 mg

Nature Made Iron 65 mg

Not everyone to be born with enough iron. People often take in an inadequate amount of iron in their life. In the meanwhile, it is a vital part of hemoglobin which allows red blood cells to deliver oxygen for maintaining lives. So, the thing they need now is a best iron supplement for anemia without constipation.

You might probably be one of those who is deficient in iron. In other words, you may be anemic. Take our recommended iron supplement into consideration. Then, you can find it helpful for you.

Nature Made Iron 65 mg is our fourth choice to be the best iron supplement for anemia without constipation. As its name states, Natural Made Iron aims at supplying its customers a considerable amount of iron. Well, the overall health would be enhanced thanks to the existence of enough essential nutrients.

The product is also of high quality because the manufacturer took much time to pick out the world-best ingredients and produced the iron supplement with a strict process.

It is extremely safe for individuals to use when no synthetic and additives are added. Plus, you’ll find no artificial flavors, starch, yeast or preservatives. It is to say; the manufacturer has committed to its quality to ensure a great product at good value.

In case, you still doubt about its quality. You just need to check the USP Verified Mark on the product label as the manufacturer has worked with the testing organization to make sure the purity and quality of Nature Made Iron 65 mg.

The product seems to be made for you when you are running out of energy. No one can deny that it is an excellent source of iron. Since you used it, we’re sure that your iron level will be up to the standard range. Correspondingly, this brand made its name for offering other essential vitamins and mineral supplements. Make an effort to use it together with a balanced diet; you’ll have a healthy lifestyle.

Nature Made Iron 65 mg not only helps with anemia but also minimize the possibility of constipation. The truth is that it is much easier for an individual to absorb iron nutrients included in Nature Made. Just try to drink much water while digesting the supplement, and you can avoid getting constipated.

Regarding the product direction, you should take just one tablet per day. Use with water for easier swallowing. One more thing to remember is to avoid empty stomach so that you can reduce the risk of stomach upset. Highly recommended!


With Nature Made Iron 65 mg, it stands a likelihood to react with some medications. Similarly, when you are getting pregnant, you should take advice from your private healthcare provider to ask whether you could take the iron supplement or not.


Handle anemia well

A little hard to cut into smaller doses

Minimize the possibility of constipation which is often seen as a side effect when using other iron supplements

Provide plenty of energy for a long day

Work superbly and come with very few side effects

Be useful for women who are in monthly menstrual period

Offer not only enough iron to treat anemia but also help to restore iron and other nutrients

Be easy to swallow thanks to small size

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Nature's Bounty Gentle Iron 28 mg Iron Glycinate

Nature's Bounty Gentle Iron 28 mg Iron Glycinate

The last product to appear on our list of the best iron supplement for anemia without constipation is Nature's Bounty Gentle Iron 28 mg Iron Glycinate. All of us demand a healthy life. When you don’t have much time to prepare meals with a rich source of iron for your blood cell production or you’re not in good condition of absorbing iron from foods, Nature's Bounty Gentle Iron should be one of your daily supplements.

Assessed by the Food and Drug Administration, the product has been on the market for decades and always chosen by tons of people with anemia.

Formulated as a well-tolerated iron form, it is gentle for your stomach. There is nothing quite like taking every tablet of this iron supplement daily to utilize the abundant energy. Also, it satisfies anyone who uses for the ability to advance the iron level in just a short time.

Just imagine that how much terrible symptoms and unexpected diseases you are going to suffer when you’re in a low iron range. Reach for this suggested iron supplement, and you’ll receive the best result ever.

Besides prosperous iron in each pill, Nature's Bounty Gentle Iron is by far among the best iron supplement for anemia without constipation with a combination of vitamin C, vitamin B12, and folic acid. So, we can confirm that it is such a gentle iron that your stomach would become more relaxed than usual.

The iron form Nature's Bounty Gentle Iron is a capsule which is not a hard tablet. Hence, taking regular iron pills will both treat anemia well and absorb excellently. You’ll find it easy to digest, and it will go into your bloodstream faster than conventional supplements.

We have surveyed a group of people who used this product for only several weeks. They reported that they are getting not enough iron. But, thanks to Nature's Bounty Gentle Iron, they witnessed a significant improvement in their nail, hair, and skin. Moreover, they never feel exhausted anymore. Through this survey, we can come to a conclusion that how much iron supplement can help to increase our immune system to fight against infections.


Handle anemia completely

A little expensive compared to other iron supplements of the same kind

Don’t result in stomach upset and constipation

Support long day activities by providing much energy

Retain the normal red blood cell system

Easy to swallow

Check Current Price

Things you need to know about best iron supplement for anemia without constipation

How much iron to be taken daily?

