The 5 Best Eyeliner For Contact Lens Wearers That Make Your Look So Dreamy And Attractive

January 2, 2018

Hannah Hall

The 5 Best Eyeliner For Contact Lens Wearers That Make Your Look So Dreamy And Attractive

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You can find quite large amount of eyeliners at any cosmetic store, which make you feel so difficult to select the right items, especially when your eyes are easy to get itching, dry or short sighted.

In particularly, as you are contact lens wearers, you will definitely need the best eyeliners for contact lens wearers that not only beautiful but also safe for your eyes. You may afraid that low qualified products may cause some symptoms, such as itchy or irritation. Both oily mascara or hard removing eyeliners are your nightmare.

Now you can feel comfortable to create your ideal eyeliners with the most suitable products. You can take a whole view at these details below, that includes helpful tips and recommendations of the most beautiful and dreamy eyeliners. Or you want to find more informations about your favorite eyeliners, let check it out at: BEST EYELINER FOR WATERLINE.

What is eyeliner and the different types of eyeliner

What is eyeliner?

To make your eyes look dreamy and shiny, you need a collection of eye makeup that includes eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara and concealer. The most necessary item is eyeliner, because it will emphasize your eyes by applying thin line on eyelid.

You can find many eyeliner products at strings of cosmetic store, but which is the best one for you?

Just focus on 3 basic types of eyeliner: pencil, liquid and gels with ideal characteristics.

Pencil eyeliner

If you are a loyal fan of smoky eyes that is so mysterious and impressive, pencil eyeliner will be the best choice for you. Office lady consider this item as the best eyeliner for contact lens wearers of daily makeup. You can apply top and bottom line easily with pencil eyeliner, then smudge it gently to make your eyes look deeper.

Liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is perfect item for girls who want to create thin and delicate line. It usually comes in market as brush with variety of design, such as nail polish brush and marker. To apply eyeliner with liquid items easier, it is necessary to form the shape you want, the fill it carefully.
Cat eye is also a good recommendation, which provide sexy and elegant appearance, especially when you join in luxurious events.

Gel eyeliner

You will find gel eyeliner packaged in small pot, with a thin brush attached. Each girl is an artist when they make up with gel eyeliner, because it brings amazing results. You can create all types of line from thin to thick, flat or curve line.

eyeliners for contact lens wearers

You need to be a little bit skillful to apply the lines exactly, especially waterline, because gel eyeliner is dry quickly in some seconds. Additionally, the remain gel is still clotted so don’t forget to clean the brush after used

What is the best eyeliner for contact lens wearers

Many ladies wear contact lens because it looks more elegant, so they want to choose the best eyeliner for contact lens wearers that not only create perfect lines but also be safe for their eyes.

These items recommended below will provide you the most dramatic looks for all occasion, from daily makeup to luxurious party.

# N0 1: Sephora collection retractable waterproof eyeliner

SEPHORA COLLECTION Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner

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While you wear contact lens, all eye cosmetic need to be fresh enough to keep your eyes in safe condition. This item is also known as the best eyeliner for contact lens wearers, because it does not contain oily ingredients that make your eyes get irritated and itching. Sephora eyeliners are soft enough to create smooth lines on your waterline, without injuring your lens. A small point you should pay attention at this item, it has quite good waterproof ability, so you need to use remover to clean up the lines instead of water and tissue.

It is such an amazing cream eyeliner that creates smooth and sharp lines of famous Sephora brand. It is also very easy to smudge after applying thin line on your waterline, so you can make up with many different styles such as daily office or night party.

You don’t have to worry that the line may be wiped out, because of wet environment or oily skin. This creamy eyeliner is waterproof perfectly, so it will create amazing long lasting lines. Additionally, this item is loved by many girls by its plentiful colors, which bring you variety of choices. According to your makeup styles, you can choose ideal tone, from classical color such as black, matte brown black, gray, deep plumy to trendy ones like turquoise, purple and shimmer navy. That sound so great, isn’t that?
It is really comfortable when you use this eyeliners, which is not only beautiful but also good for your eyes health. It is such a safe item for contact lens wearers, isn’t it?


