What Is The Best Black Seed Oil You Can Buy In The Internet?

March 30, 2018

Jelly Bell

What Is The Best Black Seed Oil You Can Buy In The Internet?

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Black seed oil seems to be getting overly popular in the health community today. A lot of people who have used it said it worked wonders for them. Some had better skin, others felt more energized throughout their day, and a lot said they experienced better sleep. We were quite struck with the things we’ve heard about black seed oil, that’s why we decided to go on a lookout for the best black seed oil you can buy online.

If you’re looking for the next best thing for getting healthy, we really encourage you to take a look at this quick guide on black seed oil supplements. You’ll be surprised with all the things you will learn in this article. You may even end up thinking “I could really get that much from a single supplement?” just like most of us did. So take a quick peek at what we have to say or better yet, try black seed oil out for yourself!

Let’s Compare The Best Black Seed Oil Supplements!

To find the best black seed oil supplement you can buy online, we chose the top five best black seed oil supplements based on how much positive reviews they have gathered from their users. There’s quite a lot of them if you look all over the internet, it’s a good thing we did all the nitty gritty work for you.

So here’s what we ended up with. Try to get familiarized with the different products we will test and review. In this table, you will find all sorts of basic information about the black seed oil supplements we chose including the brand, type, and amount. We highly suggest you go over this table first before you read our in-depth reviews below.

Taking in small details about these products one piece at a time will help you have an easier time remembering which one is which, and most importantly, which one you prefer. 

Best Black Seed Oil Reviews

Now that you’re a little bit familiar with the different products we chose, it’s now time to get into the actual reviews. Now we already know that each and every one of these products gathered lots of positive reviews from its users, but that just doesn’t cut it with us. To truly find which one is the best black seed oil, we tried and tested all five products to see what they had to offer.

You’d be surprised as to how many fake positive reviews are out there, that’s why we want to double check everything by trying these products our ourselves so that we can see the results with our own eyes. In this part of the article, you’ll learn all about what you could expect from each product, who are these products made for, what makes them different from other products, and why you should spend your hard earned cash on them.

Take a close look at our reviews below to see which product will fit your needs and preferences best. Knowing about the product your buying before you actually purchase it will help you avoid wasted time and money just trying to get refunds or replacements. 


Kiva Black Seed Oil

Kiva Black Seed Oil

This Kiva black seed oil is said to be the best black seed oil you can get online, according to thousands of reviews. Well, we’ll be the judge of that! Take a look what we have to say below and see if this is the right black seed oil supplement for you.

What to expect from this product?

Let’s talk about appearances first. This product came in pretty good packaging. It comes at 8 ounces in a glass container. Now not a lot of people actually know why, but black seed oil supplements are actually better kept in glass bottles. Because unlike cheap plastic bottles, glass bottles do not leach chemicals into the oil. So this is a clear plus for Kiva, since it ensures safe storage for the long run.

Now as for the amount, you may think that 8 ounces is a small amount considering the price of black seed oil, but don’t go judging just yet. You only need a teaspoon per day, so 8 ounces can get you a couple weeks use. All in all, everything seems okay. The container doesn’t leak, it has clear labels, and everything is pretty straightforward.

Who is this product made for?

Like we have mentioned above, black seed oil is said to have a lot of health benefits. To be honest, we didn’t really believe that a single supplement can lead to several health improvements, but to our surprise, Kiva’s black seed oil supplement actually delivered such results.

Apparently, this product is ideal for most people, even dogs! Yes, if you have a furry friend with you, you can also give this to them for an extra health boost. So what are its effects? Well, to name some, after only a couple days of use, we have already experienced less joint pains, significantly better sleep, less dry skin, and more energy through our days.

It literally feels like a super supplement that will get you looking good and feeling good at the same time. One downside though, it has a strong taste. You may not even be able to stomach it during the first few times, but you’ll get used to it after day three. If you’re sensitive to strong flavors, try mixing it with a beverage or try pouring it to the back of your mouth.

What makes it different from other products?

Kiva’s black seed oil has a number of notable features that makes it different from most black seed oil supplements in the market today. It is organic, cold-pressed, RAW, solvent free, and is filled with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that’s sure to give you an overall health boost.

Why should you buy this product?

