The Ultimate Guide To Best Foundation For Textured Skin

October 13, 2017

Hannah Hall

The Ultimate Guide To Best Foundation For Textured Skin

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The makeup application for textured skin can be sometimes complicated. However, with just some tricks, you could find out the best foundation for textured skin. In fact, what we all want is to have a glowing makeup and matte finish to look more natural and feminine. In this case, the thing we need to do is to figure out your best foundation.

The way to apply foundation for different types of skins is also tricky because each type requires different makeup style and foundation kinds. If you crave for more knowledge about some other makeup tips as well as be interested in makeup style with powder foundation, do not hesitate to check out here TOP CUSTOMERS’ FAVORITE POWDER FOUNDATION.

With those who have to suffer from acne, oily t-zone, wrinkles and large pores, the application of foundation over the skin may be much more different than others.

When it comes to textured skin, you will need more carefulness and some tips to get a perfect finish. You may be confused with tons of products on the worldwide market. Understand your needs and concerns, we make great attempt to narrow down top 5 best foundation for textured skin.

Useful application tips for textured skin

Before going into details to come up with best foundation for textured skin, some general application tips are provided to assist you applying foundation more effectively and flawlessly.

#Tip 1: Stick to mineral makeup

There is no better makeup style than a mineral one for textured skin. Try to look for mineral makeup which contains such good ingredients as titanium dioxide or sericite. These ingredients work best for a textured skin and you can maintain a long-lasting makeup until the end of the day.

best foundation for textured skin

#Tips 2: Take care of your skin well with right skincare products

A dewy makeup requires a good skin base. This means that your skin is always be hydrated with moisturizers. It cannot be denied that moisturizer plays a key role to a strong and elastic skin. With a skin that achieves its balanced state of equality between water and oil, problems involving acne, large pores or oily t-zone could be amazingly addressed and the application of foundation over the textured skin would be much easier than ever. [1], [2]

Therefore, it is extremely important to feed your skin with moisturizer.

#Tip 3: Use light layers and right application techniques

Although you could choose the best foundation for textured skin, your makeup looks more matured than it really is if you use too much powder at one time. To get a perfect makeup, it is all about applying light layers. By using light layers, you will not find any difficulties to blend foundation evenly. Once you have done that, you can have enviable dewy skin with a great coverage. [2]

#Tip 4: Invest in a dense but soft brush

A proper brush decides how well you apply your foundation. Whether it is the best foundation for textured skin you could probably select, a not-enough-good brush will lead to a low likelihood of a beautiful finish.

#Tip 5: Know how to blend

The selection of best foundation for textured skin, coupled with the right technique to apply foundation will be a helping hand to a perfectly matte makeup. There are cool tricks you can use to look younger by fully understanding how to combine light layers with performing circular motions to distribute each layer of foundation evenly on the skin.

Essential notes when choosing best foundations for textured skin

What a foundation for textured skin needs?[1]

  •  It is a foundation does not enlarge pores or cause wrinkles.
  •  It is a foundation that contains active anti-aging ingredients and moisture boost.
  •  It is a foundation that can help you get a natural glow looking like you are not having makeup.
  • It is a foundation that can hide the wrinkles and pores

Not-to-be-missed ingredients that you should take into consideration when you select best foundation for textured skin:[1]

  • Hyaluronic acid: A healthy and elastic skin needs a certain amount of hyaluronic acid. Nothing can deny the importance of this natural substance. In fact, it is the key to a healthy glowing skin and helps to repair wrinkles as well as damaged tissues.

Without hyaluronic acid, our skin quickly degrades because it is easily exposed to excessive UVB rays. As a result, the skin experiences inflamed sunburn. It is to say, both skincare and makeup products containing hyaluronic acid are good choice for our skin.

  • Niacinamide: You may all know about vitamin B3. Niacinamide is a B3 derivative which plays the role of preventing irritants and pollution of outside environment from damaging your skin. This kind of vitamin has been carefully studied and proved to be extremely beneficial to the skin.