  • Good price – from $14 to $18
  • Very long lasting and budge-resistant color
  • Multi – benefits, both sharpen and smudge
  • More color, from classic black to glitter purple, turquoise


  • Not too easy to remove
  • Get dry quickly

# No 2: Benefit cosmetics Badgal liner waterproof


Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Liner Waterproof Black

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A pencil eyeliner – this item is considered as the best eyeliner for contact lens wearers, just because of its softness and safe, so you don’t have to worry that pencil will injure your eyes. To say frankly, all most Badgal eyeliners are very friendly to many different types of moisturizer. So you don’t have to worry that area around your eyes may get dry when you wear contact lens anymore. Just feel free to apply moisture cream before eye makeup, which help to prevent your eyes from irritation very well.

Badgal liner helps you to create mysterious smoky eyes with perfect smudge tip. More than that, after applying eyeliner on your waterline, you can use your fingers or small brush to blend it gently to create soft and dramatic look. It is totally comfortable when you are under rain and shine, Badgal eyeliner includes waterproof benefit that maintain your lines well in quite long time. This item also help to create smoky eyes with really strong and impressive dark tone effect.

As you are beginners, it is quite hard to create your eyeliners smoothly because you still not get familiar with liquid or gel products. A soft and lovely Badgal liner will be your good option.


  • Very smooth to apply, especially for waterline
  • Easy to remove
  • Safe for contact lens wearers
  • Not get dry quickly and flake



  • Not very thin lines
  • Shave head of item after used

# No 3: Make up for ever Aqua Waterproof Cream Eyeliners

Make Up For Ever Aqua Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow

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Let meet the other member of the best eyeliner for contact lens wearers collection. Being produced from rich of polymer, this item contributes to protect your eyes from getting dry and irritated with its perfect water guarantee. Many people who wears contact lens are assured of Aqua waterproof eyeliners, because thin and soft brush is totally safe for their eyes. Especially as you wear contact lens, you can remove these lines from your eyelids easily, without oily makeup remover. But don’t forget to wash the brush after used, dirty tools will stain your lens.

It is designed with perfect thin brush, so you can create the most delicate lines very easily. Aqua eyeliners come on cosmetic market with beautiful and vibrant of shades, such as matte, twinkle diamond and iridescent. If you need eyeliner that is long lasting and highlight, the ever Aqua Eyeliners is perfect recommendation for you. Just sound like its name, this item is super long lasting formula, which is not easy to fade away and smudge.

Being voted as magical applicator for professional eye makeup, Aqua eyeliners create strong and firm lines very exactly. One tip for you to achieve good results, remember to shake this product before applying it on your waterline.


  • Super long lasting, even in wet condition
  • Waterproof pencil eyeliners
  • Create impressive shadow effect
  • Amazing different shades, from bright pastel to high dark


  • Not easy to clean without oily removers
  • Quite expensive, more than $20/ item

# No 4: Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliners

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

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Girls who wears contact lens will avoid all most eyes makeup cosmetic that contain oil ingredients, which make their eyes get irritated seriously. Stila liquid eyeliner is on top of the best eyeliner for contact lens wearers because of its safeness and oil-free. The most preferable point of this item is the ability to help you create stable foundation of line while the other liquid eyeliners may be flaked after being applied on your eyelids. So you don’t need to worry that these flakes can fall into your eyes, especially when you wear contact lens.

If you want to get sexy cat eye, Stila liquid eyeliner is perfect tool to make your eyes look so deep and impressive. The gentle and thin lines will satisfy your makeup purpose. You can use small tissue and makeup remover without oil to clean this eyeliners easily. It is smooth to apply eyeliner on your waterline with many different level, from thick to thin. You need a little skills to use this eyeliner, because it will be dried very quickly just in a few seconds after applying. However, if any mistake happen during eye makeup process, you can clean the toss and smudge line with remover.

A small tip for you to keep in perfect performance, you should close the lid after being used and store this item horizontally.