So what makes this product worth your hard earned cash? Well, the real question here is, what wouldn’t you pay for deep sleep, less body pain, better looking skin, and more energy to perform whatever you wish during the day? It’s truly an all-in-one supplement that can ultimately make you great inside and out. Though it may have a strong taste, we highly recommend you try this one out for yourself.


Is organic

Has a strong flavor

Is non-gmo

The flavor can linger in the mouth

Comes in a glass bottle

Doesn’t come in larger bottles

Is affordable

Is great for arthritis and joint pain

Is good for skin health

Can get you better sleep

Can aid weight loss

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Lu'Lu Naturals Premium Black Seed Oil

Lu'Lu Naturals Premium Black Seed Oil

Another well-celebrated black seed oil product is Lu'Lu Naturals Premium Black Seed Oil. If you’re not really familiar with the Lu’Lu Naturals brand, then you ought to know that this brand is responsible for producing numerous skin care products made from all natural ingredients. Now we know that black seed oil isn’t really something that you apply to your skin, but since lots of users gave this product a positive rating, we figured it’s worth checking out.

What to expect from this product?

So what can you expect from a brand that usually makes skin care products? Great packaging for one! Yes, Lu’Lu Naturals did their packaging just right. The labels were very easy to read. It’s not filled with too much information that will make your brain hurt after giving it a quick read. We also loved how they used a glass bottle instead of a plastic one since it’s better for keeping oils uncontaminated.

Upon opening the bottle, you get the typical scent that comes with black seed oil. It kind of smells like diesel, but it’s still tolerable. The black seed oil also has a dark yellowish color that didn’t seem out of the ordinary.

Who is this product made for?

Testing this product has led us to believe that this product is ideal for people who are looking to maintain their blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol levels. Using this product for about a week has significantly lowered our sugar levels and has led to stable blood pressure.

We also believe that this product is good for people who are suffering joint pains since it made our bodies feel less sore after extreme workout sessions and long runs. Now this doesn’t mean you’d actually have to suffer from joint pains or abnormal blood sugar, cholesterol, and pressure levels. You can actually take this product just to prevent such health issues from happening.

What makes it different from other products?

So what exactly makes Lu’Lu Naturals’ black seed oil stand out as the best black seed oil from the rest of the products in the market today? Well, first and foremost, it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee that you can count of if you don’t experience any benefits from using this product. Second, it is totally organic, vegan, and kosher. Third, and lastly, it is made with non-gmo products that’s certainly safe for anyone to ingest.

Why should you buy this product?

If you’re the type of person who’s into safety nets, then you may want to go with this product for the 60-day guarantee alone. But if we’re talking benefits, you should definitely try this product out if you want to lower your blood cholesterol, sugar, and pressure all at once.


Is vegan, kosher, halal, and organic

Has a really strong scent

Is non-gmo

Can make your breath smell funky

Is cold pressed

The taste must be acquired

Comes with omega 3 and omega 6

Good for maintaining blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels

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Sweet Sunnah Premium Black Seed Oil Softgel Capsules

Sweet Sunnah Premium Black Seed Oil Softgel Capsules

Now here’s something different! Sweet Sunnah’s premium black seed oil softgel capsules. If you thought black seed oil only came in liquid form, you were hugely mistaken. You can also take this wonder supplement in a way that won’t make you want to gag or spit it out. After all, drinking pure oil isn’t really for everyone right? Now let’s see what makes Sweet Sunnah’s black seed oil softgel capsules a great buy.

What to expect from this product?

The first thing we noticed is that unlike most black seed oil supplements, this one came in a plastic bottle. If it came in oil form, we’d be a disappointed, but since it’s in softgel capsule form, we figured the plastic container won’t do any harm. As for the labels, you get your standard information that states what kind of ingredients were used to make it, nothing special really.

When it came to the ingredients thought, you could expect your basic black seed oil contents including omega 6 and omega 9. You would also be getting cold-pressed oil from pure non-gmo nigella sativa seeds. It’s even halal and alcohol free, making it good to take for most people today.

Who is this product made for?

Since this product came in a softgel capsule form, we definitely think that this product is made for people who dislike the feeling, taste, or smell of actual black seed oil. The softgel capsule may not be completely free of the nasty taste that black seed oil is known for, but it does offer a huge difference in taste as opposed to the typical black seed oil. On the downside, it may cause some diesel-tasting burps throughout the day.

What makes it different from other products?

