A Complete Buying Guide for the Best Charcoal Mask

September 11, 2017

Jelly Bell

A Complete Buying Guide for the Best Charcoal Mask

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When we hear about the charcoal, the very first thing with which we link it is the barbecuing or the cooking. But now, the charcoal can also be used for making our face look beautiful and smoother in the form of face pack or face powder. What does the best charcoal mask do?

Well! They help in absorbing the dirt and impurities from your skin and open pores. Besides this, it also removes the acnes, blackheads, fine lines and wrinkles from the face that hinders our natural beauty from coming out.

All of them formulated with some exceptional qualities that benefit the skin in return. It makes your skin look healthy and wrinkle free.

There are some different charcoal peel off masks that is obtainable on the market. That is why we have prepared the list of 5 best charcoal masks after in-depth study and research. We have also shared some important info regarding the charcoal face mask which will guide you in buying the best product.
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How to Find the Best Charcoal Mask?

The following things should consider while buying the best charcoal mask:

Natural Ingredients of the mask

It is not correct that all types of best charcoal masks manufactured with the 100% natural ingredients. Thus, before buying any product, you should check this information. Some of you might have sensitive skin thus; buying a natural product is a good option.

Additional Ingredients in the mask

There are few charcoal masks which comprises of the additional and useful ingredients like black sugar, apricot powder, etc. All of them possess some particular role for our skin, for instance, the black sugar removes the dead skin. Therefore, you can check such ingredients also.

List of 5 Best Charcoal Mask

There are different types of charcoal peel off mask which are available on the market today. Then, how will you know which is the best suitable product for you?
Don’t worry as after doing an in-depth research and study, we have papered the following list of five best over the counter facial masks along with the detailed review. Please go through it once!


Berry Moon Anti-aging Charcoal Clay Mask

Berry Moon Anti-aging Charcoal Clay Mask

The top name on our list is of Berry Moon Anti-aging Charcoal Clay Mask which softens and clarifies your skin completely. It provides you a flawless look after the first use.

This charcoal face mask has the combination of witch hazel and rosewater that works well with the oily skin without the problem of over drying. It mainly treats the dark spots, dull skin and fine lines that hinder our natural beauty. It is a perfect product for the people with the oily skin as well as with the normal skin. With the regular use of the product, you can feel a magnificence change in your skin.


It improves the wrinkles and the fine lines of the face with the content of the moisturizer in the charcoal face cleanser

To get the better results, you have to use the serum as well as moisturize later

It suits every skin type and renews the complexion of every gender

Its smell is not so alluring which might result in a bit of uneasiness

It takes out the impurities from your skin and provides you a young look

It minimizes the age spots, dark spots, and scars on the face

It does not dry out completely after applying

You can see the improvement in your acne after using the product for some time

It is quite easy to use this mask as there are no chances of creating a mess at all

User Reviews:

According to one buyer who has recently bought this product, after using this charcoal clay mask, he can feel a real change in the skin in few days only. One more user said that he always buys a vegan and a cruelty-free product and this mask has sufficed the purpose well. It comprises of all the natural ingredients that treat his acne entirely.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It is a vegan product that has the natural ingredients only
  • It effectively removes the congestion and dullness of the skin
  • It makes the skin soft and beautiful
  • It does not create any mess

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Applying excessive amount of mask can over dry the skin
  • It might not suit the people with the sensitive skin

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Activated Charcoal Powder By Peachy Keen

Activated Charcoal Powder By Peachy Keen

It is a charcoal mask for acne that does not comprise of any messy chemicals or additives. It comes in the big size jar which is sufficient for one person monthly use. Without any odd taste and smell, you get all the benefits of the charcoal in this product. In fact, lots of doctors use this charcoal mask in the hospitals for the primary treatment of the acne and also for the cellular detoxification. You can use it for whitening your teeth and also cleaning your gut of required.


It helps in keeping your skin soft and healthy for longer time

It creates lots of mess while applying

It conveniently whitens your teeth and also helps in keeping your mouth healthy in a most natural way

You might not see much difference quickly in your teeth after using

You can use it for getting relief from small tooth pain and aches

If you have problem in the digestion then, using this product can cure this issue as it reduces the bloating and gas entirely

You can apply it on the wounds, burns, and bites to get relief from the itching and the pain

User Reviews:

One user said that he was disappointed with the product as he cannot see any significant difference in the teeth's whiteness. One more unsatisfied buyer who has used this product on face said the powder is quite thin which creates lots of mess during applying.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It is a multi purpose purifying peel off mask that used for various purposes
  • Changes can see in your skin after few applications of the mask

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Powder is very thin
  • It creates a mess while applying

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 BONVITA Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Mask

BONVITA Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Mask

It is a best facial cleanser in which you get two peels off masks. When you use this product, you will surely forget about the costly spa treatments. It mainly clean and smooth your skin with the help of the high-quality ingredients and extracts like hyaluronic acid. You can see the instant difference in your fine lines after applying the mask. People suffering from skin problems like pimple breakouts, skin allergy, and itchiness usually use this product. You can get your flawless skin in just 15 minutes.