To have your best skincare and makeup routine, you should be well aware of how vitamin b3 in general and niacinamide in particular enhance your glow and elastic skin appearance. A healthy skin requires a strong barrier to shield it from unexpected harmful factors.

There is no need to worry much because vitamin B3 will be a living proof that your skin will be significantly enriched thanks to the sufficient supply of niacinamide to your skin.

As a consequence, despite what type of your skin is, redness, acne, and other unexpected skin problems are well managed with the existence of niacinamide. Our best advice is to supply your skin with product containing this nutrient to avoid breakouts and acne.

best foundation for textured skin

  • SPF: SPF is an abbreviation of sun protection factor. This is the key factor to protect your skin from anti-aging process which you have to suffer from sun exposure. As reportedly, sunshine is the main cause leading to fast speed of aging and skin imperfections such as wrinkles and pores.

Best foundation for textured skin

When it comes to choose best foundation for textured skin, it might be a difficult choice even for experienced people. Hence, among a plenty of makeup products ranging from the high-end to the low-end, we help you narrow down to top five ones.

No 1: Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse Foundation


dream matte

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This amazing matte mousse foundation from the world-known brand Maybelline New York has become a holy-grail foundation of not only makeup lovers but also millions of famous beauty bloggers in the world. Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse Foundation deserves to be the best foundation for textured skin which is going to help you get a natural-looking glow.

Characterized as a whipped formula, Maybelline Dream Matte aims at providing an air-soft and matte finish. Thanks to the silicone polymers, you won’t have any difficulties with caking when wearing makeup. Moreover, this foundation type best fits a textured skin. It will work well and help you attain a smooth, glow and airbrushed skin.

Application tips: To have the best result, you are advised to apply Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation after the skincare process with right moisturizer. Therefore, your makeup then will become smooth and even. One more important tip is that instead of rubbing into the skin, you should use a brush or stipple brush which helps you get a perfect foundation. Without a brush, it may be hard to blend well. One small but useful tip shared by a customers on Amazon is that you should not use your fingers to get foundation. It would be better if you press into your fingerprints.


  • Matte and radiant finish
  • Smooth and perfect coverage
  • Best foundation for textured skin from the drugstore
  • Available 12 shades for you to select
  • Compactly convenient for travel


  • A little hard to blend

No 2: Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup, Warm Golden


revlon colorstay

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Another no less renowned makeup branch is Revlon. The foundation from Revlon is highly assessed and is enjoyed by customers with textured skin. Like Maybelline, Revlon also exists in the whipped formula with such characteristics as lightweight, mousse-like makeup and durable. Despite its texture of cream, you will never feel creamy at all and you can get a nice matte finish.

A bonus point for Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup lies in its ability to stay for up to 24 hours because it can withstand humidity and heat well. Those suffering from extremely oily skin, this whipped foundation is by far the best choice due to its ability to control oil for long hours.

Application tips: Revlon Colorstay Whipped offers medium to full coverage. As it is quick to dry, so you should stick to a beauty sponge that the foundation layers are evenly blended.


  • Great result with nice matte finish
  • Long-hour wear and stable shade without having to retouch
  • Not cakey and greasy
  • Reasonable price
  • Achieve an airbrushed look


  • You will find it a little difficult to apply with handling the inner lid because it will be messy

No 3: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup SPF 10


estee lauder


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If you are finding a long wear makeup, do not hesitate to try double wear stay-in-place makeup SPF 10 Estee Lauder. As its name says all, this makeup from the high-end branch Estee Lauder is a lasting and lightweight worry-free foundation. Estee Lauder Double Wear has the edge over other foundations in the way that it could last up to 12 hours without any touch ups, better coverage than others and no skin irritation.

Even sensitive skin, the foundation never cause a reaction; thus, you do not need to worry that it never fit your skin. Furthermore, unlike some types of foundations which often move towards the end of the day, Estee Lauder Double Wear not only makes your skin look flawless and natural but also improve the overall quality of the skin.

