A Quick Look At The Best Deodorant for Men Who Sweat A Lot

January 6, 2018

Veronica Phan

A Quick Look At The Best Deodorant for Men Who Sweat A Lot

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We sweat for many reasons. Above all, sweating is a natural process to help your body regulate the inside temperature and eradicate toxins. However, sweating has its both positive and negative effects.

It makes you smell bad if you do not address it immediately. And trust me, nobody wants to stay close to a person with terrible body smell. Men are more familiar with this issue as they often underestimate it.

Find out the best deodorant for men who sweat a lot with me today to end this problem right now!

Facts Behind Sweating


There are more or less than 5 million sweat glands in your whole body, which are responsible for releasing watery fluid. It might contain some substances, like lipids or proteins [1].

Nevertheless, when the causes of sweating are stress or emotions, you will see it happen only in several specific areas, for example, palms, head or armpits.

Even though many people find sweating super annoying, it is actually a very important mechanism inside our body. It brings a lot of benefits, some of which may blow your mind.

Benefits of Sweating

  • Eliminate Toxins

Have you ever imagined that we do not sweat for our whole life? If you think it is good, then you are absolutely wrong! Your body needs to sweat; otherwise, it would be full of toxins.

Experts claim that sweating eliminates mainly excess cholesterol, salt, and even alcohol [2].

  • Heal Wounds

In recent years, scientists have paid more attention to the healing effects of sweat glands.

According to some researchers at the University of Michigan, these glands include many adult stem cells that play an essential role in human recovery of wounds [3].

Yet, there has been no final conclusion on this issue and we need more studies to prove it is true.

  • Work as effectively as an antibiotic

You will be surprised to find out another application of sweating – as an antibiotic. With this new discovery, it is unnecessary to take antibacterial ointment any longer.

When your body has wounds due to scratch or mosquito’s bites, sweat glands can release antibiotic agents, like dermcidin, to eliminate quickly invaders [4].

  • Kill pain

This benefit of sweating is closely associated with that of exercise, which is to help you reduce pain and ache. By doing so, your body will produce more endorphins which have killing effects on pain.

Therefore, next time you want to relieve pain, get your sneakers on and make some sweating, instead of looking for aspirin immediately.

So, you have many reasons to sweat every day, mostly during workout. Overall, it is beneficial for your health.

However, it is imperative to keep some disadvantages in mind. There are bad things about sweating as well. And you need to know them to prevent in advance.

Drawbacks of Sweating

  • Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a good thing; however, like anything else, it would be terrible if we cannot control it. The so-called problem is excessive sweating, accompanying with a series of other issues.

In addition to embarrassment, excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is a common symptom of more dangerous health problems, including cancer, anxiety, or stroke [5].

Thus, you need to be careful when it comes to sweating too much.

  • Terrible body odor

Obviously, terrible body odor is a consequence of sweating. After the evaporation of water from your skin, some solid materials, such as salt or lactate, still stay on your skin.

They are mainly responsible for unpleasant smells that you often get after a long workout. In such circumstance, it is better to have a shower immediately to wash the bad smell away.

Nevertheless, even in normal situations, you might also sweat because of other reasons. And it also leaves offensive odor on your body. To deal with it, it is a good idea to use deodorant, which aims to eliminate bad odor from sweating.

You can check WHAT IS THE BEST DEODORANT FOR MEN to get more information on what is deodorant and also the best product on the market.

Best Deodorant for Men Who Sweat A Lot

Of course, deodorant comes out with many different types. It is a lucrative industry and every manufacturer wants to have a piece. You can find the BEST MEN’S DEODORANT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN if your skin is quite sensitive.

But today’s focus is about sweating and I would like to address some products labeled as the best deodorant for men who sweat a lot!

These products are particularly helpful to save you from embarrassing moments with offensive body odor. Let’s take a look!

Degree Men Dry Protection Antiperspirant – Cool Comfort

Degree Men Deodorant for Sweating

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At the top of the list is Degree Men antiperspirant “Cool Comfort”. It is suitable for men who sweat a lot, no matter what is the reason for sweating.