It is an excellent combination of two face masks, i.e., green tea mask and bamboo charcoal mask

It is little difficult to get off from your face

The green tea mask benefits in the proper blood circulation of the skin by removing the acnes, wrinkles and fine lines

It can enlarge your pores if blackhead charcoal mask does not suit your skin

It removes the impurities, bacteria, dirt, and toxins from your skin so that you can get rid of the oily skin and the blackheads

The size of the bottles is just perfect to put in a bag while traveling

User Reviews:

There are lots of reviews about this product which imply that it is an easy to apply face masks. One buyer said that it removes lots of blackheads from his face and make it refreshed and soft after that. In fact, one buyer has a problem of dry skin which get cured with this product.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It reduces the hyperpigmentation and sunspots efficiently
  • Makes the skin radiant and clear by deep penetrating
  • Removes the dead cells from the skin

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It can make your skin dry
  • Tough to apply with bare hands

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Hhusali Blackhead Remover Peel-off Mask

Hhusali Blackhead Remover Peel-off Mask

It is a charcoal black head mask that is suitable for any skin type. It eradicates the blackheads from the nose and acne from the face quite quickly. After applying it on your face, you can feel the refreshing and cooling effect of the product on your skin. It mainly absorbs the dirt and improves the quality of the skin by providing it the proper nourishment. To get the better results, you should keep a hot towel over your face before taking out the mask.


It is easy to use, and easy to remove charcoal scrub that you can buy

It makes you feel that your skin is pulling out

With the very first use, the skin becomes fresh and smooth

It removes the blackheads and cleans the pores instantly after applying it for the first time

It is not painful to pull off the mask in comparison to the other products

With the regular use, the black heads get vanished

User Reviews:

According to the charcoal mask review of one buyer, the mask dries out quite well, and it was effortless to wash it off also. One customer was amazed from the benefit of the product as it permanently removes the blackheads from his nose with the regular use. Now, he is happy with his to brighten the face and pore-less skin.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It is an excellent product for the people suffering from eczema, and skin allergies
  • The smell of the mask is quite alluring
  • It is also suitable for the sensitive skin

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It is very dry that makes your feel that your skin is burning
  • Can remove the baby hair of the skin

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ORIGINS Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

ORIGINS Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

The last and final product on our list is ORIGINS Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. Origins are one of the well-known and reputed beauty product manufacturing company, and this is one of the best clarifying masks so far from the manufacturer. It effectively wiped out the acne, black heads, and wrinkles from your face. You can feel a difference in the texture of your skin as it will become healthier and better than before.


It completely removes the blackheads from the nose and the face

There are no instructions on the packaging of the product that for how long we have to keep this cleansing face mask on our face

The skin becomes healthy and smooth after the regular use of the origins charcoal mask

It does not give any burning effect after the use

User Reviews:

As per the review of one buyer of this product, the origins charcoal mask makes her skin refreshing every morning. She thinks that it is a far better product for the home spa treatment. One more user said that it is a highly recommended product for eradicating the acne scars, deep cleansing and removing the blemishes.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It completely removes the dirt and acne
  • It makes the skin more lively and fresh

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It is an expensive product to buy
  • Get dries in the tube after few days

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Comparative Table of 5 Best Charcoal Mask


Our Choice







Effective ingredients

Sea Silt and Vitamin C

100% Hardwood Trees

Hyaluronic acid, bamboo charcoal and green tea


White China Clay, Lecithin


All skin types

Detoxifies the skin

All skin types

Rough skin

All skin types


9.6 ounces

11.2 ounces

4.2 ounces

5.6 ounces

3.4 ounces



3.6 x 3.6 x 6.8 inches

2 x 1.6 x 6.7 inches


2.5 x 1.5 x 6 inches


Alternative Best Charcoal Mask for Blackheads

There are some alternative clarifying masks which are available on the market. These products are giving tough competition to the above reviewed five products by the features, quality, and price. Please go through them once also.

1. First Botany Cosmeceuticals Charcoal Creme Mask 8.8 fl. oz

It is an activated charcoal deep pore cleansing mask that gives the natural cure to your infected skin. It detoxifies the skin from within by tightening the open pores. The main advantages of the product are that it makes your skin look soft and smooth and you will not feel any itching after applying it on the face.

2. Freeman Feeling Beautiful Charcoal & Black Sugar Gel Mask and Scrub, 6-Ounce, 2 Count

The Freeman charcoal mask functions in dual mode, i.e., it exfoliates the skin as well as detox the pores. It has an activated charcoal that absorbs the impurities and the oil from the skin without making it over-dry. It is perfect for all types of skin. There are no unusual side effects of it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a best charcoal mask?