[2] Anemia is terrible. Each should take enough iron to get rid of anemic symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, chest pain, headache, dizziness, pale skin, and so on. Life should be always energetic and youthful regardless how old you are. Anemia in children, adult or any other life period is always an unexpected thing.

Though supplying an adequate amount of iron for our body is necessary, everyone should be aware of how much is enough. Overdoses, in all medications, leads to serious side effects. No matter how good you are at choosing your best iron supplement for anemia without constipation, you still need to to how much intake daily is enough.

Sometimes, you might not recognize the usefulness of the product you use immediately. It is because each will function differently. Hence, we think that you also need to know HOW LONG DO IRON SUPPLEMENTS TAKE TO WORK.

As we mentioned above, iron from foods is the most important. Spend a few seconds to take iron that exists in food into consideration. [1] There exist two main types namely heme and the non-heme iron.

We could easily find heme iron in meat, particularly the beef liver – a rich source of iron. Research has shown that heme iron is likely to be more absorbable than the other. It is also considered the true form of iron that never causes constipation.

If heme iron supplement is one of your concerns, click BEST HEME IRON SUPPLEMENT to see know more.

In case, your body does not absorb natural iron as much as others. The supplement can help a lot, but it is still vital for your body to maintain a certain amount of iron from food no matter how small that amount is.

In this matter, if you want to find BEST ABSORBED IRON SUPPLEMENT, click to see and find your favorite one.

[2] Three categories including children, males, and females have been selected. According to the recommended dietary allowance, you can call RDA for short, the amount of iron you take from the food and supplement is as below:

1. Children

  • From 7 to 12 months: 11mg/day is enough
  • From 1 to 3 years: 7 mg/day is acceptable
  • From 4 to 8 years: 10 mg/day is recommended
  • From 9 to 13 years: 8mg/day is advised

2. Males

  • 14 to 18 years: males in this age should take 11mg/day
  • 19 years and up: 8 mg/day in this age is enough because people could absorb iron from food than the lower ages

3. Females

  • From 14 to 18 years: 15 mg/day is suggested
  • From 19 to 50 years: 18 mg/day is ideal
  • 51 years and over: 8 mg/day is adequate
  • Pregnancy: At this period, women are supposed to take in 27 mg/day

How to know “when you really need iron supplement?”

There are warning symptoms that signal that you are in need of iron supplement. As we all know, iron has a close attachment to our bloodstream which is the place that oxygen is delivered through to go into each tissue and organism.

Some might mistake that being tired and pale means lacking iron. But not all fatigue and tiredness are the same.

One of the first and foremost signs of iron deficiency is extreme fatigue. Take care of your health and take notice when you’re chronically tired without any reasons. You have no energy to do anything. Then, you must have been deficient in iron. Plus, feeling cold and irritable regularly is also a hint of anemia.

Whether you’re fatigued or get other anemic signs, it’s a super idea to have an iron level check. Let your doctor know your real health conditions and he or she will give you the best advice.

Possible side effects caused by iron supplements

One of the most apparent side effects of using iron supplement is constipation. However, we’ve listed best iron supplement for anemia without constipation. So, with our suggestions, you can at least eliminate one side effect of relying on the iron supplement. However, there exist other undesirable side effects that you may not know.

Tips to take in iron supplements with minimal digestive disturbance

Though you’ve selected a gentle iron supplement to lower the incidence of getting constipation, you can still suffer from it. This may due to your diet, your current health conditions or overdoses.

You may be an expert in choosing your suitable product, but you might have not understood the precise way to use for a better digestion. Don’t hesitate to see HOW TO TAKE IRON SUPPLEMENTS FOR BEST ABSORPTION.

Other reason is that you haven’t know how to use correctly to make it effective for your anemia. We fully understand that concern, so we’ve come up with best tips to take in iron supplements that offer you the best result.

Be slow and low at the beginning

You have finished selecting the best iron supplement for anemia without constipation, right? Now, start your iron supplement dose at a small dose first to not to shock your digestive system. Let your body be acquainted with little iron absorption first and then increase your dosage gradually. To be more specific, instead of taking one pill daily, you can divide equally like a half of a pill a day and raise the dosage every three days.

Create the habit of drink fluids regularly, especially water

Constipation is also caused by a significant lack of fluids or water. Without these liquids, your body will soon become dehydrated. Look for healthy drinks that provide essential vitamins, minerals, and iron for your body. Go for sugar-free drinks which are better than those with alcohol or gas.