In addition, this product is appropriate for those with sensitive skin. So, you do not need to worry about irritations. This product contains aloe Vera, which has been a traditional companion to our skin.

You can use it under your arms. At first, it appears white on your skin and you need to continue rubbing until it becomes clear.

You should wait some minutes in order to make the deodorant disappear. Otherwise, you might experience some white residue on your clothes, like some users have reported.

This deodorant is effective for some hours, in which it is unnecessary to reapply. A number of users even said that it helped them free of bad odor up to 30 hours.

Furthermore, most customers claim that it also keeps them very dry. So, there is no place for underarm wet patches once you use this deodorant.

Maxim Prescription Strength Antiperspirant and Deodorant

Maxim Men Deodorant for Sweating

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Maxim prescription strength deodorant is an effective product to block sweating, especially underneath the armpits.

However, it is important to note that it contains Aluminum chloride.

If you do not want Aluminum in your option, please check THE BEST ALUMINUM FREE DEODORANT FOR MEN.

This product provides extra strong formula that helps you get rid of bad odor in about 96 hours. It is an incredible amount of time. Besides, it also reduces significantly the risk of excessive sweating.

You had better use this deodorant before going to bed at night. When you wake up in the morning, have a shower and then, apply your normal deodorant. It is not a good idea to abuse Maxim deodorant.

While it provides enormous benefits over an extended period of time, there are negative aspects that you should know.

First, some users reported the problems they had when sleeping. It is because the deodorant irritated their skin. So, if you have very sensitive skin, please check the deodorant on a small part of skin before applying.

Second, there is little information on the ingredients in this deodorant, except for Aluminum. It is not to mention the fact that many studies are against Aluminum because of its potential effects on our health.

But overall, this is still a good option to help you fight against terrible body odor and its efficiency is super long.

Don’t Sweat It All Natural Lavender Underarm Deodorant

Don't Sweat It Men Deodorant for Sweating

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This is another example of the best deodorant for men who sweat a lot that you can use at night to get rid of sweating and its smell under the arms. There is also Aluminum chloride in this product, so those with sensitive skin should be careful with it.

You can also find some inactive ingredients in this deodorant, for example, baking soda, coconut oil, shea butter and some essential oils, such as lavender.

To use this deodorant, you just need to press it on your armpits for several moments! Give it about 5 minutes so that your skin can absorb it and then, have good sleep at night.

You should use the deodorant in moderation because just a little of it can generate amazing results.
This product is a good choice for those who are looking for ways to get rid of hyperhidrosis, sweating due to anxiety or menopause.

In addition to reducing sweating odor, you can use it to neutralize bacteria and prevent infections.

ARRID XX Antiperspirant Deodorant Solid Unscented

Arrid XX Men Deodorant for Sweating

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Arrid XX deodorant is suitable for men who want to protect their underarms from sweating without scent. You can be dry and free of any odor caused by the deodorant.

The protection can last up to about 24 hours and it allows you to stay away from both odor and wetness. Most users are satisfied with the product because it gives them the feeling of clean and fresh, even when the weather is hot or humid.

There is no irritation when you use this deodorant, which is definitely one of the best advantages.

To use it, you just need to apply the deodorant on your dry underarms. It should happen after you take shower. Some minutes is enough to help your skin absorb the deodorant more easily.

Herban Cowboy Deodorant

Herban Cowboy Deodorant for Sweating

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Most men are very familiar with excessive sweating, so they will try their best to get dry. And the next best deodorant for men who sweat a lot is Herban Cowboy.

It is suitable for those who are not interested in Aluminum-containing products. In other words, choosing Herban

Cowboy is the first step to preventing harsh chemicals from entering into your body.

You can use it directly on your skin after taking a shower. It works effectively even when you do not mix it with other deodorants.

Many users have been satisfied with this deodorant because of the fact that it is free of chemicals. The main ingredients in it are aloe vera, water, zinc, parsley and sage extract.

What to Consider When Choosing The Best Deodorant for Men Who Sweat A Lot

Understanding what you need to pay attention to is much helpful before you dig deeper into the search for the best deodorant for men who sweat a lot. Here are some factors that you need to think about so that your searching is simpler.