The effectiveness of this double wear stay-in-place makeup is so impressive that it amazing ability to heat the beat. Whether it is the summer day, wet and rainy ones, your makeup with Estee Lauder foundation still stay put without using any powder.

Application tips: A perfect finish requires a perfect combination of a good and suitable foundation type and a right technique to apply the product. Use a beauty blend and apply light layers.


  • Stay all the day
  • Great coverage for textured skin
  • Available in myriad colors to choose from
  • Matte finish


  • A little heavy on skin because you can be identified as wearing makeup.
  • More expensive than other foundation

No 4: Clinique Even Better Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Evens & Correct Foundation



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Foundation is probably the best way to hide your aging skin, not to mention right skincare methods in your daily routine. Here’s another best foundation for textured skin that you should not miss. Show the sign of youth with Clinique Even Better Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Evens & Correct Foundation as it does not look like you are wearing makeup.

Sometimes, you need some tricks to apply foundation over a textured skin.

A perfect flawless makeup also requires a good foundation that works well with that type of skin. Ranked a high position on Amazon, Clinique Even Better Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Evens & Correct Foundation promises to help you get a visible aging spots as well as past damage on all skin tones.

The product features a dermatologist-developed formula which is considered a key to a full coverage with long-wearing ability. Additionally, Clinique Even Better Makeup Broad Spectrum aims at hiding such skin imperfections as pores and blemishes to even skin texture.

As its name states, broad spectrum SPF creates a strong protection against aging factors and future darkening. In fact, your skin usually suffers from sun exposure and this product characteristics dramatically improve the skin tone and its clarity. Moreover, it will also act as a shelter for your skin to against complexion detractors.

Regardless of what type of your skin is, this foundation will never fail your expectation. Even those with a sensitive skin prone to acnes, breakouts or dullness, foundation from Clinique is here to help your skin look silky and smooth.

Applications tips: To get a nice and smooth complexion, you are recommended to start off with a little foundation. Then you apply layer by layer in circular motions.


  • Easily blend to create a smooth application
  • Best result accompanied by soft matte finish
  • Lightweight
  • Beat the heat to stay long for hours


  • A bit heavy on skin
  • A little greasy
  • Only cover minor redness, suitable for skin with no much imperfection

No 5: L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation Makeup


loreal infallible


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There is no better than a foundation that could hide your skin imperfections to cheat your real age. It is; therefore, the best foundation for textured skin. The product exists in air-light texture and demi-matte finish. By the same token, the ingredient contains a high water content; consequently, you can have a feeling of maximum comfort when wearing L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation Makeup.

This must-try foundation enables your makeup routine to be much easier. Look for your ideal coverage and skin tone, you will achieve a natural glow looking like you are not wearing makeup. Those with pores or wrinkles are strongly advised to take this and you will love it forever.

As regards the coverage, the product offers a good medium to full. Many customers admitted that L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation provides a longer wear than any other foundations that they have used. While some foundations to a setting spray or the touch up, this type from L’Oreal still keeps you look flawless from day to night.

Once you own this incredibly wonderful product, you will be your own makeup expert and you do not need to hire any makeup artists when you’re in need.

Application tips: Like the above-mentioned foundations, it would be better if you apply with a brush. It will work better than a sponge or your fingers. Whether it is a flat or kabuki brush, you should then still blend it by using a damp beauty blender for a natural looking.


  • 24-hour matte finish
  • Good result with invisible imperfections and a clear complexion
  • Lightweight and air-light texture
  • Ability to absorb sweat and excessive oil without darkening color pigments.
  • Blend well and apply easily


  • Few color choices
  • A bit pricey
  • A little greasy
  • Medium coverage

In short, we sometimes have to accept the truth that we are meant to age; however, we can still do many good things for our aging skin. Most of us often struggle with skin problems such as acne, breakouts, large pores or wrinkles.

With those who have a textured skin, there are useful methods to make you look younger than usual with the right skincare products and proper makeup foundation, coupled with delicate techniques. Now, do not hesitate to read our article on best foundation for textured skin and apply immediately.

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