We can’t really say how different the effects or the ingredients of this product is as opposed to other black seed oil supplements, so we’ll just have to stick with the fact that it came in a softgel capsule form. It’s subtle taste is the main thing that truly differentiates it from other black seed oil supplements in the market today.

Why should you buy this product?

This product may be the best black seed oil for you if you want to take black seed oil really quick. If you don’t feel like gulping down a teaspoon or tablespoon of pure black seed oil once or twice a day, then maybe this softgel black seed oil capsule will help you attain the benefits of black seed oil without letting you suffer the strong flavor that it is known for.


Is easy to swallow

Can cause you to burp a lot

Comes in an informative package

The burps it causes taste like diesel

Doesn’t have a strong taste

It takes a while to experience its health benefits

Is good for deeper sleep

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Check this video out to learn why Sweet Sunnah’s products is considered as one f the best black seed oil products right now: 


Alive Herbals Black Seed Oil

Alive Herbals Black Seed Oil

If you’re looking for the best black seed oil that can aid in joint health and muscle recovery, Alive Herbals black seed oil may be the supplement you are looking for. Well, that’s what a lot of its users said. Though a lot of its users say they’ve experienced better body movement after taking this, we just couldn’t take their word for it. We just had to test it ourselves!

What to expect from this product?

Alive Herbals did a really great job at packaging their product. Their black seed oil came in a glass container with a really tight lid. It’s practically airtight and leak-proof. Just perfect for long-term storage. Even after a couple weeks of storing this product, it still looks as if it was just taken out of the store.

As for its ingredients, you can expect to get vegan, halal, kosher, solvent free, and alcohol free black seed oil. It’s even USDA certified organic! So if you’re into all natural ingredients, this may be a huge plus for you.

Who is this product made for?

As we tested this product, we noticed how its consistency is thinner than most black seed oil supplements today. Because of its consistency, we believe that this product is ideal for people who are new to taking black seed oil. Unlike other black seed oil supplements, this one will be much easier to gulp down since it’s thinner.

However, it still possesses the same strong diesel-like taste that you would find in other black seed oil supplements. It also takes a while before its effects kick in. Perhaps its thinner consistency is what causes it to take longer to affect the body. We’re not really sure, but it’s still good for black seed oil newbies who are looking to get better joint health and enhanced muscle recovery..

What makes it different from other products?

The main thing that makes this black seed oil different from the rest is its thinner consistency that makes it easier to swallow. Now whether this feature is an advantage or not is up to you. Some people actually prefer thicker black seed oils since they believe that thicker ones are more potent. Taste-sensitive people on the other hand, prefer thinner black seed oils since it doesn’t linger much in the mouth.

Why should you buy this product?

You shouldn’t think twice about buying this black seed oil if you haven’t taken black seed oil before. Trust us, it can be a little bit tricky to gulp down pure oil, but with this product’s thin consistency, you may end up saying this is the best black seed oil for yourself. We’re not saying that you will be able to taste it less though, but at least you’ll be able to swallow it quick.


Is vegan, halal, kosher, solvent free, and alcohol free

Has a fishy smell

Is USDA Certified organic

Has a strong taste

Comes in an airtight glass bottle

Can take a while before you experience its effects

Has a thin consistency

Is good for muscle recovery

Is good for joint health

Check Current Price


Amazing Herbs Premium Black Seed Oil

Amazing Herbs Premium Black Seed Oil

If you’re not into popping lots of capsules every day and gulping down pure black seed oil, then you may want to check out Amazing Herbs black seed oil for yourself. It’s very easy to swallow, it doesn’t have a strong taste and scent, and it offers pretty much the same benefits you can get from other black seed oils. It will however, take a couple of weeks before you see or feel its effects.The last product we will review for our best black seed oil roundup is Amazing Herbs premium black seed oil. Unlike most of the products in this roundup, this one comes in a capsule form. Just perfect for people who can’t stand drinking pure oil. Now it’s time to find out whether this stuff really works!

What to expect from this product?

First thing we noticed is that this product came in a somewhat small bottle. It did contain 60 soft gels that are quite large, but we did wish that it came in a larger bottle since 60 softgels are pretty quick to finish. Kudos to Amazing Herbs’ container thought. Most soft gel black seed oils are packed in plastic bottles, this one comes in a nice glass bottle that just makes for better long-term storage.

