The Best Cough Drops: Everything You Need To Know Is Here

February 14, 2018

Jelly Bell

The Best Cough Drops: Everything You Need To Know Is Here

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There is no single person in this world who never suffers from a nasty cough or a sore throat once in a year. Ignoring this problem and land you in a big trouble sometimes. Thus, using the best cough drops not only keeps you safe, but it is also one of the inexpensive and non-invasive solutions. 

There are few other ways also that can help you in fighting with the situation like staying hydrated, drinking hot drinks and taking steamy showers is also very useful. However, consuming the best natural cough drops is a much better and quick solution.

The natural cough drops are as potent as the pharmaceutical cough medicines. They not only possess an excellent healing power but you can swallow them more easily. Several manufacturers are using different flavors in these pills so that the buyer can enjoy its pleasant taste.

But how will you know that what are the best cough drops?

Well! Don’t worry as you do not have to look for too many cough drops in the market.

In the below-buying guide, we are writing the reviews of five best cough drops along with their pros and cons. Picking the right product will become much simpler for you after reading the below info.
So, let’s start our journey!

Comparison Chart of the Five Best Cough Drops

Below you can find the comparison chart of the five best over the counter cough drops that will provide you a quick glimpse of all the review products.




Pack Size

Product Weight



Our choice

cough  drops cepacol

16 Lozenges (Pack of 3)

2.1 ounces


theraflu cough drops

Cough Drops 50 Ct

8 ounces


Sore throat and cough dry mouth

18 Lozenges (Pack of 3)

3.2 ounces


halls cough drops

20 Packs of 9 drops

1.5 pounds



12 count


List of Five Best Cough Drops

The below is the list of five best cough drops that we have reviewed thoroughly. We will tell you some brief detail about the product and its pros and cons of buying.


Cepacol Extra Strength Sore Throat & Cough Drop - Best cough drops for sore throat

Cepacol Extra Strength Sore Throat & Cough Drop - Best cough drops for sore throat

It is the best cough drops for a sore throat that gives an instant and powerful relief. It suppresses a cough by making you feel better. It is true that the sore throats are dry, irritating and painful but with this product, you can get rid of your problem.

This product works instantaneously to numb the pain of aching throat. It also comes in the honey lemon flavor, cherry, mixed berry and sugar-free cherry flavor. It also makes you relieved from the minor irritations in the mouth. For buying this product, you do not need any doctor's prescription even.


It is one of the effectual and fast relief lozenges for a sore throat

The taste of the product is not much soothing

The minor numbing effect of the product acts a perfect cure for the itchy esophagus

It is not too much beneficial for a nasty cough

It dissolves in your mouth so quickly

There is no any added sugar in it

It functions efficiently on the sore throats

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Theraflu MultiSymptom Severe Cold and Nighttime Hot Liquid Powder - Best tasting cough drops

Theraflu MultiSymptom Severe Cold and Nighttime Hot Liquid Powder - Best tasting cough drops

It is the best tasting cough drops that have a delicious taste of the combination of the honey lemon and Lipton green tea. It produces heat in your body after consumption that battle with the symptoms of the flu and cough vigorously.

It is the only product in the market that gives a quick warm feeling with a mighty relief. It functions quite fast over the symptoms of the cold like minor aches, sore throat pain, body pains and headache. This powder gets quickly dissolve in the hot liquid and gives a speedy and warming relief with every single dosage.


It is best sugar-free cough drops that do not need any sugar at all while drinking in the water

The taste of the product is not much good, and you might find it unpleasant

It acts efficiently for the people suffering from the excessive coughing

It thins out the mucus in your chest to provide your relief from any congestion

You can sleep restfully after taking this medicine as it reduces the pains and aches in your body fast

It is also the best cough drops for post nasal drip that decreases the chances of midnight coughing

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Sucrets Medicated Sore Throat & Dry Mouth Cough Drops - Best cough drops for a dry cough

Sucrets Medicated Sore Throat & Dry Mouth Cough Drops - Best cough drops for a dry cough

It is the best cough drops for a dry cough that is manufactured by the world famous brand “Sucrets." This trademark first introduces in the year 1931, and it is renowned among the people for sore severe throat relief.

It is entirely dissimilar to the other cough drops as Sucrets comprises of the oral anesthetic Dyclonine which numbs the sore throats quite fast with a fantastic taste. It is available in three varieties in the market, i.e., sweet, honey lemon (for irritating dry mouth), vapor cherry (for a sore throat) and wild cherry (for numbing the pain of a sore throat).


