What You Need To Know To Find The Best Bikini Trimmer

February 16, 2018

Jelly Bell

What You Need To Know To Find The Best Bikini Trimmer

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We know how embarrassing it can be have someone see those little hairs sticking out your bikini area when you’re out in your bikini at the beach or by the pool or when you’re about to seal the deal after a hot date.

This is why we created this short and simple buying guide that will let you in all the nitty gritty things you need to know in order to find the best bikini trimmer for yourself. To help you and the rest of our readers, we did all the research and extensive testing so that you won’t have to.

All that there’s left for you to do now is sit back and enjoy this article!

What’s The Best Women’s Bikini Trimmer Today?

If you go out and start shopping for a bikini trimmer, you’d be astounded by the plethora of choices that you’d see from one store to another. It’s a good thing we already did the research for you right?

Upon our search, we have found five great products that have received lots of positive ratings from its users. It is these set of products that will be included for this roundup.

To start you off, why don’t you try checking out our simple table below. There you will find all sorts of information about the products we will cover including their brand, features, add ons, and more.

By getting familiar with the products we have included in the table below, you will gain at least a little bit of information that may help you gauge which product suits you most.

Our Best Bikini Trimmer Reviews

Done looking at our table above? If you are, you may already have a choice in mind. But don’t go purchasing products just yet. You may still need to find out more to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Below are our short reviews for each and every one of the products we have included in the table above. In this part you will learn more about these products for every short review includes the total breakdown of their features, pros, and cons.

Try to learn about these products to avoid ending up as an unsatisfied customer. Remember, when it comes to making any purchase, make sure that the product you are getting perfectly fits your personal preferences and needs.

Doing so will not only make you a happy customer, but will save you from going back to the store or having to return the product for replacements as well. 


Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor  - Best Bikini Trimmer For Close Shave

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor - Best Bikini Trimmer For Close Shave

Schick is a very well known brand in the personal care industry for they have provided good quality razor, shavers, and trimmers over the recent years. One great product from Schick that may catch your eye if you’re looking for the best bikini hair trimmer is the Silk Trimstyle moisturizing razor.

Upon testing this product we have found that it is quite simple and easy to use. It’s five curved blades that are equipped with skin guards significantly lessens irritation while making it easy to achieve a very close shave.

Moreover, this bikini trimmer comes with a nice hypoallergenic moisturizing serum that can help you get smooth and hydrated skin for up to two hours after every shave. In fact, this is one of this product’s features that was highly applauded by majority of its users.

Lastly, we loved this bikini trimmer’s overall design. It is ergonomic and easy to hold, it has a built-in waterproof trimmer, and an adjustable comb that you can set four different ways to achieve multiple trim lengths.


Comes from a well-known brand

Is not compact

Makes for a clean and easy close shave

Doesn’t come with a case

Is hypoallergenic

Doesn’t come with a warranty

Has an 4-setting adjustable comb

Hydrates the skin for up to two hours after shaving

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If you think this product would work for you, you may be interested in watching this short review video to find out more about it.


Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper & Trimmer for Women - Best Bikini Trimmer For Sensitive Skin

Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper & Trimmer for Women - Best Bikini Trimmer For Sensitive Skin

Another bikini trimmer from a well known brand is the ES246AC Bikini Shaper & Trimmer from Panasonic. Though Panasonic isn’t really the household name when it comes to personal care, the company does make a great set of bikini trimmers for women.

One of their products that you might be interested in is the ES246AC. What we liked about this bikini trimmer is its shaver that was specifically designed for sensitive skin. If your bikini area has irritable skin, this hypoallergenic bikini trimmer may be the best choice for you.

Furthermore, this trimmer has an interesting portable design. It is very lightweight and easy to put inside your care kit or bag. Other features of this product that you may like is its angled waterproof bikini trimmer that will guide you all the way through your bikini area until it's completely trimmed. If it’s your first time to use a bikini trimmer, this product will keep you from making unnecessary cuts.

Lastly, this product is extra easy to clean and maintain. It comes with its own cleaning brush and its batteries are so simple to replace.


Is very safe to use

It is not entirely waterproof

Is ideal for beginners

It doesn’t come with a warranty

Is hypoallergenic

It is not the best choice for a close shave

The batteries are easy to replace

Comes with a cleaning brush

Is great for travel use

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Watch this video below to see a quick video review and demo of the Panasonic ES246AC bikini trimmer.


Elevo 2 in 1 Bikini Trimmer - Best Waterproof Bikini Trimmer

Elevo 2 in 1 Bikini Trimmer - Best Waterproof Bikini Trimmer

We know how irritating it can be to trim the bikini area especially when the hairs keep sticking to the skin. This is why some people opt to trim in the shower to quickly rinse off those pesky shavings.