As for the soft gels, each softgel contains ¼ teaspoon of black seed oil. That could be enough for you to take one softgel in the morning and another in the evening. It’s the right amount of dose per softgel if you ask us, especially since you won’t have to take a lot everyday.

Who is this product made for?

Upon using this product, we noticed how our hair and skin got better after a couple weeks of use. Our skins looked more supple and our hair seemed shinier. We also experience better sleep. Because of so, we guess it’s safe to say that aside from being made for people who don't want to drink black seed oil, this product may be the best black seed oil for people who are looking to have better hair and skin.

What makes it different from other products?

Though most of the best black seed oil products come in oil form, the fact that Amazing Herbs comes in softgel form still doesn’t make it unique. On the upside, unlike other black seed oil capsules, one Amazing Herbs softgel does contain a lot more than those from other brands. This is why we believe that this product’s main advantage is that you won’t have to take as much if you need a high dose of black seed oil.

Why should you buy this product?


Is easy to swallow

The soft gels can leak out the liquid inside them

You don’t have to take too many daily

Can take up to 3 weeks before you feel its effects

Doesn’t have a strong scent

Can cause burping

Is good for hair and skin health

The flavor doesn’t stay in the mouth

Check Current Price

Take a look at this quick video review to see what makes this one of the best black seed oil products today: 

More About Black Seed Oil Supplements

Well, there they are, the five best black seed oil supplements you can buy online today. Have you already figured out which is the best black seed oil for yourself? If not, don’t worry. We’ll get to that soon. But before we announce which black is oil is the best of the bunch, allow us to tell you a couple more things about black seed oil.

If you really want to get the best out of black seed oil, it’s only right for you to learn more about what it is, what it can do, how to properly use it, etc.

By knowing these things, you will be able to easily use black seed oil to achieve your health goals. More importantly, you will become a knowledgeable customer who actually knows what you are putting in your body. After all, you wouldn’t want to take in something that you completely know little about right?

Take a look at these basic pieces of information about black seed oil below and see what else there is to learn about this amazing supplement!

What Is Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil is made from Nigella sativa, more popularly known as black cumin. It is a very popular oil that's been around for tens of decades and is used to cure all sorts of ailments including diabetes, hypertension, inflammation, and allergies [1].

Black seed oil is so popular around the world, that if you look for it in some countries, you may also be able to find it under different names like black caraway, black sesame, onion seed, and roman coriander oil. 

What Are The Benefits Of Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil should be called a super supplement because it has a lot of benefits. It has been known to have anti allergic and asthmatic effects that make it even better than conventional forms of medication.

It can also help cure psoriasis and eczema because it is filled with anti-inflammatory properties. Black seed oil can even be used to treat skin fungal infections as well as fungal infections in the digestive system.

Speaking of the digestive system, you can also use it to alleviate bloating, stomach pain, and gas. Some studies even say that it can prevent the growth of cancer cells in the colon, brain, breast, pancreas, and cervix.

Moreover, since black seed oil is filled with healthy fatty acids, you can also use it to enhance your heart health. It’s even been shown to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood cholesterol.

And if you thought that black seed oil is only good for your insides, you’re mistaken. Black seed oil can also make your skin and hair look and feel healthier. It’s even proven to prevent the formation of scars from wounds [2].

What Is The Best Way To Take Black Seed Oil?

The best way to take black seed oil would depend on what kind of effect you are aiming to experience. You can either ingest the black seed oil or rub it on certain parts of your body.

If you’re experiencing body aches, muscle pains, headaches, hair loss, and dry skin, the best way to take black seed oil would be by applying it to the affected area and rubbing it gently for a couple of minutes. For example, if you have joint pains, you may rub it on the affected areas to relieve inflammation. On the other hand, when it comes to headaches, the best approach may be through ingestion of a small amount.

Knowing when is the best time to take black seed oil can also affect how effective it could be for some health issues. For example, if you are suffering from hypertension, coughing, asthma, diabetes, kidney stones, and fatigue, it is best to take a tablespoon or two of black seed oil in the morning. You can even inhale the vapor of black seed oil mixed with hot water to alleviate asthma [3].

Though black seed oil has been shown to heal or prevent lots of sicknesses regardless of the time people took it, it would still be wise to practice taking it at different times of the day so that you would see which schedule works best for yourself. You can also try taking it with different kinds of ingredients like, teas, ginger, garlic, etc.