It provides a perfect cough control along with the soothing action for a sore throat

After consuming it, you might feel a nasty film in the mouth just after one drop

The flavor of the medicine is also good

It’s not good for persistent dry cough

Sucrettes cough drops are ideal for handling the dry mouths issues

The results of the product are fast and long lasting because of the active ingredient called dyclonine

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HALLS Cough Drops - Best menthol cough drops

HALLS Cough Drops - Best menthol cough drops

"Halls" does not need any introduction as it is the world famous brand that manufactured cough-relieving medicines. It is the best menthol cough drops that are formulated to relieve scratchy and sore throats from allergies or colds rapidly. It actively fights with the coughs and cools down the nasal passages.

Lots of people suffer from the allergy due to the trees, grass, and pollen but with this medicine, they can fight with their scratchy and irritating coughs. It comes in packaging of 20 packs along with the intense flavor of the Mentho-Lyptus.


It is a sugar-free cough drop that has only five calories in every single drop

It comprises of aspartame and sucralose that might cause a headache and dizziness

Even if it is sugar-free, this does not change its tasty flavor

It is difficult to finish the single pack in two years if you are living alone

You can use it as an allergy medication

The bag in which the product comes is re-sealable

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Ricola Original Cough Drops 50 Drops - best cough drops for itchy throat

Ricola Original Cough Drops 50 Drops - best cough drops for itchy throat

It is the best cough drops for the itchy throat that comes in the package of 50 drops in each pack. It comprises of the inactive ingredients like peppermint oil, caramel color, extract of flowers and mallow along with the sugar and starch syrup.

What we like most about the product is that it quickly relieves you from the coughs that cause due to inhaled irritant and cold. People suffering from the sore mouth and sore throat and pain also get cured with this medicine.


It also suppresses coughing

Children below the age of six cannot consume the product without doctor’s recommendation

It is gluten-free and a completely vegan product to buy

You can not use more than two drops at one time as it is mentioned by the manufacturer

The product has natural colorings and flavorings

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What Are Cough Drops?

The cough drops or cough lozenges are a kind of small tablets or pills that gradually get dissolves in your mouth. At the time they are getting dissolve in your mouth, it starts soothing your irritated tissues so that you get ease with a cough.

These drops are not a new invention. It has been used by past several years for curing the severe cough, inflammation, sore throat and itching or pain.

What are the different Types of Cough Drops?

There are mainly three different types of cough drops that you can find on the market:

Flavored cough drops 

If you have ever tasted the cough drops then, you must know that the cough drops come in different flavors in the market. The flavored cough drops are most relished by the small kids who are fussy.

In fact, sometimes we also do not want to consume the pills which do not have any flavor. However, you should remember that sometimes these flavored drops contain a high level of sugar also and this can worsen your pain in the throat.

Medicated cough drops 

The medicated cough drops give symptomatic relief because of the pharmaceutical properties. Most of them have an adequate quantity of zinc and vitamin C that boost our immunity system along with the cure of the sore throats. They might also contain painkillers, numbing ingredients and antihistamines sometimes.

Synthetic cough drops 

The natural lozenges and the artificial cough drops have the same effect. In fact, the synthetic drops are more efficient because of the chemical ingredients. These ingredients help in boosting the medicinal properties of the product. You can buy them at the reasonable price on the market also.

What Does the Cough Drops Do?

Lots of people misunderstood cough drops as a medicine. But let us tell you that it is not a medicine that prevents or fight against cold. It makes you relieve the symptoms of the flu-like pain, coughing, inflammation and sore throat.

Some honey cough drops benefits in clearing the congestion in the chest as well as the stuffy passages of the sinus. Some drops come with the vitamin C also that pushes your metabolic rate. Cough drops are available at the reasonable price on the market, and people of all the ages can consume them.

However, if you want to give it your kid below the age of six then, you should consult her/his doctor first.

What things to consider while buying the best cough drops?

It is essential that the cough drops which you are thinking to buy have all the critical ingredients that increase its healing effect on sore throat, cough or pain. So, here we will tell you about those elements that must exist in your best cough drops:


It is one of the most vital ingredients that must present in the cough drops for fast nasal passages. The extract of the menthol mainly uses in medicines for curing the allergies and sore throats.