Well! The charcoal mask which also called as the charcoal peel off mask manufactured in Korea with the help of the binchotan charcoal. It has the anti-inflammatory properties that brighten and cleanses your skin. It also comprises of the natural ingredients like green caviar extract and the cultured green tea extract that nourishes the skin perfectly.

2. What do facial masks do?

The black mask for face starts working in only 15 minutes of the application. It hydrates your skin, improve its suppleness and make it more smooth and clarified. It is a skin friendly product that does not cause any irritation or redness on your skin.

Sometimes, when you saw the video clips on the online websites, it shows that the most painful face mask but that masks is of low quality. Thus, you should always prefer to buy a high-quality best charcoal mask that has bamboo in it for the stress-free removal from your face.

3. What does charcoal do for your skin?

The active charcoal mask is a beneficial product for the skin. It mainly used by any person who is suffering from the skin problems. When you go out, there are lots of toxins which get stick to our face and enter the pores. It makes our skin look dull also. With the active charcoal mask, the dirt of your face is pulled out. Such type of masks is beneficial for treating the oily skin, acne and for reducing the pore size. You can feel that after using this product, your skin becomes more flawless and scar-free.

4. How to use origins charcoal mask?

You must apply the origins charcoal mask to your face first. Now, wait for at least 25 to 30 minutes and then take it off from your face. Using this mask is effortless. Sometimes the charcoal mask gets stuck on the face, and it's become difficult to remove them. In such case, you may use a cotton cloth that dips in the warm water. Simply rub the cloth on your face in circular motion, and you will see that leftover mask will get removed instantly. If you get redness on your face then, apply cream with the cooling effect. 

5. Is it possible to make a DIY peel off face mask?

You must apply the origins charcoal mask to your face first. Now, wait for at least 25 to 30 minutes and then take it off from your face. Using this mask is effortless. Sometimes the charcoal mask gets stuck on the face, and it's become difficult to remove them. In such case, you may use a cotton cloth that dips in the warm water. Simply rub the cloth on your face in circular motion, and you will see that leftover mask will get removed instantly. If you get redness on your face then, apply cream with the cooling effect.

6. Is it possible to make a DIY peel off face mask?

Yes, of course, you can make a DIY peel off face mask at your home. The following are the few ingredients that you need for making the mask:

  • One tablespoon of triggered charcoal powder
  • One drop lavender essential oils and the tea tree oil
  • One tablespoon bentonite clay
  • 1/2 tablespoon raw honey
  • Two tablespoons water

Steps to follow for making homemade facial peel masks

  • Take a bowl and add essential oil along with the water.
  • Now take some bentonite clay and mix in the bowl.
  • After ten seconds, add all the other ingredients and mix them well. Try to make the mixture smooth without lumps.
  • Now, you can apply this charcoal mask on your face. After getting dried, you can wash it with the warm water and the soap.

Useful Tips for using the Best Charcoal Mask

The following are the few tips which you can use while applying the best charcoal mask:

  • After the application of the mask, if you find that it is making your face dry then you can use oil or any lotion to calm your face
  • The charcoal mask can put stain on your clothes and thus if it happens quickly wash them off
  • Sometimes the mask is not easy to get off from the face. Thus, with the use of the gentle soap, you can get it off.

How to apply Face Mask properly?

The proper way to use face mask is quite easy. But you need to follow some below guidelines for the better results:

  • It is essential that you maintain the proper hygiene and thus before applying the mask, wash your face properly.
  • In fact, giving steam to your face before using the mask is quite beneficial as it opens your pores perfectly and also enhances the blood flow. You can take steam for 4 to 5 minutes
  • When the steaming completes, you can apply the charcoal mask uniformly over your face with the help of the applicator or your fingers.
  • Remember that you cannot apply it to your hairline or the eyebrow as it can take away the hair. So, using Vaseline on the hairline and eyebrows can keep you safe.
  • As per the instructions, you can smoothly remove the best charcoal mask after twenty minutes. Remember that you have to begin the peeling off from bottom to upside direction so that all the blackheads come out correctly.
  • Now, with the cold water wash off your face so that the pores of your skin gets tighten up. You can apply the moisturizer later for better results.

best charcoal mask

best charcoal mask

Conclusion: Who is the clear winner?

Finding the best charcoal mask is not an easy thing to do. But if you choose the right product for yourself then, you can happily enjoy the charcoal mask benefits. You should not forget that it is also vital that you maintain the proper hygiene while applying this mask or otherwise it might not give the fruitful results.

There are so many different brands on the market which are manufacturing some high quality and top facial masks. In the above article, we have also reviewed the top five best charcoal masks, but according to us, the clear winner is the Berry Moon Anti-aging Charcoal Clay Mask. It is the perfect clear charcoal pack that not only suits every skin type but also comprises of the non-harmful natural ingredients for our skin.

We hope that you enjoyed reading the article and now you have a clear picture in your mind that which charcoal mask you should buy. If you want to know more something about any of the above information then, you can write to us in the below comment box. We will solve your query soon.
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A Complete Buying Guide for the Best Charcoal Mask
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