  • Very smooth and sharp lines
  • Not easy to blur, even you take a shower
  • Perfect waterproof eyeliners
  • Affordable price and high quality


  • Quite difficult use for beginners
  • Brush being frayed after some uses

# No 5: Revlon colorstay eyeliner pencil

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Pencil

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Oh dear, Revlon eyeliner pencil is also voted for the best eyeliner for contact lens wearers for years. It is such an attractive item for girls who wear contact lens, because of its perfect safeness. Because this item does not contain the ingredients such as mineral oil, paraffin and preservative that cause irritation. You will find it is very easy to remove these lines from your eyelids with cotton swab and non – oily remover.

Revlon pencil eyeliner is suitable for special occasion with many beautiful shade, like sparkle and matte. Matte shade will make your eye lines look deeper with strong pigmentation. But the most impressive one is deep dark, which provide you strong pigmentation. It is quite casual product that is loved by many ladies. You can use this applicator for many occasions, from party to daily makeup. The other strength of Revlon eyeliners is the ability of maintaining bold lines for hours in all most conditions, even when you are in wet or humid weather.


  • Intense precision
  • Casual used for may occasions
  • Strong waterproof
  • Easy to blend for smoky eyes


  • Need to be sharpen regularly

How to apply eyeliner for contact lens wearers?

Preparing to put on makeup

  • Clean up your hands

Remember to wash and dry your hands before you wear contact lens and apply any cosmetic on your face. You have to make sure that it is totally clean and safe. Because dirt and bacteria injure your eyes easily, especially as you put in contact lens.
Use eyes drop to keep your eyes from drying out

Wearing contact lens in long period of time will make your eyes being dry and irritated as well. To protect your eyes from getting damaged, you should use eye drop before putting contact lens or processing eye makeup as well.

Choose the eyes drop unit that is suitable for contact lens wearers, such as artificial tears without preservative. As dropping, you can wink your eyes to maintain them in moist condition.

  • Input your contacts

Firstly, put contact lens into your eyes before applying any makeup. To do this step well, you should be patient and skillful. Hold the bottom eyelid firmly, then input the contact lens with your index finger.

Make up your eyes

  • Use eyelids primer

You can shape your eye makeup by applying primer on eyelids, which will help makeup layer stay on its place. It is totally safe for contact lens wearers, because cosmetic will not stick your contact lens even when the weather is hot or humid.
Primer is used as strong base for the area around your eyes, so you may not need to perform foundation, concealer and even powder.
Eye shadow

Shine your eyes with favorite tone of eye shadow, which has two popular types such as powder and cream. If you choose cream shadow, it is easier for you to spread the cream around your eyes. Especially, when you wear contact lens, cream shadow is quite good option because it sticks on eye – opener and not get into your eyes.

However, powder items are loved by many girls as well. You just need to close your eyes when applying eyeshadow with a brush. One small tip, to prevent cosmetic from getting into your eyes, you can place a small piece of tissue on the lower eyelids to contain extant powder.

  • Put eyeliner on outer and inner part

As you are contact lens wearers, you need to select comfortable items. It is easier to apply pencil eyeliner on the outer part of your eyelids than gel or liquid products. But while you get familiar with eyes makeup, liquid eyeliners are good choice to create sharp and thin lines.

Applying eyeliner on the inner part may restrict grand to release water, so your eyes will be dry. Don’t worry, even if you wear contact lens, just choose the best eyeliner for contact lens wearers that is fresh and non-oily.

  • Apply oil – free mascara

The hypoallergenic and oil – free mascara is nice option for contact lens wearers. Because these cosmetic are quite safe that don’t get into your eyes and make contact lens get irritated.

Small tip for people who wear contact lens, you can check your mascara carefully before applying on eyelash. Don’t use old mascara that is clotted, because it may fall into your eyes [1].


Now you get recommendations of the best eyeliner for contact lens wearers and the problems of contact lens makeup can’t annoy you anymore. Just create your dramatic looks and being the beautiful queen of your life. To achieve attractive eyes that will definitely make you feel more confident, let try on these eyeliners recommended above. You will be so happy with them, good luck girls!!!!

Many girls also need these helpful tips and tricks, as well as the best recommendation of eyeliner products. So if you found some interesting details in that article, you can press the like button then share with your friends. Moreover, please tell us which one is your favorite item at the review below. Thanks!

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