However, not all bikini trimmers end up working well when used in a wet environment. So finding the best bikini trimmer for the shower may take you some time. Fortunately, we already found it for you.

This bikini trimmer has two interchangeable trim heads that you can use for shaving and trimming your bikini area. It even comes with a hypoallergenic surface that can help reduce skin irritations caused by shaving.

Lastly, this product is supported by a handy lifetime warranty that you can rely on if you need replacements and fixes.


It has multiple trim heads

Is not the most durable bikini trimmer

Is hypoallergenic

Can be a bit slippery to hold

Is completely waterproof

It doesn’t work well for close shaves

The batteries are easy to replace

Has a cute-looking design

Has a lifetime guarantee

Comes with a beauty bag

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Gillette Venus Women's Razor

Gillette Venus Women's Razor

Looking for something that won’t break the bank? Take a look a gillette’s venus women’s razor. It’s a very affordable product that will keep your hairs finely trimmed for only a couple of bucks.

This bikini trimmer from gillette has a very practical design that will allow you to hold it and navigate it through your bikini area without any fuss. It is extremely easy to use and great for a quick fix. It can easily be placed inside of your bag because of its compact size, but you may need a case to protect other stuff in your bag from its blades.

Additionally, this product features a protective combe that doesn’t only does its job protecting your skin from its sharp blades, but guides you to achieve an even trim all throughout as well.

If you want to buy the best bikini trimmer that won’t cost you much but can provide you with nearly the same results when using a more expensive product, you may want to keep this one in mind.


Comes from a well known brand

Not the best choice for beginners

Is very affordable

Is not for long term

Is safe to use

Not great for close shaves

Is simple and easy to use

Comes with an ergonomic design

Check Current Price


Dr. Baobab 2 in 1 Women’s Shaver

Dr. Baobab 2 in 1 Women’s Shaver

The last product in this best bikini trimmer roundup is this 2-in-1 women’s shaver from Dr, Baobab. Unlike most bikini trimmers in the market today, this one is waterproof grade IPX5, making it ultimately safe to use while you’re in the shower.

Aside from being completely waterproof, one more thing we loved about this product its hypoallergenic designs that makes for less skin irritations. We also like how it's ultimately easy to use, making it a great choice for beginners.

This product also comes with multiple interchangeable heads that you can use to attain several trim levels. Moreover, it comes with plenty of add ons that simply gives you more bang for your buck.

Lastly, if you ever need replacements, fixes, or if this product arrives defective, you can rest easy knowing that it comes with a lifetime guarantee that you can use if any problems ever arise.


Has an elegant looking design

Not great for a close shave

Is safe and easy to use

Doesn’t come with batteries

Has a hypoallergenic surface

Not great for short hairs

Is Waterproof Grade IPX5

Has plenty of add ons including: Extra trim heads, Cleaning brush, Guide comb, and a Waterproof pouch

Comes with a lifetime warranty

Check Current Price

More Bikini Zone Tips

Already have a product in mind? If so, we’re so glad to be of help. But our short guide won’t end just yet. After all, what is a complete buying guide without any added tips right?

To help you out on your bikini trimming endeavor, we included a couple simple tips that you may find very helpful when it comes to trimming your bikini zone.

Try reading or scanning through this part to find out all sorts of things including how to trim your bikini area, the benefits of shaving pubic area, and more.

What is the bikini area?

So where exactly is the bikini area? A lot of people who buy bikini trimmers don’t actually know where the bikini area is. Some say it’s the triangular patch of skin above the vagina, some say it’s just below your belly button, and other people say it’s the skin between the pubic area and legs.

To be exact, the bikini area consists of the parts of your body that grows pubic hair. Pubic hair can grow in your bikini line (the skin just outside your underwear), above your vagina, below your vagina, and a little bit below the anus.

You see, the bikini area is not a single spot. It is several spots on and near your pubic area.

How to trim your bikini area?

A lot of people trim their bikini areas not knowing how to begin or end. Plenty of people just go at it without any precaution or guides at all. Though some people can end up with perfectly trimmed bikini areas, plenty of beginners end up with uneven trims and even cuts in their skin.

If you want to learn how to correctly trim your bikini area, just read this short how-to guide and you’ll be doing it like a pro in no time.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to properly trim your bikini area. It’s a fairly easy task that anyone can do alone.

Just gather these materials and follow the steps we will list below and you’ll end up having the clean and trimmed bikini area you are aiming for.