How To Make Black Seed Oil At Home?

Don’t have access to the best black seed oil? That’s okay. You can always try making your own at home! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll end up with your own batch of black seed oil in no time!

Step 1: Prepare the materials and ingredients.

You will need an oil pressing machine, some cumin seeds, and a clean container. 

Step 2: Clean the materials and ingredients.

Before you begin, make sure that the machine is thoroughly clean. Give it a nice wipe down before you use it. Next thing you have to do is rid your black seeds of sand and dirt by washing it with water and drying it with a clean towel.

Step 3: Setup the machine.

Follow the instructions that come with the machine. Place your clean container in the machine and use another container to collect the seed waste from the machine. Once all set, preheat the machine according to its instructions 

Step 4: Star pressing the seeds.

Put in the right amount of black seeds in the machine and then turn it on. Wait until you see the seed waste being dropped in the container. Continuously add black seeds to the machine until your container is full of black seed oil. 

Step 5: Store and extract the oil.

Once the container is filled with oil, set it aside in a dry and warm place. Make sure that the container is covered to avoid contaminations. Wait a while until the floating bits in the oils settle at the bottom of your container. Once the remnants have settled, transfer the pure oil into another container.

Take a look at this short video to see how to make black seed oil with a cold press machine at home:

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we announce the best black seed oil in this round up, let us first clear any remaining questions in your head. Here are the most frequently asked questions we have found about the best black seed oil supplements. Take a look below to find out the answers to some questions you may still have.

What Does Black Seed Oil Do For Your Hair?

Black seed oil can do a lot for your hair. The best black seed oil contains a lot of Thymoquinone that has anti-oxidative and antiinflammatory properties which can help prevent oiliness, scalp irritation, dandruff, hair loss, hair fall, and graying of hair. Using it on a daily basis can help you gain more strands of hair that aren’t just stronger, but shinier too. 

How Does Black Seed Oil Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, black seed oil actually aids in weight loss because of its anti-inflammatory effects. Because of so, it has become a favorite supplement for fighting obesity. Using the best black seed oil products regularly can significantly help you shed a couple of pounds within a couple weeks or months use. 

Can You Drink Black Seed Oil?

Yes. You can drink black seed oil straight from the bottle but only in small amounts. The recommended dosage for the best black seed oil products is approximately 5 ml or one teaspoon at a time. You can take it twice or thrice a day depending on your health goals. You can also mix it in with beverages like tea and hot water. 

Is Black Seed Oil Good For Skin?

Black seed oil is filled with antioxidants that can help you get better looking and healthier skin. It helps prevent wrinkles, premature aging, sagging, and scarring [4].

Can Black Seed Oil Heal Scars?

Yes. Black seed oil contains anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that can help regenerate and repair damaged skin. It can be used to prevent scars from forming or to make small acne scars disappear [5].

best black seed oil 1

Can You Get All The Right Answers To This Quiz?

What Is The Best Black Seed Oil?

Think you already figured out which is the best black seed oil from the bunch? Well, let’s see if your guess matches up with our results! Remember, in our attempt to find the best black seed oil you can buy in the internet, we scoured the interwebs for the five highest rated black seed oil products in the market. After finding which ones got the most positive reviews from their users, we then proceeded to test each product ourselves.

After rigorous and extensive testing, we have found the true best black seed oil among the five highest rated products we have tested. Based on all of their effects, pros, cons, packaging, pricing, and time to take effect, we finally crown KIVA'S BLACK SEED OIL as the best black seed oil you can buy online today.

Unlike the four black seed oils we’ve tested, KIVA'S BLACK SEED OIL performed the best. We experience the most benefits from it in the shortest amount of time. Within just a couple days of use we already experienced better sleep and more energy. A couple more days of use lead us to some weight loss, better looking skin, and significantly less joint pain!

It may not be perfect with its strong scent and taste, it’s still a great product that will get you one step closer to feeling food and looking good. Besides, you can always mix it in with yogurt, tea, hot water, or any sort of food or beverage that you prefer. Taking it regularly will also get your taste buds used to its strong flavor. So don’t get scared away by what other people say about the black seed oil taste. Try it out for yourself and experience the same great results that we did!

There you go! A guide for finding the best black seed oil! Want to learn about other healthy supplements? Feel free to look around! And don’t forget to show your support by sharing this with your friends! Thank you and stay healthy!

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