Best CLA For Weight Loss: Top 5 Wonderful Products

April 12, 2018


Best CLA For Weight Loss: Top 5 Wonderful Products

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Introduction – A Glimpse of CLA

Modern life brings many advantages. One of the benefits is that the food we eat is no longer the only available source of vitamins and nutrients for the human body. Instead, if you head to drugstores or supermarket, you will quickly notice there are thousands of different kinds of supplements.

So what are exactly supplements? Supplements or dietary supplements are available in many forms such as tablets, capsules, drinks, powders and so on. They mainly consist of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts. Dietary supplements are alternative sources for those who don’t have time and chance to eat various nutritious foods.

There are many famous supplements such as vitamin A, vitamin D, iron and calcium. Recently, a kind of supplement that has come under the spotlight because of its excellent benefit – weight loss. CLA – the supplement has been receiving attention and praises of bodybuilders and overweight people – is considered miracle pill.

Many studies and personal stories have proved CLA effectiveness. CLA is undoubtedly a good choice if you want your body to be in shape. The only problem is that there are so many brands and types of CLA that sometimes we are confused about which is the best CLA for weight loss.

If you are about to start your journey with CLA and wonder the same about the best CLA for weight loss, or you just want to get more information about this great supplement before using it, then this article is for you. Below, CLA will be explained in details with top 4 best CLA supplements for weight loss.     

What is CLA?

Before getting to know the top 4 best CLA for weight loss, let’s first take a look at what CLA actually is.

Surprisingly, CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid, which is, in fact, a natural fatty acid. In other words, CLA is a type of good fats that are abundant in animal-based products.

Unlike bad fats – those if accumulated in your body will cause a lot of troubles; good fats have wonderful health benefits such as improving the cholesterol level in your blood and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.   

According to a study in 1999, CLA is mostly found in grass-fed animals such as cows or goats. Fresh beef has at least 4.3 milligrams of CLA out of 1 gram of fat [1]. Animals that eat other things than grass have a lower level of CLA. “Circulation” – research in 2004 has shown that CLA can also be found in the milk of grass-fed cows. At least 5.5 milligrams of CLA per 1 gram of fat is found in cow milk.   

While natural CLA can be obtained from various sources of meat and dairy products, CLA in dietary supplements is many from oil such as safflower and sunflower. The molecular arrangement of the carbon bonds in CLA supplements is, therefore, different from the natural one. Typically, CLA supplements often consist of t10c12 type of CLA [2], while natural CLA is mostly c9t11.

CLA supplements appear in many forms such as pills, tablets, and syrup. The capacity of CLA in each type depends on the concentration of CLA in such supplements. It is essential to look for information on the label to make sure you buy the right kind of CLA. BEST CLA SUPPLEMENT: A COMPLETE BUYING GUIDE is a wonderful source for you to read before purchasing CLA.

The reason why CLA is getting so much attention is that of its miraculous capacity to help users with weight loss. Other than that, CLA is believed to strengthen metabolism, enhance the immune system and assist the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Let’s find out more about the benefits of CLA right below.  

Benefits of CLA

CLA helps with weight loss

CLA helps with weight loss
CLA helps with weight loss

DOES CLA HELP WITH WEIGHT LOSS? Many people are skeptical about using CLA as a tool to help them lose weight. It’s true that there are so many fat-burner supplements out there that are worthless, but CLA’s capacity has been proved through numerous studies in mice and human bodies.

The manifestation of weight loss in mice is more accurate and obvious than in human bodies. A study with mice conducted by Jean-Michel Gaullier shows that within a short period, 60% of the mice body fat was reduced [3]. Whereas, the same study on human body lasted for half a year shows a very slow change in the total body fat.

The effectiveness of CLA depends on many reasons such as the users’ metabolism, the intake dosage, and extra exercises. The article HOW TO TAKE CLA FOR BEST RESULT will help you understand how to use CLA effectively for weight loss.

CLA is a cancer prevention

A recent study published by Cornell University and the National Academy of Sciences proves that CLA is able to stop the growth of cancerous cells in animals. CLA increases the ability to absorb precious vitamins such as vitamin A or vitamin D – which are both fat-soluble elements. It also monitors the cell production and growth through the regulation of the chemicals called prostaglandins.

CLA shows effective in heart – disease prevention and treatment

Heart-diseases such as atherosclerosis derive from the over-accumulated fats in the body. CLA accelerates the use of unused fats and turns them into energy. Therefore, CLA is also believed to be useful in certain types of heart disease prevention and treatment.

Research by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center shows that CLA is able to block the accumulation of plaque and lipids in the arteries. Plus, it is also a wonderful antioxidant and a key factor in lowering blood pressure.

For more information about CLA health benefits, please take a look at the article WHAT DOES CLA DO.

Best CLA for weight loss

There are thousands of different brands of dietary supplements. What bothers us the most may not be what CLA is or how it works, but how to choose the best CLA for weight loss. It is not easy since many brands of supplements you can find on the drugstore’s shelves label themselves as the best CLA for weight loss.

This section is intended to help you overcome the confusion when you want to spend your money on CLA. Below is the four best CLA for weight loss.

NatureWise CLA 1250

In the world of CLA, NatureWise CLA 1250 is on the rise as one of the best CLA products for weight loss. The reason is quite apparent. The ingredient to make 180 capsules of NatureWise CLA 1250 is natural and pure. The company guarantees the source of the components is 100% non-GMO safflower oil.