  • Soap
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Bikini Trimmer
  • Hand Mirror (Optional)
  • Small fine comb (Optional)

Step 1: Clean your bikini area

The first step to properly trimming your bikini area is making sure that it’s completely clean. With some soap and water, wash your bikini area before you begin.

Step 2: Dry your bikini area

After washing your bikini area, make sure to dry it completely with a clean and dry towel. Not drying your bikini area before trimming will make the hairs stick to your clippers, making the whole experience a bit tricky since you would have to rinse the clippers after every snip.

Step 3:Clean your trimmer

Once your bikini area is all clean, the next thing you should do is wash your clippers. Using dirty clippers on your bikini area may cause skin irritation, rashes, and even infections.

We also suggest using your personal pair of clippers when it comes to trimming your bikini area to avoid catching diseases from someone else.

Step 4: Start trimming

If your hairs are longer than half an inch, you may want to use a small fine comb to guide you towards an even trim. All you have to do is comb your hair and cut with your trimmer in the direction of the hair growth.

If your hairs are shorter than half an inch, you may try brushing up your hairs towards your belly to make the hairs stand. Once your hairs are standing, carefully cut through them with your trimmers while avoiding your skin.

If your hairs are too short, a trim may not be suitable for you so you should go for a clean shave instead.

Step 5: Wash your bikini area

The last thing you should do is wash your bikini area. Simply rinse it first to get rid of the shaved hairs and wash it with soap to ensure that there are no germs that could cause bacteria build up [1].

Watch this short clip below to see how you can trim your bikini area on your own.


What are the benefits of shaving the pubic area?

Is shaving the pubic area purely for aesthetics or is there some health benefit to it? Some people say that it’s more hygienic since it keeps the pubic area all smooth and bare. However, some beg to disagree since they think pubic hair plays a part in protecting genitals.

Truth is, there is really no benefit to shaving your pubic area. In trimming or shaving your pubic area, you’re simply creating a pubic area that’s easier to clean and maintain [2].

Perhaps the main benefit of shaving and trimming the pubic area is in comfort. Some people just prefer to get hairless bikini areas for the kind of clothes they wear or for their personal taste.

How to prevent razor bumps on bikini area?

What a lot of people dread about shaving their bikini areas are nasty razor bumps that doesn’t only look unappealing, but can be seriously itchy as well.

It’s a good thing you can try different products that can prevent these irritating ingrown hairs from growing after every shave [3].

You see, the key to preventing razor bumps is exfoliation. You see, ingrown hairs are caused by waxing or shaving that curls up the hair, making it stuck inside the follicle, hence the ugly bumps.

If you want to prevent ingrown hairs from growing, you must continuously exfoliate your skin to keep your follicles clean and free of anything that can clog them up and prevent your hairs from getting straight and out of the follicle.

To achieved exfoliated skin on your bikini area, you may use scrubs, body washes with exfoliating beads, ingrown prevention wipes, and a loofah.

Another major factor that can cause ingrowns are wrong tools. Refrain from using clippers or razors with dull edges as it may cut your hairs the wrong way, leaving it with ends that can cause the hair to curl up.

Lastly, avoid shaving your hair in the wrong direction. The right way to shave hair is along the direction of its growth. Never shave hair against the direction of its growth, it can cause itchiness, irritation, and ugly hair ingrowns.

How to stop itching after shaving down there?

Another major problem of people who shave their bikini areas is the massive itch that can’t seem to be stopped by a quick scratch after shaving.

Why does your skin get itchy after a shave in the first place? Well, the thing is, shaving can actually irritate the skin quite easily since the friction caused by the blades lightly scratches and dries the skin. This is why you should never shave dry if you don’t want to end up itching crazy.

To relieve the itchiness after shaving your bikini area, we suggest you wash your bikini area and lightly exfoliate it with a loofah and some soap. After rinsing the soap from your bikini area, the next step to keeping it itch-free is moisturization.

Moisturize your bikini area with some aloe gel or hydrocortisone cream to relieve itchy red bumps.

In the future, you can also try shaving your bikini area after a hot shower to keep your skin soft during shaving. This way, there would be less irritation-causing friction [4].

Lastly, don’t forget to never scratch your bikini area with your nails. Doing so will only irritate your skin further and may cause nasty scratches, scars, and darker skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help our readers get get all the information they need about trimming the bikini area and the best bikini trimmer, we answered some of the most frequently asked questions that we have encountered during our research.

Below are some questions that majority of people who trim and shave their bikini areas ask before getting their own trimmers. Try reading these questions below to find out more about trimming your bikini area.

How to shave your bikini area?

Shaving your bikini area is a very simple feat. However, not knowing the proper way to do so can easily cause damage to your skin. Some people even get infections in their bikini areas because of improper self-grooming.