Our advice is to quit lower the quantity of dairy milk or calcium-fortified nut milk intake because they can prevent the absorption process of iron supplement. If you are thirsty of them, try to avoid drinking the same time as you use your supplement.

Take frequent exercises

Bad metabolism can cause constipation. Though you’ve chosen your best iron supplement for anemia without constipation, you’re advised to take a lot of exercises to enhance the metabolism function. If you can do that, your digestive track performs better to enable our food intake to move to its ending destination quickly.

Well! Anemia and taking exercise has an intimate relationship in which each can affect one another and vice versa. When you take iron supplements, you will have the energy to take plentiful exercise. If you exercise a lot, the metabolism is enhanced. Then, you will never feel tired or fatigued.

Frequently asked questions about best iron supplement for anemia without constipation

1. Are there any possible risks from taking iron supplement?

Yes, certainly there are risks due to taking any iron supplement.

Unexpected side effects

Although you can make up your mind on the best iron supplement for anemia without constipation, you can still suffer from other side effects. Users have named some of the apparent risks caused by using iron supplements such as stomach upset and stool modification.

Possible risks

You should be careful when using such kind of supplement. In case, you get into trouble with a health problem like a chronic health condition, you should visit your doctor to ask her or him whether you can take in iron supplement or not. Also, it is vital to note down symptoms you’re facing and then report them to your health care provider.

If you are prepared to be pregnant, you are supposed to check the health condition before setting up a plan for iron supplement for anemia.

Iron supplement overdose

In any medication, overdose is always dangerous, especially for children and likewise the use of iron supplement for anemia. If you use randomly without doctors’ advice, you might go through such severe conditions as vomiting, stomach cramps, pale skin, and diarrhea.

If you notice any of these overdose symptoms during the period of using iron supplement for treating anemia, please be careful and be alert to call for a medical help right away.

2. Could do people take in iron naturally from foods?

The answer for this would be always yes.

[3] We all know that our body will be at its best condition when cells could produce nutrition naturally. Foods are the best source for our body to absorb essential nutrients. However, the blood cells of each one will be different from another. Some cannot take in nutrients in general and iron in particular naturally. That’s why they need the help of a specific supplement.

Despite that sad fact, it is always good to have a balanced diet which then provides your body enough iron. And, you are suggested to both plan a good diet and set up a proper plan of relying on best iron supplement for anemia without constipation. To help you, we’ve found a useful list of natural food sources to provide iron:

  • Vegetables: You can encounter a lot of iron from many different kinds of fresh vegetables. The top-iron-rich vegetables are spinach, broccoli and kale.
  • Besides vegetables, you can also find tons of iron nutrients in nuts and dried fruits.
  • Legumes: You could find other plant-based sources that are loaded with iron, including beans, lentils, and peas.

Note: There is an interesting fact for you to know. Your body could take in iron from animal sources better than that of others. Nevertheless, iron from plant-based sources is also easy to be absorbed. In addition to meat, you should diversify your meal with vegetables as well as fruits that comprise a high content of vitamin C. Fresh oranges, bell peppers, and kiwis are highly suggested.

Quick quiz about best iron supplement for anemia without constipation

After reading our reviews, you must have known so much about these wonderful products. For fun, let’s take a short quiz with us. Challenge yourself a bit to see whether you’re right or wrong!

Final thoughts – What is the best iron supplement for anemia without constipation?

Our short reviews partly help you choose your best product, right? However, if you want to hear from us, we’re willing to express our frank opinion. Our best choice belongs to 21ST CENTURY SLOW RELEASE IRON TABLETS.

First of all, it could treat anemia perfectly. If you are aware of your low iron level, using this high-quality product can boost your iron range and support blood cell production. Being designed to be gentle to your digestive system, this iron supplement could do more than that. No stomach upset and no cramping at all. Awesomely! A small pill did an excellent job!

Some other brands can make you experience horrible constipation. But, 21ST CENTURY SLOW RELEASE IRON TABLETS say NO to this side effect. As its name reveals, SLOW-RELEASE tablets treat your stomach so well, and the digestive track is strengthened. Still, it works most efficiently when you combined with our tips mentioned above. Don’t forget!

In short, every coin has two sides. The solely iron supplement cannot deal with all problems. It can help so much, but you need to do something else to make it more efficient. Through our list of best iron supplement for anemia without constipation, be a wise customer and choose your best one. Along with that, remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the happy mood all the time!

Distribute the words to anyone who may concern. Hit LIKE and SHARE if you find our article helpful!

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