Antiperspirant or Deodorant

There are differences between these two products, although many people often consider them similar.
Antiperspirants reduce your perspiration and block sweating. As a result, bad odor that comes with sweating will disappear.

Meanwhile, deodorants usually have bacteria-fighting ingredients that help you eliminate odor, but sweating still happens.

You should be certain about your goals in order to choose the most suitable product.


If you go for scented deodorant, you can notice some pleasant smells after applying. However, a number of people prefer unscented products that make them feel fresher and cleaner.

Men or Women

Despite the separation of sexes among deodorants on the market, the truth is they are the same. Men can use women’s deodorant and the opposite is true.

Therefore, if you are female and struggling with sweating, do not hesitate to try the recommendations for men in this list. They might help you a lot.

Sensitive Skin

There might be bad reactions to some deodorants which contain potential ingredients to cause irritation. If you have experienced rash with antiperspirants before, do not use it after shower.

Try any deodorant on a small skin area first if you know your skin is sensitive. And stop immediately when you notice something uncomfortable.

Besides, irritation can occur because you apply too much at one time. Find out HOW MUCH DEODORANT SHOULD I USE ON MYSELF to get the right amount you need for one time.

Alternative Options

There is a fact that we have to accept. It is most deodorants still contain harmful ingredients for our skin and health. Therefore, many people are reluctant to use deodorant, even when sweating causes so many troubles.

If you have been desperately in need of ways to get rid of body odor, besides deodorant, you can try some natural home remedies. They are also more economical, which is a great advantage in the long term.

Forget the best deodorant for men who sweat a lot at this time. Let’s focus on natural ways!

Black Tea

Black tea is one of the best ways to help you address excessive sweating and its accompanying symptoms. It is a natural antiperspirant. With many tannic acids, black tea provides such wonderful astringent properties as well.

These qualities play a vital role in constricting your sweat glands and as a result, your sweating can be controlled.

How to apply:

  • Put 2 bags of black tea in hot water (about 3 cups)
  • Wait about 15 minutes to let them steep
  • Then, use a washcloth to soak into your mixture and apply it on your underarms or any areas where sweating happens
  • Keep it there for several minutes
  • Alternatively, you can use wet bags to apply immediately on your armpits

Fenugreek Tea

Fenugreek can serve as an amazing antioxidant in the natural world. It helps to eradicate all toxins. Moreover, its antibacterial nature is effective to prevent bacterial infections in your body.

Therefore, you can rely on fenugreek to stay away from body odor as it deals with the main causes of this problem.
By drinking fenugreek tea every morning, your body will be free of toxins and there will be significant improvements on your well-being.

How to do:

  • Pour fenugreek seeds (about 1 teaspoon) into water
  • Boil them until you see only half of the water remain
  • Consume it before having breakfast



Wheatgrass is another ingredient you must have to put an end to unwanted sweating. It is a rich source of various types of vitamins, such as A, B6, and B12. In addition, folic acid is present in great quantity as well.

Therefore, you can make use of wheatgrass to control the activities of toxins and acids in your blood. These nutrients have neutralizing and diluting effects on your blood and immediately save you from sweating.

To benefit from wheatgrass, you had better drink its fresh juice a few times per day, especially in the morning before you have breakfast.

Water and Fluids

Sweating is a major part of your body’s daily mechanisms. It aims at flushing out toxins. Interestingly, drinking water has the same purposes. Therefore, you can increase your intake of fluids in order to reduce sweating.

It completely makes sense, doesn’t it?

Water is the best choice and experts suggest about 2 liters on a daily basis.

Besides, you have plenty of options, from herbal tea to fresh juice of vegetables and fruits. Lemonade and coconut water are always my favorite options not only to raise the energy level, but also to improve the overall well-being.


In general, it takes a little more time and energy to find the best deodorant for men who sweat a lot. But it is worth your efforts! Your situation needs specific treatment. You cannot rush in this process.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in natural methods to eliminate odor, just go for home remedies. They are as effective as deodorant.

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