NatureWise CLA 1250 is famous for its incredible ability to increase lean muscle mass. CLA in NatureWise CLA 1250 encourages the growth and activeness of CPT (Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase enzyme) in muscles. In this way, the lean muscle mass is strengthened, and the BMI rate is improved.

NatureWise CLA 1250 is tested by ISO 17025 third parties for its purity, potency as well as any chemical and microbial impurity, making sure every capsule is in the best condition. That’s the reason why NatureWise CLA 1250 ranks at no.1 in Sports Nutrition Endurance and Energy Products on Amazon.

CLA 1250

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BulkSupplements CLA

First of all, the reason why BulkSupplements CLA is gaining so much attention is that the right deal it brings. With 300 softgels in each package that contains 1000 mg of CLA each softgel, BulkSupplements CLA only costs around $20. To many gym-ers and people wish to lose weight, this is the great price.

Secondly, BulkSupplements CLA does not only help you lose weight. 300 softgels of BulkSupplements CLA guarantee a month of a strong immune system and a healthy metabolic rate. Unlike other supplement brands, BulkSupplements CLA contains over 80% of active isomers such as C12, T11, C9, and T10.

This product is also lab-tested to make sure there are no artificial elements and additional fillers. It has received many customers’ reviews over a long period for its high effectiveness within a brief period.

Bulk Supplements

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MAX Potency CLA 1250

Max Potency CLA 1250 is perhaps the only products in the market that guarantees each softgel in their package contains 95% active CLA. It is considered the highest potency available in the market. The source of safflower oil using in MAX potency CLA 1250 is non-GMO and gluten-free.

MAX potency CLA 1250 has a non-stimulating formula, which means it will limit any potential side effects. The benefits of MAX potency CLA 1250 last long; therefore you don’t need to cycle use. The product is also tested by third parties to make sure its safe.

With the highest potency of CLA in each softgel, MAX potency CLA 1250 has brought immediate results to many users. By reducing the body fat and promoting lean muscle mass, MAX potency CLA 1250 is surely the best CLA for weight loss.

Max Potency CLA 1250

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 Evlution Nutrition CLA 1000

Evlution Nutrition CLA 1000 is another best CLA for weight loss in the form of softgel. Since its first appearance, Evlution Nutrition CLA 1000 has continuously received warm welcomes from nutritionists and experts. It is also on the best-seller list of Amazon.

Evlution Nutrition CLA 1000 uses stored fat in our body and turns it into energy. It also increases metabolic rate and lean muscle. Furthermore, using Evlution Nutrition CLA 1000 can help restore energy after intense exercising. That’s why this product is on the favorite list of many gym-ers and bodybuilders.

To promote a healthy lifestyle. Evlution Nutrition CLA 1000 encourages its users to take it with a proper diet and regular exercise. This helps boost the fat-burning ability of Evlution and also help you build up a better way of life.

Evlution Nutrition

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RSP CLA 1000

RSP CLA 1000
RSP CLA 1000

RSP CLA 1000 is a product of RSP Nutrition – the brand famous for its meaningful motto: provide effective products to motivate users to pursuit a healthy lifestyle. That’s why RSP Nutrition has two offers for their customers: 1 package with 90 softgels costs over 12$ and 1 package with 180 softgels costs over 17$.

The price and option are not the only things that impress the customers. RSP Nutrition has invented a safe and all-inclusive formula for RSP CLA 1000. The product is tested, and GMP certified for its source of ingredients, the purity, and effectiveness.

The recommended use of RSP CLA 1000 is to take 1 to 2 softgels each time and take maximum 3 times per day with meals. Together with a balanced diet and extra exercises, you will see the miracle of RSP CLA 100 that everybody’s talking about in a short time.

RSP CLA 1000 Conjugated Linoleic Acid

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How to take Cla for best result in Weight Loss

Now you know which CLA is best CLA for weight loss, it’s time to find out how to take CLA for the best result.

First, we need to know HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE CLA TO WORK. The recommended dosage of CLA is around 1000 mg per days. It depends on different brands of CLA; sometimes you have to take up to 6 capsules to reach this dosage.

If you continue taking this much CLA, you will notice the change in a couple of weeks. Some notice the difference in their bodies within 4 to 6 weeks. If you want to ensure the maximum result of CLA, it’s best to take the recommended dosage.

When to take CLA is also vital. Knowing BEST TIME TO TAKE CLA will help boost the effectiveness of CLA. There are different methods of taking CLA, and each has different efficacy.

  • Taking CLA any time of the day: Most people find this method convenient since they don’t have to wait until lunch or dinner to use CLA. Since the body doesn’t have to rely on food to carry CLA to the bloodstream, this way of taking CLA is also efficient. However, it can cause the gastrointestinal problem to some people.
  • Taking CLA more than one time: Recent studies show that this method of using CLA will maximize the capacity of it. By taking 3g of CLA daily in 3 doses, you will get the most out of CLA without worrying too much about the side effects.
How to take Cla for best result in Weight Loss
How to take Cla for best result in Weight Loss

Bottom Line

The top 5 best CLA for weight loss above are famous among not only gym-ers and bodybuilders but also experts and nutritionists. Because of their high capacities to burn fat and enhance users’ metabolism, the top 5 best CLA for weight loss are what you need to find a way to fight against body’s fat and build a perfect healthy figure.

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