Honey is one of the oldest products in this world that our ancestors also used for making natural medicines. It has got the antiseptic properties that not only benefits you in fighting with you a severe cough but, also you can ingest it easily.


It is one more main powerful ingredient in the cough drops that make you relieve from a cough. It quickly found in every cough medicine. But you cannot take it in a significant amount as that can cause some side effects also.


Benzocaine has a minor topical numbing effect that numbs your itchy throat without any damage. So, you can prefer the cough drops with the small amount of Benzocaine for buying.

Are Cough Drops Safe?

Well! A maximum number of doctors suggest that you should not begin any treatment for a cough until it affects your daily schedule. They do not want that the patient pumps his body with the numbing chemicals without any significant reason.

You cannot see the immediate effect of these drops, but it affects your body in the long run by making you lazy. So, we cannot say that cough drops are dangerous for the health, but you should not consume it until you feel the necessity.

How do cough drops work?

The cough drops are the packed antiseptic lozenge which helps you in getting relieved from a sore throat or a cough. It has the medicinal properties which relax and lubricate the itchy throat. Nowadays, these drops are getting more popular among the people owing to its pleasant flavor. However, they also contain some amount of sugar too.

Different companies manufactured different drops with various ingredients. But according to our experience, the cough drops with the methanol are an excellent option to buy as it numbs your throat’s nerves that happens due to the cold. Some studies have also show that the typical ingredients like menthol and sucrose in a cough drops efficiently reduce a cough and clear the throats.

List of different home remedies for a cough

If you want more treatment for a sore throat along with cough drops. You should stay tuned with us because below we will give you some details about the natural remedies for cough.

Please have a look!


Everybody knows the power of ginger, and it also uses for the medicinal properties since ancient times. Many doctors prescribe ginger for treating the flu and colds. It has the decongestant and antihistamine capabilities also.

You may also prepare the ginger tea with the help of the ginger slices and water. You have to boil it on low flame on the stove and strain it after 15 minutes. To add some flavor, you can add lemon and honey.

Thyme tea

Thyme is an aromatic plant (used in Germany mostly) that provides you quick relief from the problems related to bronchitis, coughs, whooping cough and upper respiratory infections.

The leaves of this plant possess cough-soothing composites which function to relax the Ileal and Tracheal muscles along with the reduction in inflammation. Making the thyme tea is effortless. You need to add few crushed leaves of it for ten minutes in the boiling water and strain it later. You may also add some lemon and honey to enhance the flavor of the tea.

Honey cough syrup

The honey cough syrup prepared at home is also an adequate home remedy for sore throats and cough. You can either take it alone or with the lemon juice or coconut oil for additional benefits.

Honey and Black pepper tea

If you have the wet cough too much then, trying the honey and black pepper tea is a proper remedy. The pepper helps in stimulating the flow and circulation of mucus whereas honey is a natural way to cure a cough.

You just need two spoons of honey and one spoon of powdered pepper and pour boiling water over the mixture. Then, wait for 10 minutes and strain it. Your honey and black pepper tea are ready.

Taking hot shower

Just turn on the hot water shower and close the windows of your bathroom. It will lead to the formation of lots of steam which is the worst enemy of a cough.

Remember that at this time do not open the exhaust fan, and this remedy is not suitable for asthma patients. The steam of the shower helps in loosening the sinus congestion as well as phlegm in the lungs and throat.

Drink lot of liquids

Drinking lots of fluids also help in getting relief from a cough. You might drink any herbal tea, or you can also increase the daily consumption of water. Whatever liquids you take, it will help in thinning out the mucus inside the postnasal drip and even moist the membranes that support a cough.

Phlegm is also related to the sore throats and many people get it confuse with the mucus. But Phlegm is more than the mucus. if you want to know more then, read the below section.

How to get rid of phlegm?

Before telling you that how you can rid of phlegm, let's explain you about the phlegm first.

Phlegm is almost same as the mucus which occurs in the lower airways of the respiratory system and lungs. The sinuses and the nose in the human body produce it. It helps in protecting our lungs from any harmful things. The uncommon thing between the mucus and the phlegm is that the phlegm is much thicker than the mucus.

Phlegm has lots of dead viruses, bacteria, and white blood cells and that is why the doctors always recommend spitting it out rather than swallowing. The following few ways can help you in getting rid of phlegm:

Dry out the air

Drying out or humidifying the air around benefits in thinning the mucus. Lots of people think that with steam, the congestion and the phlegm get clear but it can cause burning sensation also. Thus instead of steam, the cool vapor humidifier is a much better option. You can safely use it for the whole day. Remember that it is imperative that you change the water of the humidifier daily.