If you want to shave your bikini area in the safest and most efficient manner, just get these materials below and follow our simple list of instructions.


  • Shaving Cream
  • Mirror (Optional)
  • Razor
  • Trimmer (Optional)
  • Clippers (Optional)
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Moisturizer

Step 1: Prepare your Materials

The first thing you must see to is to get all of the materials you will use all clean. This means washing your clippers, razor combs, blades, and trimers with a little soap water and wiping them dry with a clean towel.

Ensuring the cleanliness of the materials you will use can help you reduce the risk for getting infections, rashes, and skin irritation.

Also make sure that the cutting materials you are about to use are all sharp.

Step 2: Wash your bikini area

The next step is washing your self. Keeping your skin all bacteria free lessens the risk of getting infections and skin irritation. Just wash yourself with some soap and rinse with water.

If your hairs need trimming, do not forget to dry your skin and hairs first before you proceed. Otherwise, you may go ahead to step 4.

Step 3: Trim your hairs (Optional)

It’s always wise to trim hairs first to shaving length before the actual shaving begins. Doing so will make the whole experience much more comfortable for you and easier for you to see where to shave.

Before you trim your hairs, make sure that everything is completely dry. If your hairs are longer than half an inch, you may use some clippers or trimmers to make them short enough for shaving.

If you are going for a clean shave, don’t worry about trimming your hairs evenly to save time and effort.

After trimming your hairs, you may want to clean up your bikini area a bit by using a towel to lightly rub the shavings off.

Step 4: Apply your shaving cream

After trimming your hairs to achieve shaving length, it’s not time to apply a generous amount of shaving cream to the areas you want to shave. Just put in enough to moisturize your skin. Putting in too much may make it a bit difficult for you to see where your razor is going.

Step 5: Shave your hairs

After evenly applying the shaving cream to your bikini area, you may start shaving your hairs. To properly do so, all you have to do is make sure your razor is in the right setting and let your razor go gently over your skin in the direction of your hair’s growth.

Avoid shaving against the hair growth to avoid irritation and ugly razor bumps. As you shave, you may opt to use a hand mirror to see how you could shave the tricky parts in your bikini area.

Step 6: Wash your bikini area

Once you have rid your bikini area with all those unwanted hairs, the next step is washing your bikini area again to get the shaving cream residue and shavings off your skin. For best results, wash with warm water to soften your skin.

Step 7: Apply a moisturizer

The last step you should take, and should never forget, is to apply moisturizer. Since shaving can cause skin damage, the best thing to do to counter its effects is a nice slab of moisturizer. You can use stuff like aloe gel to keep your bikini area all soft and moisturized after shaving.

Make sure that the moisturizer you will use is free of alcohol or other ingredients that can cause a burning sensation on newly shaved skin.

Try to watch this short how-to video to see how you can shave your bikini area at home.

How to shave without shaving cream?

Lack of shaving cream may seem like a problem that can prevent you from achieving a cleanly shaved bikini area even with the best bikini trimmer in your hands. But the truth is, you can also safely shave your bikini area with a couple of materials that you can quickly find in any home.

The process of shaving your bikini area will not change, except for the fact that instead of shaving cream, you will be using foamy soap and water.

A great shaving cream alternative is foamy soap. Just rub form a nice thick lather on your bikini area with some soap and water and start shaving as if it were shaving cream.

To avoid skin irritation and burning, avoid using soap with alcohol. 

Let’s Find Out If You’re A Bikini Trimmer Expert!

Feel like you know all about the best bikini trimmer? Try to take this short quiz and find out if you’re a bikini trimmer expert just for fun!


Still have no clue which bikini trimmer you should get? Even though the bikini trimmers we have reviewed above were considered as the best by majority of bikini trimmer users, we still found that one reigned as the best bikini trimmer of all.

If you haven’t made a sound decision on which bikini trimmer you should buy yet, we highly recommend choosing the Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor. This product is clearly the best in this round up for it is the only one that can help you get a clean close shave.

Considering how this product came from a very well known brand in the personal care industry, the hypoallergenic moisturizing serum it comes with, its waterproof trimmer, and the adjustable comb that allows for several trim lengths, this product is certainly the best bikini trimmer that will give you your money’s worth.

Moreover, it has a cool looking design that also happens to be highly ergonomic, which means better handling during shaving.

Well, that covers it. That is our short and complete guide for buying the best bikini trimmer. We hope you enjoyed reading and learning a lot about bikini trimmers. If you want to learn about more beauty tips, feel free to look around our site.

We have plenty of other reviews and guides that you may find helpful. Don’t forget to show your support by sharing this with your friends. Thank you!

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