Staying hydrated

Drinking lots of liquids, such as warm juices, benefits in flowing out the mucus. The warm water loosens the blocking, and thus the mucus moves out. You can have hot soup, lemon water or decaffeinated tea.

Eat respiratory supporting foods

There are some foods like garlic, berries, pomegranate, lemon and ginger that helps in treating the coughs, cold and excessive mucus. In fact, food which is spicy or contains chili peppers also clears the sinuses.

Gargle with the salt water

It is one of the oldest ways which many people follow to get rid of phlegm. When you gargle with the salt water, the phlegm gets clear which is hanging on the back side of the throat. Such water also kills harmful bacteria.

Use the essential oils

The essential oils like eucalyptus oil also get out the mucus from the chest. It relaxes the mucus so that it becomes easy for you to cough it out stress-free. Some of you might suffer from an irritating cough also, and this oil does a miracle in such cases. You can either use in the form of balm or with a diffuser.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many cough drops can you take in a day?

Well! The number of cough drops depends on the type of the product which you are using. Some of the cough drops have menthol and herbs which you can consume in every 2 to 3 hours gap. On the other hand, there are some medications which have benzocaine in it.

Benzocaine is a numbing agent so that you can take it after the gap of 5 to 6 hours. Sometimes, you might need a cough drop more often then, we would like to suggest you buy an over the counter medicines or you may have an appointment with some good physician.

Does a humidifier help a cough?

Yes, humidifier helps in getting relief from congestion and cough to a great extent. The blockage in the chest happens due to the soreness inside the airways, and when you breathe too much dry air, it gets triggered. A cool mist humidifier helps in fighting with the cold, congestion and cough for some period.

Humidifiers hydrate the nasal passages and throat so that you can breathe easy. With the moistness in your throat, you get quickly heal. It also reduces the other symptoms like sneezing and coughing.

How to get rid of a cough while pregnant?

In pregnancy, you can take OTC (over the counter) medicines every time. But, you can get rid of a cough while pregnant also by following the below ways:

  • Take lots of rest and try to relax more
  • Drink lots of liquids like juice, water, warm tea, etc.
  • Have a proper diet in the form of small portions
  • Use a humidifier in your room
  • Ease your sore throat with the warm salt water gargling

What tea is good for coughs?

There are lots of herbal teas that are good for coughs. They not only have a delicious taste but also keep you safe from symptoms of the flu or cold infections. It also relaxes your sore throat and soothes the irritated lungs and sinuses. You can have the following teas for a cough:

  • Ginger tea: It provides a powerful warming effect on the body that makes you feel comfy during the fever with a cough. The ginger tea also provides relief to the people suffering from an upset stomach. 
  • Clove tea: It acts like a cough syrup which eases the congestion in your lungs. You can breathe easily after drinking this tea as it opens up the sinuses also.
  • Licorice Tea: It is a sugar-free tea that supports the immune system of our body by decreasing the throat soreness. Licorice calms the contractions in your lungs and also does the thinning of the mucus.

Short Quiz for You

The below is the quick quiz that prepares by our team which will help you in knowing the cough drops more appropriately. It might help you in picking the right product according to your need. So, please try answering them once. We are sure you will enjoy solving them.
So, let’s begin!


Having cold is one of the standard problems which we face in our life. But if you do not cure it on time then, it can worsen your condition. The cough drops are one of the best and practical solutions that fight against a cough and the sore throats so that you can feel better.

In the above buying guide, we have reviewed the five best cough drops which you can buy from the market. But, according to us, the real winner among them is the Cepacol Extra Strength Sore Throat & Cough Drop

It is the dominant and fast relief lozenges for a sore throat. Your itchy esophagus also gets cure with the numbing effect of these drops. What we like more about the product is that it does not have any added sugar at all. 

Besides this, you can pick any of the products from the list as all of them are effective and useful for a cough.

So, what are you waiting for now? Go and buy yourself the best cough drops which suit your needs and share your experiences with us here.

If you have any question in your mind regarding the cough drops then, you can ask us in the below comment box. We will feel obliged to help you. You can also share this article with your friend and relatives which are in search of best cough drops.

Keep exploring our website for new info!

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